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United States

Tue 24th Jun 2008

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Comandante commented on USA WiiWare Update: Gyrostarr:

And so, as we all await the next review with baited breath, I'll do my own:

-Above average visuals
-50 levels (I expected half as much originally)
-Hectic 4 player co-op

-No online capability (HVS could have gone the extra mile)
-Minor frame rate issues
-Repetition (Levels aren't bland, but not amazing either)
-No persistent game file (Each time you play, you have to re-enter your initials and start over at 0 points)

Stuff I wish was in the game:
-Boss battles (why not, since I'm speculating anyway?)
-Ship customization (besides the color change)
-Real obstacles in the levels

My score (from 99% concentrate, no artificial preservatives):

All in all, a solid game, but likely one built on hype alone. After the initial impulse sales, Gyrostarr may only interest a few gamers. I'd like to see a fleshed-out sequel on a disc, like how Geometry Wars eventually led to Geometry Wars: Galaxies, but that's me. The thing that got me was the visuals; I just like space scenery. The music wasn't anything great, but I give HVS credit for making a tune that gets stuck in my head and stays there, no matter what I try (Rammstein and Beethoven have failed; I'm going for the Elvis). HVS definitely could have made a few improvements and spent more time on the game, but it didn't fall too far from the hype.

The bottom line is if you want a little bang for your buck and happen to enjoy a shoot 'em up, buy Gyrostarr (or flip a coin). There certainly are worse things to spend 700 points on.