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Tue 16th Oct 2012

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ClubKid101 commented on Feature: Reinventing Nintendo's Major Franchis...:

Geist 2- with gamepad screen ghost possessions, puzzle solving, clue finding.
Kirbys air ride 2 - with unique gamepad stadium events giving the player that did best in city trial a slight disadvantage.
Lost kingdoms III - even though its not first party, id still love to see it make a comeback, complete with gamepad screen deck management on the fly and tap to activate the cards in your hand during battle.

Just some quick ideas off the top of my head..



ClubKid101 commented on Nintendo: Wii U Basic Bundle Designed To Attra...:

Personally, I'm getting a Basic model along with NSMBU and Ninja Gaiden 3. I think the white looks a little better. Besides, from what I've been reading, it looks like there aren't gonna be any Deluxe black models left on launch day.