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Sat 5th June, 2010

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Conker3000 commented on Rayman 3D Details Revealed:

Rayman DS for the original DS had awful controls.

I would get Rayman 3D just for being able to use an analogue stick. That alone is worth it.



Conker3000 commented on Rumour: Retro Bringing Back Donkey Kong:

I really hope people are joking about the DK FPS stuff.

I know Retro is known for Metroid FPS, but before Metroid Prime games, they were working on Raven Blade, a car combat game, and a football game. The idea that Retro can't handle anything but FPS games is retarded, plain and simple.



Conker3000 commented on Capcom CEO Thinks 3DS Could Learn from Apple:

Nintendo needs to take digital distribution more serious, and they need to remove a lot of price restrictions. And it shouldn't just be games that they sell, but they should have TONS of apps available for the 3DS like Apple has.