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Sat 2nd Oct 2010

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Collision_Cat commented on One Piece: Romance Dawn Won't Be Sailing To No...:

Tch, we Europeans deserve this! We're still waiting for games like Etrian Odyssey 4 and Soul Hackers, and look at the article under this one! You get that cool Fire Emblem/SMT4 promotion, and we have no idea when we'll be getting the latter game! We'll be lucky if we do at all, we sure didn't get any of the Atlus DS games!



Collision_Cat commented on Castlevania Is Stalking Onto The 3DS Virtual C...:

This game is so fantastic, it's so well designed and endlessly satisfying when you manage to beat levels! Do it properly guys, don't use save states! I'm able to beat this game on an actual NES and I suck at life so I'm sure you can do it too! However, having this game on a handheld console may not be the best idea... it's okay when you throw a controller out of frustration, but probably not your 3DS!



Collision_Cat commented on How Did Nintendo Do At This Year's Golden Joys...:

Best downloadable game: Minecraft (Xbox 360)
A stripped down, late port of a PC game, wow! That beats out all the great downloadable titles released this year!

YouTube gamer award: Yogscast
God no

Outstanding contribution: EA Sports & FIFA
Outstanding contribution to what? Ripping people off?

These awards are terrible! They're either run by frat boys with horrible taste in games, or they're accepting bribes!