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Thu 4th July, 2013

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CrazyMetroid commented on Kamiya: Nintendo "Totally Respected" The Creat...:

@AlexSora89 Assault wasn't that lame, I fairly enjoyed it, spent some time with my friend blasting each other in the multiplayer mode. Quite enjoyed the game.
That said, it would be awesome to see them work on a new Star Fox. I think a blend between Adventures and Assault would be great.



CrazyMetroid commented on Wii U Version Of Beyond Good & Evil 2 Looking ...:

Honestly I'm considering getting a PS4 if all these Devs just keep jumping on the "WiiU lacks sales so let's not put our game on it" bandwagon.
And this is coming from a guy that has faithfully bought only Nintendo Consoles and Handhelds over the years.
At least MAYBE THEN I'll actually be able to play some danged third party game.