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Tue 17th Feb 2009

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container1024 commented on Review: Call of Duty: Modern Warfare: Reflex (...:

Now for the shock.
I hated Modern Warfare 2 - HATED IT! Awful... and soooo glad I rented it.
All the XBOX freaks are going to go "ner ner its great - ner ner ner"
But its not.
However, I'm looking forward to getting my hands on Reflex.
I love the Modern Warfare 1 story and immersing myself with the Wii-Zapper... bring it on.

IMO - Wii 1 - XBOX 0



container1024 commented on UNO:

I actually really like this version. For 500 points its a great purchase.
No - it's not quite on the same level as the XBLA version... but I'm sort'a enjoying the WiiWare version more - can't quite figure out why.



container1024 commented on BBC To Launch New Dedicated iPlayer Wii Channel:

The iPlayer app on the PS3 is awsome. I think this is a great step forward for the Wii. Hopefully it'll encourage the more casual (read: people who don't have a clue) users of the Wii to finally start making the most of it's online features.



container1024 commented on Review: Golden Axe (Virtual Console / Virtual ...:

I spent so many hours of my life playing this in the Arcade when I was 12.
When the MD port came out, I have to admit I was a little disappointed. The thing with the MD is that its gameplay wasn't 100% like the arcade, when you know the arcade version sooooooo well the MD port just doesn't quite feel right, it felt a little slow. That might be down the the fact the MD ran at 50hz.

I might well get this, but can it be confirmed if this is running at full speed or not? I'd love to do my 1 credit power runs again (which I struggled to do on the MD). If it is at full speed, I'm all over this!



container1024 commented on Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Wii Details, Scre...:

wow! so many Wii users moaned so hard that COD:MW was never released on the Wii. Now its coming, there is hating going on! Crikey! I have COD:MW on both PC & PS3 and will 100% cert get it for Wii. Graphics matter not - as long as the controls are spot on. Honestly, I love FPS and the Wii has THE BEST control system for FPS. COD:MW had a great 1 player story that is soooooooo involving - with Wii controls added this story will be even more involving. As long as this is intact, I'll be happy. Treyarch - you can downgrade the graphics as long as it is to ensure the gameplay is a 100% from the other versions.



container1024 commented on Golden Axe:

The very first arcade game I ever completed with one credit.
I have so much love for this game - the home versions never did it for me however.
I am 100% getting this if it comes out in the EU.



container1024 commented on Review: Onslaught (WiiWare):

Okay - just got this yesterday - only been on it a couple of hours and - yay - its fun! Not a "great" FPS - but a fun one. Gameplay wise - reminds me of Wolfenstein 3-D but with bugs. Fun!

Anyways - its come to that point - FREIND CODE TIME!
I play under the name BBB and my code is 4597-4834-4817.
See you on the other side!



container1024 commented on Review: Onslaught (WiiWare):

@KDR: Cool! I'm more of a PC FPS man myself - but (allthough the game itself was average) Medal of Honor Heros played so nice with the wiiZapper (so did the wiiBrew version of Quake) that it allmost converted me.
I can't wait to get this on Sataday (my next day off work).

@The US gamers - it's not so bad getting a game later. It happens to Europe gamers all the time - and it gives us a chance to read up and research a game based on real gamers opinions before you buy it.
In this case - it looks like when Onslaught comes out for you - you know your not going to get a turkey!



container1024 commented on Review: Onslaught (WiiWare):

Hey everyone, I've been reading WiiWare World (and VC) for ages now - but this is the first time I've posted here!

Just a quick Q. to all who have played Onslaught... Is there a controll method that supports the wiiZapper?