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Thu 4th Jul 2013

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CrazyMetroid commented on 3DS Homebrew Hacker Turns to YouTube App As La...:

@BRAINFOX @HeroOfCybertron These two seem jealous of the attention.

I for one applaud smealum, giving Nintendo fans what they want.
To those that dislike what he's done: Why? He's not no harm to you or your system, so why act like a snob towards a person who's put so many hours of his life giving us the ability to play region locked games?

Grow up and stop acting like SJW's



CrazyMetroid commented on Project CARS Studio Boss Admits to Problems Wi...:

Forgot to mention this: This is what happens when you people blindly fund crap on kickstarter, half the time they never deliver.
Either way you folk should invest in a ps4 like I did. (Bought a ps3 2 years ago after I decided that following nintendo only will not fulfill my gaming needs, then a ps4 last year.) Having a Nintendo +Sony gaming setup is he only way to go. You don't miss out on the nintendo goodness and you get games on the Playstation that you would never get on Nintendo(Project cars being a contender.).



CrazyMetroid commented on Unseen64 Uncovers Concept Art Of Rare's Perfec...:

@1wiierdguy Here we see the uninformed fool.
Nintendo owned 49% stake in Rare. This coupled with a contract made Rare a Second Party dev.
Microsoft bought the rest(51%) of the stake from the Stamper brothers, making them the majority owner of Rare, thus making them a First Party Dev for Microsoft.
Nintendo seeing no use of their 49% stake decided to sell the rest to Microsoft, making Rare 100% owned by Microsoft.
Forgive me if my usage of words is not grammatically correct, I am not from an english speaking country.



CrazyMetroid commented on Game Freak’s Director Explains Why TEMBO THE...:

Funny how 90% of the comments here are along the lines off:" Muh betrayal! How DARE a third party dev develop a game that isn't for Nintendo?" or "No more money for Game Freak".
You people need to chill, while I agree that the reason they gave is pretty....BS...I do like the idea that they decided to branch out.It must be tiresome to do ONLY Pokemon games for YEARS.
I applaud them for diversifying, although I do find it strange that they skipped the WiiU, given their relationship with Nintendo.
Good luck to them, I hope their game does well.

Also @SneakyStyle : Nothing is bad. Stop overreacting.
@yuwarite :He works for a blasted Japanese dev, what on Earth are you talking about?
@Timppis : Game Freak owns a third of the Pokemon IP. While Nintendo technically owns two third of the IP.