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Fri 4th July, 2008

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Cromulence commented on SEGA Declares Wii U Graphical Capabilities to ...:

Nintendo is bring everything up to par with the way that machines are now and going beyond that? That's just about enough for me when it comes to locking me down as a prospective WiiU purchase on day one.

I mean - honestly? I miss my 360 but I mostly miss the extended capability that it had as an entertainment center. I miss my PS3 sometimes due to it's blu-ray capability.. and I miss them both due to their 1080p capaibilities. But Nintendo is looking to sort all of that, and I've always been happy with them as a company ten times more than Sony or Microsoft when it comes to the gaming world. I was thinking that I would hold off and just pick up Microsoft's next offering.. but why would I do that now? I am totally into the WiiU right now and if you would've asked me if I thought that possible last year at this time, I would've called you crazy.



Cromulence commented on Review: NES Open Tournament Golf (Wii Virtual ...:

I'm not seeing the issue here - playing this is as easy as just about any other gold game. You start out by aiming, then select your club and where you are aiming to hit the ball and then you get taken to actual swing screen. You hit B once and watch the slider move to the left - trying to get it as close as possible to the left edge. Then on the way back you need to try to get it as close to the solid line that's just right of the center. The closer you get, the more your shot goes as aimed. Simple as that really - all golf games were like this for a very long time.

And this is the hands down, best golf game that the NES had at the time.



Cromulence commented on Review: Pokémon Conquest (DS):

@LollipopChoSaw that is entirely - horrible. There's no doubt about it, it just is. It's not a NA game, so there is absolutely no reason to be up in arms about it "being an insult" to a franchise that the game isn't even a part of. Lighten up.