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Mon 19th Aug 2013

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CowboyIkari commented on Nintendo NX Will Avoid The Launch Issues Which...:

Yeah, 2nd gamepad was something that was touted but never saw the light of day and I doubt ever will.

The real problem here that Nintendo refuse to acknowledge is that they did NOT support the WiiU fully as they should have. Instead they focused on getting the 3DS as the companies flagship console for this generation. Ok, yeah, this was a success (mostly) but despite some excellent titles available for WiiU (1st/2nd Party mainly), they alienated themselves from 3rd Parties and therefore the console is for all intents and purposes, dead. RIP WiiU. You had so much potential



CowboyIkari commented on Splatoon Holds Onto Top 5 Territory in the UK ...:

@Qun_Mang Yeah that's grim, I didn't really understand the price point over there. Pretty unfair really considering we are getting such a sweet deal here. Then again, they'll probably expect to ship a lot more copies in North America and are looking to get as much as possible out of it so maybe that is why.

I'm not too fussed on amiibo to be honest. You can't get your hands on the good ones anyway and after that, what's the point? Maybe I'm being dumb but it seems to me like you can't actually fight other people with your amiibo created character online in Smash Bros.?What's the point then? Am I missing something? Also I've heard the Splatoon amiibo integration gives access to weapon and armour online which is a definitely a step in the right direction, but there needs to be MORE! They really need to have a serious long term benefits to justify me buying/collecting them.

I've no doubt the Link amiibo will be awesome to have when Zelda WiiU comes out (actually any Zelda related amiibo will be great) because by then they will have figured out what to actually DO with the amiibo that is worthy of having it.

Same thing to be said of Fox McCloud and Starfox...I'm thinking some awesome news will be announced regarding this at E3...



CowboyIkari commented on Splatoon Holds Onto Top 5 Territory in the UK ...:

This is excellent news. I am loving playing this game at the minute. I can understand peoples gripes with the game -very few maps/loadout changing option/team chat - amongst others, but the core experience is so addictive and fun/frustrating that I can't put it down! It's got that balance just right for me so this isn't a real surprise.

Nintendo have really done well here. They have thought it through so well. I love the general approach they are bringing to gaming now on the WiiU too. I bounce on and have a few races of Mario Kart, switch over to Splatoon and wreck a few maps and in an hour I've had more fun than I would with an entire grind of a night with say the latest Call of Duty. It's quick, it's accessible and it's always good craic.

Back to Splatoon...3 minute rounds? Sweet. Excellent balance of classes? Sweet. Attractive and identifiable maps? Sweet. Oozing () with style humor and character. Sweet. I could go on. The gist is...sweet.

I'm still discovering subtle little nuances in the gameplay and maps and expect that as time goes on and they release more content, this will only increase my absolute joy of loading a game I paid £30 for.

How people can afford to pay £50/£60 for the latest COD or BF or Titanfall or whatever plus the additional cost of DLC ranging in price but often extortionate PLUS the monthly cost of XBLive or PlayStation Plus, I will never know. Perhaps these people literally spend their money on NOTHING ELSE and simply regurgitate their food for their young. Or perhaps I'm becoming cheap in my old age. Nevertheless, this is serious fun and serious value. You simply don't get that with the big budget crap out there.

They have approached the shooter genre in a typically Nintendo way and won me over all over again and I hope the inevitable sequels will share the success. Staaaay fresh! Says it all really