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Tue 3rd Feb 2009

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CommanderVideo commented on BIT.TRIP Collections Come to Europe on 16th March:

European dudes! We at Gaijin are so stoked that you finally have these amazing games! We honestly prefer COMPLETE for all the new features, but the 3D and on-the-go-ness of SAGA is pretty darn tasty, so depending on your preference, each offers something super choice. Swing by or to keep in touch with all of us at Gaijin! We love hearing from gamers!



CommanderVideo commented on Review: BIT.TRIP FLUX (WiiWare):

@cyrus_zuo Actually, you can play with 2 players!

Alex Neuse here. I hope y'all like the game and the overall series! It was fun making it for you! Now put those headphones on and plug in to some FLUX! (If you're in Europe).

US folks do that on Monday.



CommanderVideo commented on BIT.TRIP BEAT Updated!:

@SmaMan: There are a lot of reasons why it took so long for this update to come out. The approval process wasn't really a big part of it. I think that basically, when you have so many parties working on anything, it compounds the amount of time it takes to get something done. In the end, we're just thrilled to have the update out there, even if it's a bit after the fact.



CommanderVideo commented on First Impressions: Bit.Trip VOID:

Thanks for the nice write-up, Sean! One clarification though: the game tells you to connect a Nunchuk (or Classic Controller--FTW!) during the boot sequence. I can't wait for the review to see what y'all think!



CommanderVideo commented on Nintendo Life Exclusive - Bit.Trip Core E3 Tra...:

@ Wiiloveit

Firstly, it definitely gets mental. Too mental, though?

Secondly, to answer your question, most of the angled beats that come in will eventually intersect a second beat line if you miss it on the first line it passes. So, as you're playing, remember that the straight ones kind of take priority, because you only have one chance to nail 'em.



CommanderVideo commented on Bit.Trip Bug!:

@Mange: Ask and you shall receive.

We would love to patch the game, but it's a lot more complicated a process than it seems, sadly. Since a patch is still far off (if it even happens), we thought we'd offer this peace-offering of sorts in the meantime. Since the game was never meant to be as punishing as the shipped version turned out to be, we felt that doing anything and everything we could to help players was the best course of action. We are still pursuing the possibility of a patch, though, and will let the entire world know if it ends up becoming a reality. And trust us, the very moment that it becomes possible, we will do it.

Thanks to everyone for all your support too, and for not turning your back on the game because of this issue. Also, I'm glad that some folks could find a new challenge in the game despite the bug. Rest assured, CORE has the fix included for all regions.



CommanderVideo commented on Top 20 WiiWare Games in USA (29th Apr):

Hey everyone. Alex Neuse from Gaijin Games here.

Thanks for all the awesome comments and tons of care that you've put into sharing your voices with us. Being able to talk to the community who has bought our game is not only fun, but is also very informative. Even if you're not a fan! Let's face it, this game isn't for everyone.

I wanted to talk about two things that y'all brought up.

1. The level unlocking. Sadly, having the game only save if you get a high score is a bug. We never intended it to be that way. After you beat a boss, the next level was meant to unlock permanently whether you ranked in on the high scores screen or not. The Gaijin Games crew is very bummed about shipping with this bug. We're not sure yet if a WiiWare patch is even possible, but until we find out, there is a save file available on gamefaqs with all levels unlocked here: We're going to make our own super-special save file and post it on our site next week as well if you want to download that. Subsequent games in the BIT.TRIP series will not have this issue to deal with. So, apologies to everyone. The game is way more punishing than we intended it to be because of this bug.

2. In terms of checkpoints or shorter stages; I understand and respect the desire for them. I absolutely do. It was a design choice of mine to go the direction we ended up going, though, because I'm a huge fan of shoot-em-ups and I have found that when I have unlimited continues or the ability to start from where I left off, I never have to learn how to play the game well. As a gamer, I am more drawn to learning the patterns and strategies and failing over and over again only to triumph in the end. This is of course a personal preference. I like to think of our game as more akin to shoot-em-ups than any other genre, really. Some of my favorite games are punishingly difficult, and I think my preference shines through in the difficulty of BTB. Whether that's good or bad, I'm not 100% sure. Either way, though, the sequel follows the same structure as the first, but who knows if all games in the series will...

I think that the sequel is easier, but it's hard to tell because it's just so different and very challenging in brand new, mind-bending ways. I hope that you all give it a try when it comes out (if you enjoyed BEAT enough, that is).

Thanks again for your comments!



CommanderVideo commented on Bit.Trip Beat Coming to Europe on Friday:

Hey folks,
From what I heard, the game is coming out on May 1st. But now that y'all are mentioning this VC (which is just CV backwards, if you get my meaning) Friday thing, I'm worried. Man, I wish I knew more about European releases. Keep me posted if Friday hits and you guys find your eyes bleeding out of their sockets or not.



CommanderVideo commented on Bit.Trip: Beat:

Let it be known that BTB is finally making its way to Europe! Check out our site at for the announcement and spread the word!

Sorry about the wait; but it's coming THIS FRIDAY!
-Alex Neuse



CommanderVideo commented on Video - The Making of Bit.Trip Beat:

You guys are a riot! 4 controllers together!?

So, maybe it's too early to ask, but has anyone gotten a "perfect" score on any of the levels?

I can beat all the levels without much trouble (but then I played the game all day every day for four months straight). Maybe I should do a strat-guide video or something.



CommanderVideo commented on Video - The Making of Bit.Trip Beat:

Hey everyone! I didn't actually make that video. The good folks over at Wander Films made it for the Nintendo Channel! I wish I had that much talent, but alas, I do not.

Now if you'll excuse me, I've got to go throw my chairs into the fireplace.



CommanderVideo commented on Review: Bit.Trip: Beat (WiiWare):

@ Chicken Brutus: The Challenge Beat towards the beginning of Level 2 is brutally difficult. But they are meant as new challenges, like you said. I'd advise that players avoid the challenges (if they can remember which Beats they are) until they've honed their skills a bit. For instance, that one I mentioned--I've only successfully hit every Beat in that challenge 8 or 9 times.



CommanderVideo commented on Review: Bit.Trip: Beat (WiiWare):

@thewiirocks: I hear ya on the dark blue. It's tough to see. It is definitely one of those things that slipped through the cracks. I like the menu (it's our tutorial). But I hear your gripes. As far as the rumble goes, you can always hit the Home Button and turn off your Wii Remote's rumble. Thanks for the comments!



CommanderVideo commented on Review: Bit.Trip: Beat (WiiWare):

@ZIMM: I've not got a lot of time at the moment, so here's some quick answers to your questions.

1. The motion control is technically "analog", but as far as using the analog sticks on the Nunchuck or the Classic Controller goes, we tried it out and it just simply wasn't responsive enough. We also gave the +Control Pad a shot and everything we tried just screamed for the motion controls. Mind you, if there were a spinner controller peripheral available, that would have been THE BEST.

2. The choice for 3 levels was because of the story themes I wanted to get across. The flow across 3 levels works very well for this series from that standpoint (you'll probably understand more about this once the sequels are out). Also, since the gameplay is so simple, I wanted to err on the side of leaving the players wanting more rather than less, you know? Too much of a good thing...

3. Leaderboards would have been super awesome. The honest answer is that we're just 3 guys makin' this thing and the effort it takes to get that stuff in there was prohibitive to our development cycle.

4. Pong? What's that?



CommanderVideo commented on Review: Bit.Trip: Beat (WiiWare):

@Wiiloveit: I wish I could tell you some definitive answer on the PAL release date, but rest assured it IS coming.

@Everyone else: Thanks for the support, and keep the comments/criticisms coming. We've got more games to make that we want you all to love so your feedback helps a lot. We're definitely following your comments here in the Gaijin Games studio.