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Tue 13th Aug 2013

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Cmagik commented on Soapbox: Why Region Locking Is A Total Non-Issue:

Beside the fact the pool miss a really important choice
"I understand Nintendo point of view but I still want the RL to be removed".
I understand it. Businesss reason which is actually a really good reason. Don't get me wrong.
However, there's a lot of people down there who import game to actually "PLay in Japanese". They want to play with the original version of the game. Reasons may be numerous. From practicing japanese to being an Otaku who can't even read hiragana but enjoy seeing kana on the screen.
I recently moved from Canada to France and well. Let me tell you that getting a freaking game for my 3DS is now a pain in the donkey. Not mentionning I have a Japanese Wii-U. So basically, I live in EU but I've no EU software ^^' damn right.

So as he said. Translating a game is extremly expensive. Sure it must be, it must take quite some time to translate games like the Last Story or any Final Fantasy. So basically the problem's source is "The language". They locked the consol because they don't want us to import game. Right now, people mostly import to play in japanese because as you said, games are worldwide released within a month which the old issue of waiting for 5 month for a game is gone.

Something interesting happened recently, I was quite disapointed that I would have had to play Pokémon Y in english#french as I would have imported from US. But guess what? When we start the game we can put the game in the language we want, which include Japanese! I'm quite happy, I will be able to play my Pokémon game bought from the Americas in Japanese.
Just by adding this option all problemes have been solved (for me at least).

I wonder how much space in a game the texte takes? Pokémon is still a game with quite some texte as there's quite a huge number of trainer and random people you can speak to. And most of them have their own speech.
Would it be really that hard for Nintendo to release game worldwide with their original language? I mean, something like "I bought Pikmin 4 on Wii U in EU but I can play it in Japanese, or French, or English or German".
Would it be THAT hard?
EU games already give the choice of 5+ languages it's not like the function may be hard to implement.

Anyway, I may be wrong and totally offshore about the reasons people still import games from Japan but,

  • if games are all released withing a month
  • Translation is now usually of good quality
  • Only really obscure game that even Japanese people do not know won't be localised.
  • Game performance are now the same

The only reason available reason that I think remain is

  • I would like to play the game in its original version. (which usually is the language, not the plastic support the game in printed on)

Just my thought
I understand why Nintendo did a region lock and I agree to some degree. But for me it ruins my Nintendo experience and make playing a game very very very very complicated. I basically need to import my games from everywhere as I've no EU software.