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CrabGats commented on Nintendo Titles Struggle for a Presence in UK ...:

@MAB Is this sarcasm? Are we just making fun of this constant barrage of articles on this site staring down at Nintendo's sales at this point? I really hope so, because if these kind of posts are just inside jokes I'll gladly loosen up.



CrabGats commented on Patch Fixes Bug in Donkey Kong Country: Tropic...:

@ricklongo If something optional like the Superguide is the deciding factor of whether or not you're going to enjoy a game, then your opinion is questionable. It's nice to have that kind of thing around for people that didn't grow up with platformers like us, or just never got good at it. Mainly because it doesn't skip the entire level, it shows a CPU walking through it, in case somebody is genuinely stuck and needs a reference point. Also, it doesn't mark the level as finished when you use it, so there's that.



CrabGats commented on Report Suggests That June Could Be Crucial For...:

...I guess it wouldn't hurt to put small things like Yoshi's Cookie, Dr Mario on smartphones. Not even full blown ports of old games, just traces of their IP for some advertisement, focused around the medium, of course. Heck, even endless runners would work.



CrabGats commented on Video: Extended Mighty No. 9 Footage and Detai...:

@noctowl ...why are you upset that Wii U was higher priority than PS4 and Xbox One? They weren't calling it a last gen console, it is just a different machine than it's competition, more similar to the last generation of game consoles, therefore making it more convenient to develop it's port alongside the ports for those consoles. We had a better chance at getting it from the start, you have NO reason to be upset. Would you rather have had it up higher on the list? You really aren't making a bit of sense, and you are a perfect example of awful Nintendo fans and the reason why I will not be surprised if third party developers stop making games for us.



CrabGats commented on Interview: Takashi Tezuka on Bringing Yoshi's ...:

@MuchoMochi It's a continuation. The babies were delivered to the wrong parents at the end of Yoshi's Island, and as the stork goes to find their real parents, Luigi gets stolen by Kamek again, and Mario falls onto a new floating island shaped like an egg, or something.



CrabGats commented on Feature: What We Want to See in SNES Remix:

@unrandomsam That's the thing, I doubt it would be worth their time and money. You have to realize how easily an NES game is replicated due to how simple it is, SNES uses much larger, more detailed sprites and backgrounds in it's game, as well as more complicated and precise physics, especially in stuff like Pilotwings and Starfox, which navigate in a 3D enviroment.



CrabGats commented on Feature: What We Want to See in SNES Remix:

@unrandomsam Again, NES Remix has a small independent studio working on it, WarioWare had a big studio working inside Nintendo making it. Not to mention the Starfox boss in Smooth Moves is obviously sloppily put together. It works for what it is, but it is not faithful to the original visually whatsoever. The appeal of NES Remix is that it feels authentic, legitimate.



CrabGats commented on Feature: What We Want to See in SNES Remix:

@unrandomsam WarioWare had five second minigames that could be replicated easily to mimic the game, it didn't have to be the whole thing. NES Remix developers obviously rebuild the entire game from scratch, since NES Remix relies solely on the games themselves for their timed minigames. It saves them time to rebuild the entire game, especially with the Remix minigames, but that's the thing, they'd have to rebuild the engines for these huge SNES games (Starfox comes to mind as the one to give the most trouble), which doesn't seem like it'd be worth their time, considering the time they'd have to put into it. They're an independent studio, unlike the creators of WarioWare.



CrabGats commented on Talking Point: Is There A Future For The Wii U...:

Practically everyone here defending the Gamepad doesn't seem to have read the article thoroughly. The idea does not call for the entire removal of the Gamepad, they are simply saying it should be put to the side as an extra peripheral. I think it's a great idea, and I am failing to see how it'll put Nintendo in danger. It can't do anything but help them, and sadly, it's their fault for lousy advertising and misuse of the gamepad.

Only a fraction of my Wii U library have I sat through with the Gamepad. Yes, some of you beg to differ, but this is not suggesting entire removal of the Gamepad! It is simply suggesting it to be an extra peripheral, so yes, you'd still have your off tv play. Anyone who bought one and wanted off tv play could just purchase a gamepad from the store.

You know, this could've been avoided if Nintendo first party devs were smarter about the gamepad. Off tv play is fine but not necessary, I have only played two titles that have wowed me with the gamepad, and those were Nintendo Land and Game and Wario. If Nintendo would use it more, I'd say keep it, but goodness, look at Tropical Freeze! I didn't know it BLACKED OUT the gamepad entirely. Are you serious? They've put so much focus into Wiimote controls with that game, and I've had enough, it's ridiculous. If you won't tell your devs to start using the console properly, Nintendo, then drop the gamepad as the primary controller. It'll save you a lot of money; around 100 dollars frankly. That's a stellar price drop.



CrabGats commented on Notch "Not Aware of Any Plans" for Minecraft o...:

@Technosphile It is ugly, the graphics are lazy with the excuse that it "looks retro." But behind the visuals is actually a really well crafted open world sandbox with hours of enjoyment. You don't just build, you explore, you hunt, you mine, you survive. If you're not the building type, the survival mode alone is a grand experience, with just the right amount of difficulty, and plenty to discover.



CrabGats commented on Puzzle & Dragons Z Shifts Almost 80% Of Its In...:

Guys, listen! This game isn't THAT bad! I wouldn't even call it bad! For a F2P smartphone game, it's gorgeous, fun, and has a lot of thought put into it. The mix of puzzle and rpg makes combat incredibly interesting, this game had me at the edge of my seat for a month.

I'm really glad it did so well, and I can't wait to hear of a US release.



CrabGats commented on Phantasm Studios Seeks To Resurrect Ghosts 'N ...:

This all seems fishy... I wouldn't trust these people with money, not only do they present their concept unprofessionally, but they don't even have permission from Capcom, yet they present it as a new Ghosts and Goblins to increase it's attention.