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Wed 20th Aug 2008

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Creev commented on USA VC Update: Enduro Racer:

Aaaa...come on guys and girls. Do you realy think Nintendo is doing this just to piss you off? Nintendo is a multibillion company and has been in this buisness for decades. Do you realy think you know better? I believe that they have to space things out so the Wii will have a longer lifecycle. Granted..some of the games at late are delicious..and with delicious I mean crappy.
Next week should be awesome...I just know it! I can feel the Christmas spirit...or is it the radiation from the nuclear powerplant I am currently working at? Never can tell why I feel so giddy at times. Aaa....glowy..



Creev commented on Nintendo Power Poll - What Games Do You Want T...: many sweet oldies..

Miracle warriors Seal of the Dark Lord (SMS)
Rygar (NES)
Secret of Mana (SNES)
Shadowgate (NES)
Zombies ate my neigbours (SNES)
Flashback (SNES)
Lost Vikings (SNES)

Sweet or what?!