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Fri 4th Jul 2008

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Cromulence commented on Xenoblade Chronicles X Wii U Bundle and Specia...:

This lack of parity across the three major Nintendo regions is really, really hurting their credibility in my eyes. I'm on the fence regarding a Wii U and I would totally be all over it if I could but alas, a release with absolutely no word regarding any other region.



Cromulence commented on Talking Point: Should Nintendo Be Promoting Th...:

@SethNintendo Don't get me wrong, I love options and I adore everything that Nintendo gives us - I want to see things change for the better because I would really rather just keep one console in the house. But when I look at the Wii U launch list and I see that I'm waiting weeks and months at a time for something to come out, when I look at a game I'm interested in and I don't see "Wii U" in the release list I get a bit bummed.



Cromulence commented on Nintendo Goes Download-Only With The 2014 Club...:

I'm in two minds about this.

1) I was really excited that this was my first year of being Platinum, and I had seen things that friends had received from previous years - and when I read this I kind of sighed. I don't know if it's a money cutting thing or something, and if I JUST had Gold it would've felt like a slap in the face (oh, boy.. here's a 5 dollar VC game) but eh.

2) I HAVE been wanting DKC Returns and.. it's the best value on the whole darn thing. But come on.. at LEAST two choices for what is being offered.



Cromulence commented on Review: Mario Power Tennis (Wii U eShop / Game...:

I had to jump all over this the second it came out when I found out that it had a career mode similar to the one from the GBC game. That is seriously missing from the games they put out today - it would be an instant but if they brought this kind of stuff back.



Cromulence commented on Talking Point: Should Nintendo Be Promoting Th...:

@SethNintendo Stop for one minute and explain to me why a developer wouldn't release a game on a system if it was cost efficient to do, and would sell?

Do you figure that they have some kind of vendetta against Nintendo? No? That would be crazy right? Then there has got to be another reason.

Heck yeah there's a lot of different control options, but when I buy a console and I have to plan in what order I'm going to buy controllers with my paychecks.. there's kind of an issue there. Not everyone is going to have this controller, not everyone is going to have that controller, people are going to be annoyed if they have to buy a pro controller just to play this game - so everything has to come down to providing the focus on the Gamepad.

It works when you're using it as an off-tv play screen, but that's something that a lot of people aren't going to bother doing on a regular basis. But it's nice to have. It's great when it is solving problems and removing an annoying step like an inventory screen for things like Wind Waker HD. Where it isn't helping is stuff like Mario Kart 8 - where viewing the mini-map can only be done on the Gamepad itself. What reason is there for this other than to make it seem more useful? Why not provide an option like Monster Hunter does for you to select where you want everything to go? If it were treated more like an option than a feature, it would be easier to sell the idea of porting games over. Instead of having to focus on it, it could be there as an option.

Developing games in this day and age is time consuming, expensive and controlled by people in suits who may have never touched a controller. If they look at the Wii U's sales (and a lot of decisions about what is coming up in the next year or two? they were made before the recent upswing) and realize that they need to put more time/development into bringing it over to that... especially with how non-first party games have performed so far? It's not going to happen and I'm going to have to look at upgrading my PC or buying another friggin' console if I want to play a certain style of game that has been drawn away from the Wii U. There's no reason that Nintendo can't harvest great relationships with some of the major developers out there, but here we are.



Cromulence commented on Talking Point: Should Nintendo Be Promoting Th...:

Take empathsis off the darn thing, I'm really starting to resent it as much as I defend it - when I see developers back away because of the extra time and focus that they'd need to put into doing something for the tablet to implement into the game.

It doesn't matter which way it goes either - if the screen isn't used, people moan and complain. I remember an article from some site that stated that Tropical Freeze never had anything on the Gamepad screen when you were playing on the TV (and this was even from a build of the game that wasn't final, I don't know how the final product ended up) - and people were upset about THAT.

Eh. It's a fine piece of hardware but if it's going to hold things back, I don't like that.



Cromulence commented on Tekken 7 Revealed At Evo 2014, Platforms Uncon...:

@vamkar Ohhhh boy. Where to start with this.

Tekken Tag is not a numbered entry into the series, the original and this one comes fully unlocked, without story modes because it's a straight up arcade port and is meant to be played with friends.

Character customization is what it is and was really simple to do, I don't know what kind of issues you could've had with that.. but alright. Not really anything that affects the game all the much, but I'd take what they have in that over the half-assed reskin-a-fighter that I've seen in most other games. It's not really a staple of the industry so that's hardly a knock against it.

And controls in general? Full customization, tutorials and button layouts .The game couldn't have held your hand more.



Cromulence commented on SEGA Declares Wii U Graphical Capabilities to ...:

Nintendo is bring everything up to par with the way that machines are now and going beyond that? That's just about enough for me when it comes to locking me down as a prospective WiiU purchase on day one.

I mean - honestly? I miss my 360 but I mostly miss the extended capability that it had as an entertainment center. I miss my PS3 sometimes due to it's blu-ray capability.. and I miss them both due to their 1080p capaibilities. But Nintendo is looking to sort all of that, and I've always been happy with them as a company ten times more than Sony or Microsoft when it comes to the gaming world. I was thinking that I would hold off and just pick up Microsoft's next offering.. but why would I do that now? I am totally into the WiiU right now and if you would've asked me if I thought that possible last year at this time, I would've called you crazy.



Cromulence commented on Review: NES Open Tournament Golf (Wii Virtual ...:

I'm not seeing the issue here - playing this is as easy as just about any other gold game. You start out by aiming, then select your club and where you are aiming to hit the ball and then you get taken to actual swing screen. You hit B once and watch the slider move to the left - trying to get it as close as possible to the left edge. Then on the way back you need to try to get it as close to the solid line that's just right of the center. The closer you get, the more your shot goes as aimed. Simple as that really - all golf games were like this for a very long time.

And this is the hands down, best golf game that the NES had at the time.



Cromulence commented on Review: Pokémon Conquest (DS):

@LollipopChoSaw that is entirely - horrible. There's no doubt about it, it just is. It's not a NA game, so there is absolutely no reason to be up in arms about it "being an insult" to a franchise that the game isn't even a part of. Lighten up.