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Sun 27th Dec 2009

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ClothFar commented on Review: Hoopworld (WiiWare):

After buying the game I must say it's more fun than I expected. I've spent enough hours in complete it (the last difficulty it's really hard) it reminds me of a mix between Mario Kart, Street Hoops and NBA Jam, very fun to play with friends. It needs online!



ClothFar commented on Hoopworld:

Yes, basketball. ESRB: "This is a 3-on-3 basketball game in which players control teams of aliens, robots, samba girls, punk rockers, or burly men in contests on the court. But unlike basketball on the hardcourts or even pick-up ball, this version of hoops allows players to punch, kick, shove, and stun each other at will. Characters react to damage by falling down, crying out, or swaying as "dizzy stars" float above their heads; sometimes lights and explosion sounds accompany the hits. Samba girl characters are depicted in low-cut tops that expose deep cleavage, most evident on the team-selection menus screens."

Its announced to winter 2009... late