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Female, 38, United States

I have a Wii, I won't get a Wii U, so I'm probably just a casual visitor that won't stick around once the Wii becomes dead news :-P Long ago, loved my NES and SNES.

Mon 25th Mar 2013

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Collectonian commented on Reggie: Publishers Should Create Great Games T...:

I agree - the only games I sell of sucked to the point of either not finishing them or never wanting to play them again. If they are good, I'll keep them and replay them. I'd much rather see companies focusing on making good, replayable games versus trying to hamstring them through some technological means.

And if the real issue is that they get no money from used games - make your own used game buy back and resell program! Sell back a game you don't want for credit in whichever system's marketplace for buying something else or a gift card to use for hard copy games.



Collectonian commented on Nintendo Sends Direct Wii U Marketing Message ...:

Wondered why my Wii was glowing this morning. I'm not a "casual" user, nor would I likely be considered a hardcore gamer. I had an Atari as a kid, then later an NES and and SNES. I don't buy every system that comes on the market, nor do I buy new ones as soon as they come out. I have other responsibilities and my money has more important uses. At this point, I have my Wii, a PSOne, a PS2, and I'll finally be buying a PS3 in a few months.

I'm not at all confused that the Wii U is a "new" system, even with the mixed messages from Nintendo. This message says it's not "just an upgrade", the glut of ads driving me nuts while watching Hulu all call it an "upgrade". This isn't an "upgrade", it isn't a simple download or attachment to my Wii, it's a new system so Nintendo needs to stop calling it one.

As for the Wii U itself, I have absolutely no interest in it at all. I've yet to see any reason why it is worth buying, and the game pad is a huge turn off for me. It is big and bulky, and it seems more likely to drive me to distraction trying to play on two screens at once.

The Wii was my first "return" to Nintendo after I sold off my SNES maybe ten years ago? I have enjoyed my Wii well enough, though I dumped the Wii Fit and board after a year realizing it was fairly useless. However, the Wii never really had many games to appeal to someone like me, who mostly like RPGS and action/adventure games, has no kids and likes it that way, and mostly plays video games alone. In the last 3-4 years of Wii ownership, I've only purchased 16 Wii games, and I have none currently on my "to buy" list. The library just isn't there for me, though from what I've read if Nintendo US hadn't been so stuck on trying to keep it a "family" console, there many more games out there I'd love to play that just never got brought over from Japan.

I'm sure I'll keep my Wii quite awhile yet, to replace some of those games as some rocked, but Nintendo's deciding to kill off features of my Wii to try to force people to switch leaves a bad taste in my mouth. From my understanding, they are basically breaking games I bought for specific features, like being able to play online, not because it is a huge deal to support the Wii consoles too, but just to try to force people's hands. And with the way the Wii library turned out, I have no expectations that the Wii U will be any better, so I'd rather focus my gaming money on continuing to build my PS/PS2 game library and in starting my PS3 library.