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Wed 30th May 2012

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Crow commented on Feature: Retro Console Launches - NES:

I just registered on the site so that I could add a thank you note to Thomas Whitehead and all the other posters in this thread. Reading the article and accompanying comments sure does bring back some memories for me.

My older brother had an Atari system that I first gamed on (Combat, Pitfall, Missile Command, Pac Man, Warlords), but I can't say that I was ever really /enthralled/ by video games until I played SMB on the NES. I was 10 or 11, and it was at the daycare that I went to before and after school. None of the kids I played with could get past world 1-3 (even getting that far meant you were one of the skilled players), but HOLY CRAP was it fun. We had to take turns, switching off after each man. I still remember the awe I felt when I saw a friend accidentally find the hidden 1-up block on the first level. Hell, to this day, just playing that 1-1 stage can make me happy and take me back.

It was another year before my parents bought me an NES of my own. By that time, many of my friends had games that we would swap, as this was before video stores carried game packs. Contra, Double Dragon, all the SMB titles, Zelda, Metroid, Tetris--all those now-classic games were in our rotation. But so were more obscure titles, such as Archon, NES Pinball, Sky Kid, and Castlequest.


In any case, NES engendered in me a life-long love of video games. There are so many incredible games now that I can't keep up with them. But you always remember your first love.