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United Kingdom

Sat 27th Aug 2011

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CowardlyHero commented on Wii U Virtual Console Launch Lineup Is Revealed:

While none of the games on that list interest me, I'm quite happy that there are 8 titles. Think about it if they release 6-8 titles a week it would only take a year to have every Wii VC title. Releasing that amount of titles every week seems unlikely and what happens with the 3rd party games, have they got to submit their titles again?



CowardlyHero commented on SEGA Reveals Castle of Illusion HD But There's...:

Never mind about it not been on Wii U/3DS, I'm more disappointed that its not the in beautiful 2D graphical style as last years Power Of Illusion. Still looks good and makes me hope that there maybe a remake of QuackShot if this does well.

Also maybe Wii U and 3DS maybe getting a VC release of MD and GG versions