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Wed 11th Jan 2012

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CronoX76 commented on Frank West and Hsien-Ko Join Project X Zone:

This game is very reminiscent of a previous game in Capcom's cross-over series called "Namco X Capcom" on the PS2 which I had to import because it never came state side. They share similar gameplay mechanics from the looks of it and the 2 character team system seems to have returned. "Project X Zone" is also a strategy-rpg in the same vein as "Namco X Capcom". In "Namco X Capcom", characters moves were set up as commands in battle that you input to execute attacks in real-time. The commands were simple like holding a button on the directional pad and pressing one of the other buttons like triangle or square to perform attacks or by just pressing one of the shape buttons alone. These commands varied among characters based upon the type of moves they had. Not saying this game won't come out in the US but if it didn't I wouldn't be surprised. Usually when these types of games don't come here it's because of licensing issues with the Intellectual Properties within the game. There are so many characters that come from so many different series that have either never been released in the US or there are no existing branches of the company they come from present in our country. This is the same reason why great games like "Jump Ultimate Stars" on the DS never showed up here. The US version of "Tatsunoko vs. Capcom" for the Wii was cut one character short, Hakushon Daimaō, probably due to some licensing issue even though the cartoon this character came from did make an American appearance under a different name, "Bob in a Bottle". Not trying to be pessimistic, just hate seeing people get their hopes up only to be disappointed. The internet makes everything so wide spread. Something announced for "Japan" by "Japan" suddenly goes viral and everyone thinks were all getting it. I'm sure they are just focused on a japanese release for now but they may already be considering other regions. There is hope. These 3 companies have a very big presence in the US and all of the characters I have seen so far have been in games released in the US so let's hope for the best. Continue to show interest in the game through your comments! Companies come to sites like this and read your comments to see your thoughts regarding their products. I sure hope this makes it state-side for sure. Probably gonna import it anyway when comes out.