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Sun 20th Jan 2008

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cr00mz commented on E3 2010: Corbie's Reaction to 3DS on Video:

iwata mentioned something about a slider so you can adjust if you want 3d effect or not. Doesn't that mean that the just took the 3d glasses and pasted it over the screen like some kind of filter? so in actuallity you are still "using" the 3dglasses just not on your face?



cr00mz commented on Nintendo Download: 11th June 2010 (Europe):

How does FF II compare to BoF II?

i bought BoF II a couple of years ago on the VC, but since then i've only played about 12 h (accodring to my "play-records") i find it quite slow and tedious, and i always get lost because there is no map and no one ever tells you where to go, i also find the game to be quite grind-y.

So how does it compare to FF II?
I have never played these old jrpgs so to me both of the games look very much the same. Same 16 bit graphics, art style etc.
Is there anything gameplay wise that sets it apart?



cr00mz commented on Hanabi Festival Five Inbound:

how is rondo of blood compared to Super castlevania IV? Does it add something new to the castlevania formula similar to Symphony of the Night? or is it a straight up old school level based casltevania?



cr00mz commented on Review: Ghoul Patrol (Virtual Console / Super ...:

i like this better than zombies, i think this is a more polished experience, the dash button is fantastic. and from what i've seen the areas seems better in this one, although i havent been able to come very far in both games, they are quite hard



cr00mz commented on Black Wii Unboxed Before Your Very Eyes!:

i agree with you. Seems like alot of people here or everywhere has too much money. I would definatley like a black one, but unless my white one somehow gets damaged beyond repair i'm not gonna get a black one.



cr00mz commented on Nintendo Download: LostWinds, Happy Holidays, ...:

awesome i bought the first LostWinds just one week ago, so this will be nice having it still fresh in my mind. But still i might replay it and the conitune with the second one back to back, since the first is pretty short anyway.



cr00mz commented on Sony: We Take More Risks Than Nintendo:

doesnt he mean that the SONY brand in general cater to a more mass market audience? i mean nintendo is all about video games they dont do anything else. Maybe i miss interpreted



cr00mz commented on Rage of the Gladiator to Support Wii MotionPlus:

i'm not sure about this move. i tried punch-out with nunhuck+mote it is very unreliable because the swings dont register sometimes and its alot harder to time it compared to a quick button press. I havent tried WM+ so i dont know how it works. but if the game is anything like punch-out, you wont be able to beat TD mode with nunchuk+mote, unless you're really really lucky.



cr00mz commented on Rage of the Gladiator Coming to WiiWare:

at first this game looked pretty bad, i got the impression its a first person fighter (fighting game in the vein of street fighter, guilty gear etc.) but now reading that the the combat is somewhat similar to punch-out (which i absolutely love) gets me intrested in this game, also the graphics look pretty good compared to stuff that is allready out on WiiWare. Hopefully the game will get a cost of around 1000 points havent bought alot lately from WiiWare/VC so this will hopefully be my first buy in weeks. Great to hear that you are aiming for a fall release



cr00mz commented on La Mulana Announcement and Trailer:

wow the music freaking catchy, and the graphics looks seriously ploished compared to the other trailer that was shown some days ago (i assume its the pc version or something)



cr00mz commented on Super Mario Galaxy Shines in 720p:

i have a HD in my house. and i do indeed think its overrated. I'm not saying that i wouldnt want to see HD graphics on nintendo games, i would very much like to see it. But nintendo has made up their minds and are not intrested in HD. As i mentioned earlier the initial wow factor of HD is really reduced once you get used to it. Same goes for everything. I remember when i bought my 40" LCD TV last year after having a 21" CRT, the wow factor at first was huge, i mean even 2 months after i bought it, it was still a big deal. But now a little over a year its kinda meh now.



cr00mz commented on Super Mario Galaxy Shines in 720p:

i guess it looks ok, but it wouldnt make the game anymore fun to play. Besides shiny graphics is really overrated, i mean after a couple of hours the initial wowness just disapears and you get used to it, just as the Wiimote in the beginning was the best thing since sliced bread, now noone gives a crap.

I remember when i bought my xbox 6 months ago after having only wii and ps2, the graphics were indeed amazing and fantastic and whatever adjectives there are in the english language, then i bought the HDMI cable and holy look at assassins creed with its amazing and beautiful scenary. now 6 months later i yawn at it seriously.



cr00mz commented on Konami Announces WiiWare Plans for Europe:

i hope driift mania has online, it would be pretty rediculous if it didnt i mean 8 player on one console. as fun as that would be i doubt there are people with that many controllers.



cr00mz commented on Review: The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess...:

i agree with Majora above this game was really dissapoiting considering what the previous console Zelda games have been. I actually really dislike Ocarina of Time but i can absolutley acknowledge the impact it has had being the first 3d Zelda and all. Majoras Mask took it a step further withe a sort of parallel universe and it's a great game. I really like the map alot how it is made symmetrically (maybe the wrong word i'm using) the whole mask thing was intresting aswell. Wind Waker my personal favorite zelda game EVER. I like how its so different from the rest of the games. it had a awesome intro compared to the other games with a little story, and totaly redfiend what a Zelda game could be. and now they "put" it back inteo Hyrule that is a real let down. Iäm not saying the game is bad because its not but as a Zelda game it feels lackluster after the marvelous Wind Waker. I was hoping that they would continue somehow on what they did with Wind Waker and come up with something new, maybe Zelda in space or Zelda in the future



cr00mz commented on Official Nostalgia Trailer Released:

i'm not a huge fan of console RPGs but what the hell, why doesnt anything like this come to the Wii? why do we get stuck with all the excersise-sims and mini game compilations... this really sucks