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Sat 2nd March, 2013

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Commie commented on Review: The Swapper (Wii U eShop):

Already have it on PC. For an older game that doesn't support pro controller, the price is to much. Don't know how they expect it to sell. Maybe in the long run.



Commie commented on UK Government Effectively Decriminalises Downl...:

Every time a piracy thing comes up, there is a stupidity outburst here. You people really need to read some books. Piracy (overall, not just download) is a far complexer problem, and not always necessarily bad. Dumbing it down to a moral debate (and a bad one) or some kind of hurting the developers/Nintendo argument is an insult to intelligence.



Commie commented on Nintendo Gives US Government Recommendations o...:

The approval rates of this article just show how good the propaganda is.
Gabe was (is) partly right when he says that it's a service problem (especially considering Nintendo's eShop). There is more to piracy than "it's stealing" and "some people don't have money".
How people don't find this disturbing is beyond me.