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Re: 3DS Could Cause Eye Problems in Later Life


@Joe22: as much as it might not be the best idea, my two-year-old loves to play with my iPod touch. My friend's kid has had a DS since being maybe 5. So, yeah, kids spend time on handhelds...

At least video games are better for kids' brains than TV.

Re: Blaster Master: Overdrive


I always liked Blaster Master, even though I more-or-less hated the spike filled on-foot sections. I always wanted more tank time and less foot time. But the foot sections look better in this new version.

Re: Review: Glory of Heracles (DS)


I understand the thought that a seven is a bad score, even if that's not the intent of a seven. Typically I don't have funds or time to bother with games under 8 even if they interest me. Usually I end up pretty disappointed with anything with a lower score than 8. And I think that for something as lengthy as an RPG I might require a 9. Of course I do take the review into consideration, and will make exceptions to this policy, especially if other reviewers really loved a game.

Re: Analyst: Nintendo DS2 to be Launched Next Year


@ V8 Ninja: people don't have anything else to call these systems right now, and I think it's fair to expect they will carry over enough of the DS/Wii ideas to qualify more-or-less as sequels. We can't call them by their real names until the names are revealed, and we'll probably get code names first anyway.

@ Everyone else. I would bet good money that the "DS2" won't look anything like that. Too many moving parts to break, would be difficult to hold like a book, buttons not protected in "pocket mode," etc.

I'd like to see dual touch screens, with iPhone-like multi-touch, while retaining stylus support. As long as they don't go too far in iPod direction and get rid of buttons.

Re: Review: Mario Kart: Double Dash!! (GameCube)


I loved this one best. If only because of Co-Op for unlocking stuff.

I, for one, have little interest in playing Mario Kart very long by myself, but almost every version of the game forces you to play tons of single player to unlock everything.

Mario Kart DD was one of the best games ever in this regard. Unlocking stuff with 4 players was even possible if someone would take the back seat. Awesome.

I was SO disappointed when they didn't include this feature in MK Wii that I almost sold my copy the next day.

Now that I've done the lonely task of unlocking some things, I'm glad I have the Wii version, but I'm still fuming over the loss of one of my most cherished features.

Re: Talking Point: Could The Conduit Be in for a Rough Ride at Retail?


I'm not sure how many people like me are out there, but if there are a lot, then I could explain [part of] the problem faced by MadWorld and No More Heroes.

I'm kind of an ex-hardcore gamer. I was never the hardest of the hardcore, but I played many of big games. Now, I've got a wife and kids, so I have to be more careful about what I buy, since I have no opportunity to play games when they aren't watching, and they would have a problem with extra violent games. Thus, you might find me playing something like Metroid Prime 3, but you won't find me playing MadWorld, No More Heroes, or Resident Evil.

I'm not sure, but it looks like The Conduit might be acceptable.

Luckily, many of the Wii's best games, like Super Mario Galaxy, are family friendly.

Re: Devil World


I don't get why religious people would see fighting the devil as bad... that sounds a little backwards to me. Of course fighting the devil as a weird little dragon is a bit abstract, but I still think this would be more offensive to people who don't like Christians than it would be for people who are Christians. I guess some folks are just so sensitive they don't bother to look at the details, and just get scared off by the "Devil World" title.

But then it does seem like the loudest members of a given group are also usually the silliest.

Re: Beer Pong Goes Alcohol Free


BDPatVCR , I don't know what Conservatives are like in Germany, but I don't know any here who think "[women are] only good for giving birth and preparing meals." Maybe some hillbillies in the Appalachians... But you'd have a better case saying that "men between 16-35 believe women exist solely for men's entertainment, so if any man puts a woman in a game, he's being sexist."

Anyway, I think if you push people, you'll find that most people like censorship when it agrees with their principles. The danger of censorship has almost nothing to do with whether a game gets to be called "beer pong." The danger is in limiting philosophical, political, and religious free speech. And video games are one medium that is almost completely lacking in substance in those areas anyway.

I think that might relate to the point LucBernard is making. If the game actually could be argued in some way to have value, then censoring it might be a travesty.

People could use a little more education in European history to understand what freedom of speech is REALLY about.

That said, I think the change is stupid and inconsequential, and I wouldn't have cared if they'd left it Beer Pong. But there are REAL assaults on freedom of speech going on right now.

Re: Mega Man 9 - New Video, Online Leaderboards, NOT Exclusive!


@ Dazza - I don't think you could get much out of a remix of SMB1 (especially when we already have the Lost Levels). But I'm sure you could get people excited with a game that was based on Super Mario Bros 3. I for one think it would be awesome to have the frog suit, the tanooki suit, and the hammer bros suit again. OH and we need more of the boot! Heck, half the game could be in the boot. With a few new extras thrown in (like a better take on ice mario from SMGalaxy, where the suit lasts forever, and can throw ice balls) , and all new levels, who wouldn't love that game?

Re: Eternity's Child - No Plans For A North American Release


Luc, you can't really expect people to understand the industry. Some of these folks might even be kids. I've worked in the industry a tiny bit, and I still don't get the international business stuff. I think sometimes we imagine that all publishing companies are huge and international, like Nintendo or Toyota.

Re: Sunsoft To Bring Digital Comics To WiiWare In Japan


I don't know why everyone hates western comics so much. Not that I buy individual comics myself. But sometimes when they release compilations I'll buy one of those (I hate all the ads, and waiting a month to read the next 5 minutes of a story). The Batman: Hush series, for example, was quite enjoyable, and it had great artwork. It was definitely better than a lot of super hero movies. I've certainly read some duds as well, and I don't think any series can stay sharp constantly for 50 years, so I can see why people complain.

Re: My Pokémon Ranch


While I don't like the graphics either, I think there's a few reasons for them to look like that:
1. It makes the Pokemon fit better with the Miis, so it could be a style choice.
2. The limited size of the Wiiware format, combined with the endless numbers of different Pokemon might necessitate simpler designs.
3. The huge (and frightening) hoards of moving Pokemon that you can have on screen at once could possibly eat up resources.

Not that I'll be buying this game.

Re: North American WiiWare launch games


Yeah, it sucks to have to move games around, but I'm definitely done playing some of my VC games for the moment, so it's not so bad to delete them (and download again later free) or to move them onto my SD card. Of course I still hope for a reasonably priced solution that doesn't require moving anything.

Re: Adventure Island


Am I the only person who just never liked this game. All the levels felt pretty much the same. Especially after beating the first boss. There really isn't anything new after that. The levels were too simple, and they allowed no interaction (no climbing, bouncing, brick-breaking, going down pipes, through doors, anything). It just felt like a wanna-be Mario that they tried to make cool by throwing in a skateboard. I didn't even know anyone liked this game. Some of its sequels looked better, though.

Re: Paper Mario


mario/yoshi: I'm not exactly sure, but I think that US VC releases are at around 10 or 11 AM Pacific Time every Monday. Maybe someone else knows for sure?

Re: Milon's Secret Castle


Why were so many old games built to be nearly impossible to beat? I never saw the fun in playing through a battle 100 times before beating it. A couple times, okay, but some games are just sadistic...

Re: J.J. & Jeff


It seems too bad that companies aren't trying to at least release quality games the second time around. Releasing garbage once is one thing, but twice...

Re: Ordyne


Is this game 2 players at the same time? How many of the scrolling shooters like this on the VC offer cooperative play?

Re: Mighty Bomb Jack


"Bomb hungry caped super hero" eh? That's... weird. Check out the box art. It's pretty funny. I guess that explains the "crazy high jumps" and such though...

Re: Battle Lode Runner


Lode Runner: The Legend Returns has better graphics, and it has fun 2-Player levels, but I can't really tell you which one is more fun, since I haven't played this one. The 5-player mode sounds interesting, and I'd like to hear more about that. If that's any goo I might buy this.