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Re: Poll: Six Months of the Switch - What Do You Think of Nintendo's Console Hybrid?


I have to agree 100% with @SLIGEACH_EIRE on his comments on the Switch. I'm a long time Nintendo fan and have owned every Nintendo home console since the NES, but, right now I've just not seen enough to tempt me to buy a Switch, I also think the price of Switch games and controller's etc. are totally ridiculous and a real rip off.

@SLIGEACH_EIRE is correct IMO that if you own a Wii U then you've more or less played/owned everything released on the Switch so far....

I truly hope Mario Odyssey does really well and I'm looking forward to seeing how it turns out, but, apart from that "1" single game I can't think of any other reason you need a Switch if you already own a Wii U.

There's so many games Nintendo could release, how about a brand new "Mario Golf" or "Luigi's Mansion 3" or a brand new "Diddy Kong Racing" etc. built from the ground up for the Switch or Bayonetta 3 etc. these sort of titles would make me think again, but, as yet no sign of any of them coming out anytime soon if at all.

Re: Delivery Issues Spoil Nintendo Switch Launch Day for Unlucky UK Buyers


All this has made my late decision to cancel my Switch pre-order seem like a really good idea.

However, I'm in the same boat as a few on here and went for Breath of the Wild on the Wii U only for Amazon to mess that up, I doubt whether they will ever get it in stock, I've noticed as per usual there are already loads on ebay, surprise, surprise, just a total con.

Re: Poll: Nintendo Switch Countdown - Less Than a Week to Go, Is the Hype Building?


Had the Switch pre-ordered for ages, bought "every" main Nintendo console since the NES, but, for once I've decided to let my head rule my heart when it comes to a Nintendo console and I decided to do the most sensible thing "for me" and cancel my pre-order just a few days ago.

Really want the Switch to do well and I hope Nintendo gives me a good reason to pick one up in the future, but, right now I just think the system is to much of a gamble, so I've gone for Breath of the Wild on my Wii U.

At the end of the day there's just nothing exciting enough to give me a good reason to buy a Switch on or near launch, I agree with others that say the most exciting game announced is Mario Odyssey and right now that seems an age away and that's if it even comes out on time which with Nintendo is always doubtful.

Just for the record anyone who is getting one on launch good luck with it hope it turns out to be a good purchase for you!

Re: Soapbox: The Switch Presentation Was Good, but Not Perfect


I have bought every single Nintendo console released to date, but I'm really worried the Switch will feel dated from the moment it's released, I'm not convinced as others have already mentioned that it will be much of a step up over Wii U in terms of performance, also I know not everyone cares for them but many people do, where is the achievement system? this is a major thing for me and adds so much incentive to any games I play, it can't be right that a feature that's been around so long since the PS3/Xbox 360 days is still not used by Nintendo, achievements would be fantastic in Nintendo games IMO and was a major reason I hardly touched my Wii U.

Re: Splatoon Producer Hints at More Content Being Added in the Future


How I wish Mario Tennis: Ultra Smash had just half of the type of support Splatoon has "already" received.

If ever a Wii U game was crying out for lots more content it's Mario Tennis on the Wii U, can't believe Nintendo released such a bare bones game in the series to begin with, but, to have no support since release is a total let down.

Re: It All Gets Crazy in This Devil's Third Launch Trailer


No matter how the game turns out the trailer certainly makes it look fun and exciting that's for sure.

I've had an eye on this game for years, only thing that worries me is what I've read about the frame rate, I also wish the game looked a little better graphics-wise.

I remember playing NG3 Razor's Edge on the Wii U and the frame rate was terrible, so much so I bought the game on Xbox 360 in the end.

This game looks similar in terms of fast paced action, so frame rate is a real concern for me.

Re: Wii U Squeezes Past 10 Million Lifetime Sales as Nintendo Remains on Target With Profits


Hold my hands up, was not playing on my Wii U much at all until recently, however with the release of Yoshi's Woolly World & Splatoon I'm more into my Wii U right now than ever before, I also have a huge backlog of some of the best Wii U games you can buy and I'm really starting to appreciate of late just how good some of these Wii U EXCLUSIVE's are, right now the Wii U is my favourite console out at this time.

Only game that has pulled me away now and again is Batman on PS4.

Re: First Impressions: Holding Court with Mario Tennis: Ultra Smash


This for me without a doubt was the one real highlight of Nintendo's E3 showing simply because it was the only NEW! Wii U game announced that I was interested in, I just hope that it has online play which to me is a must for this type of game, and also I hope they don't go overboard with all those silly power shots and it plays a fairly realistic game of tennis.

Also would love to see a Mario Golf game for the Wii U, not had a Mario Golf game on a main Nintendo console since Toadstool Tour on the Cube, so well overdue IMO.

Re: E3 2014: No DLC In The Works For Content-Rich Bayonetta 2


Day 1 for me no doubt about it, Bayonetta 2 along with MK8 were the main reason I bought a Wii U at launch, already have MK8 and October can't come quick enough so I can get hold of Bayonetta 2.

I played the original Bayonetta on Xbox 360, but, may well play it again on the Wii U, I just wonder if the Wii U version will have any unique features though or just be a straight port?

Re: Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze and Pokémon X & Y the Last Nintendo Games Standing in UK Top 40


No big game out until end of May is to long to wait, Nintendo still aren't doing enough, VC on the Wii U is still CRAP! still no N64 or GameCube, hardly ever get any decent console updates or features added to the Wii U, whenever Nintendo do a Nintendo Direct it's nearly always a let down and to much time is spent on the 3DS.

Also I don't care what anyone says I still 100% believe no proper achievement/trophy system on the Wii U is a major loss to many, people are just used to this feature now (have been for the last five/seven years or more), the frustrating thing is I think many Nintendo games are made for this, I feel having extra things to go for in games like Mario & Donkey Kong would add so much IMO, I know already I'll miss not having achievements when Bayonetta 2 is released, I just feel Nintendo are to behind the times and they don't seem to listen or do the obvious things when needed.

Re: Satoru Iwata Explains Reduced Projections and "Large Margin" 3DS and Wii U Sales Misses


I'm a long time Nintendo fan and have had a Wii U since day one, and although I always thought it had real potential I just think Nintendo are to behind the times nowadays with everything, no proper achievement system hurts a lot IMO, PS3 & Xbox 360 players have just got used to this feature in games for the last five years or more, Nintendo don't get how important to many this feature is.

Also online, (what online?) when it comes to Wii U games is awful, hardly any Wii U games support online play, and the few that do often have missing features.

Then you have the lack of third party support, both in terms of big game releases and DLC.

Finally, Nintendo continue to shoot their selves in the foot with the truly awful waste of space that is the Wii U VC.

I don't hardly play my Wii U anymore, only thing I do on my Wii U is the Rayman Legends challenges.

Re: Talking Point: Regional Online Multiplayer Misses the Point



I think your kind of missing my point, what I'm saying is that loads of Nintendo fans have been crying out for GameCube on the Wii U VC, I know this feature was never promised by Nintendo, but, most thought it would be a total no brainer for Nintendo to do, sadly they can't see this for some unknown reason.

What I'm saying is that Nintendo should try harder on this sort of thing rather than the likes of Wii Sports, I mean surely nine out of every ten Nintendo fans would rather have the likes of Luigi's Mansion, Paper Mario, Star Fox Adventures, Super Mario Sunshine & Wario World etc. than Wii Sports any day of the week, no????

It's worth remembering that one of if not the highest overall ranked Wii U games currently on the system is a certain GameCube re-make, I'm of course talking about Wind Waker, that says a lot for me.

GameCube games on the Wii VC would be so popular believe me, sadly Nintendo are to daft/slow to see this.

Re: Talking Point: Regional Online Multiplayer Misses the Point


@SanderEvers Don't be silly mate, of course not, I'm not saying that at all, I'm just saying that Nintendo just seem to have totally lost the plot to me of late, the Wii U continues to struggle and Nintendo do nothing worthwhile to change things around.

If your happy with Wii Sports on Wii U then fair enough and good for you, but, I personally was expecting far better things when buying a Wii U.

If I wanted to play Wii Sports, then I'd play it on the original Wii, but I don't, I just want Nintendo to listen to the majority of Nintendo fans who want GameCube on the Wii U VC, and listen to Nintendo fans who expect better things to play on their Wii U than Wii Sports.

Re: Talking Point: Regional Online Multiplayer Misses the Point


Can't believe anyone would pay to play this crap on the Wii U anyway, I played Wii Sports on the original Wii for about a week at the most when I first got the console and the novelty wore off very quick indeed, so much so that I never played the game again, only reason I held onto the game was because it was part of a bundle, otherwise I would have sold it.

Point being, why Nintendo are wasting time on this sort of thing boggles the mind, this effort would be better spent on improving the awful Wii U VC, for f**k sake Nintendo when will you understand and listen to the many Nintendo fans "begging" for you to put GameCube games on the VC? why don't you get it?

Personally I bought my Wii U for games like Bayonetta 2 & Mario Kart 8 and was really positive/optimistic about GameCube being on the Wii U VC by now, but, nope!

I'm so sick of Nintendo making mistake after mistake with nearly every decision they make, WAKE UP! Nintendo, before it's to late, PLEASE!

Re: Nintendo Download: 7th November (Europe)


@Nintendo/Nintendo Life

Hate to say it, but, only option you seem to need every single week in your poll is "Nothing for me this week" because every single f,ing week that's what I have to choose, so disappointing once again, the VC continues to be an utter waste of space/time on the Wii U, why is it even there, pointless.

Re: Nintendo Financial Reports Bring Minor Profit, 3DS Success and More Wii U Struggles


As I always say, I've been a Nintendo fan since the days of the NES, but, for me the Wii U has been a major disappointment, I think Nintendo are to blame in a lot of ways as they just don't do enough "IMO"

The Wii U Virtual Console is a great example of this, it's the one area which could help sell a few more consoles but it's complete crap! and total waste of space, no sign of GameCube hitting the VC which so many people want, still not even had N64 on the Wii U VC yet, truly pathetic effort after all this time.

While the actual Wii U game library is still mediocre, only reason I turn on my Wii U console at the moment is to do the daily/weekly Rayman Legends challenges, for me Rayman Legends is the best game on the Wii U, only WindWaker comes close but as good as it is it's still a ten year (or more) old game.

On top of this the Wii U still feels miles behind the competition in so many areas especially when it comes to online play and DLC and I'm only talking about PS3/Xbox 360 here, once PS4/Xbox One is released the Wii U will look even more ancient.

Then you have things like delays with massive games like Donkey Kong Country, which also don't help, and when the Wii U does get a good (& rare) third party exclusive, like lets say Lego City Undercover, it's held back by terrible loading times which still have not been fixed or even improved, WTF?

Only reason I'm keeping hold of my Wii U is for Mario Kart 8 & Bayonetta 2, apart from these two games everything else seems MEH! at best.

Re: Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze Delayed Until Early 2014


It makes me laugh, I'm a long time Nintendo fan, since the days of the NES in fact, but, Nintendo just keep messing up time and time again, this was another terrible Direct, especially if your only interested in the Wii U.

We keep hearing that it's down to the third party developer's (or lack of) that's killing Nintendo and the Wii U, but, IMO Nintendo seem to be doing a fine job of hammering nails into their own coffin without any help.

Why on earth they continue to overlook putting Gamecube titles on the VC I'll never know, and this latest delay with DKC is terrible news.

I want to buy games for my Wii U and support Nintendo, but they make it really hard, I feel sorry for anyone that only owns a Wii U, luckily for me I have other games I can play (GTA V, The Last of US, Bioshock Infinite & Beyond Two Souls etc.) on other consoles.

I just don't think Nintendo are trying hard enough with the Wii U, period.

Re: New Wii U System Update Goes Live Across Europe, North America and Japan


@Yellowgerbil I so hope your right, but, sadly I won't be holding my breath, I don't mean to go on I truly love Nintendo, but, sometimes they really frustrate me when they continue to ignore the obvious, and that is that Gamecube on the VC would be a massive hit, so many Nintendo fans want this feature, I just don't understand why we're all still waiting for it.

Super Mario Sunshine, Luigi's Mansion, Star Wars Rogue Squadron II, just a few games off the top of my head, just imagine playing these on the Gamepad, now that really would be something to get excited about.

Re: New Wii U System Update Goes Live Across Europe, North America and Japan


First the positive, it's nice to finally have a new console update, well done!

But, for me Wii games now playable on the Gamepad is a massive missed opportunity by Nintendo yet again, having to use the Wii-mote just makes it feel pointless to me, for example games like Donkey Kong Country & Punch-Out!! that use basic controls would be a perfect fit for using only the Gamepad.

Other than that, biggest disappointment by far is still no news on Gamecube coming to the Wii U VC, come on Nintendo, Gamecube games would sell by the bucket load on the VC, what on earth are you waiting for? pull your f,ing finger out. PLEASE!

Re: The Wonderful 101 Struggles In Its First Week At Japanese Retail


Just not surprised, simple as that, I truly never thought this game would sell all that well, biggest worry with this news is that it could end up forcing "Platinum" to go multi-platform which would be another kick in the teeth for Nintendo and the Wii U.

I actually bought a Wii U at launch for Platinum's "Bayonetta 2" but, just not interested in W101, obviously a lot of Wii U owners feel the same way.

Re: Nintendo Download: 22nd August (Europe)


@Samurai_Goroh Tell me about it, I just don't understand Nintendo's thinking half of the time, I've been a Nintendo fan since the days of the NES but they really frustrate me at times.

I'm convinced GameCube games on the VC would be so popular and sell by the bucket load for Nintendo, but instead of this they keep on releasing stuff that we've already seen on the Wii VC with the "odd" exception, so I just don't see the point.

IMO the Wii U VC is a total waste of space "in it's current form"

Re: New Nintendo Direct Coming August 7th, Focus Is "Previously Announced" Wii U And 3DS Software


Obviously be nice to hear a bit more about upcoming games (Bayonetta 2, MK8, Yarn Yoshi etc.) but I'd be just as excited hearing more about what's coming up in the next console update.

Be nice to know if Nintendo have any intention of putting some much needed effort into the Wii U VC, where are the GameCube games? and still not even had any N64 games yet, ridiculous IMO.

Re: Video: New Wonderful 101 Trailer Explains Techniques of Teamwork


I really do like how this game looks, the graphics look fantastic, but, no matter how many trailer's they release I'm still not convinced about the actual gameplay, I still don't know what type of game it's supposed to be? it always looks like it falls into the "Strategy" genre, which personally is not my thing at all.

Re: Shigeru Miyamoto Optimistic About The Future of Wii U


NO! personally I do not think Pikmin 3 will make a major difference to Wii U sales, I'm a huge Nintendo fan but have no interest in Pikmin 3 in the slightest.

I put Pikmin 3 next to Monster Hunter in that both games will have it's fans but neither are system seller's as I think both titles only appeal to a certain taste.

I think Nintendo need to get the likes of MK8 out the door, if they get this right with the online MP it could be the real system seller IMO.

Re: Kingdom Hearts III Highly Unlikely To Appear On Wii U


I certainly feel a little sorry for anyone that only owns a Wii U, obviously your always get the Nintendo exclusive's, but, the number of top notch quality games the Wii U continues to miss out on is truly frightening:

Bioshock Infinite, Castlevania LoS 2, DMC, Tomb Raider and now KH III, OUCH!

Re: Nintendo Download: 20th June (Europe)



Don't get me wrong I have nothing against NES/SNES titles I also grew up with them, the point I was trying to make is that it would be nice to see something a little more modern/recent thrown into the mix.

I just feel many of the NES and to a lesser extent SNES titles have been seen a little to often now, that's just my take and feelings on it, I suppose I'd just like to be playing something a little more recent on my Wii U, this is just my own personal opinion.

Re: Nintendo Download: 20th June (Europe)



Exactly, it makes no sense why Nintendo is holding back so many games on the VC, especially ones that have already been released on the Wii VC, surely it would not have hurt them to at least have a few N64 titles up by now, things like SM64, MK64 etc. but, still nothing, all we keep getting is ancient NES games that the majority of people don't care about.

As I said with the lack of releases in general for the Wii U, Nintendo should be really making good use of the VC right now, it would help to tide us all over while we wait for Wii U releases, many not out until 2014.

Re: Nintendo Download: 20th June (Europe)



I don't mean no offence, but, as I said (and rightly IMO) the VC so far on the Wii U has being no more than a major disappointment, we all know about the lack of releases on the Wii U, and I just feel that Nintendo should be putting far more effort into the VC, it's bad enough that no GameCube games have come to the VC or even been announced, but, not even having any N64 games on the VC is ridiculous.

Re: Nintendo Download: 20th June (Europe)


Useless pointless VC releases as usual, well done! Nintendo, NOT!

For pete's sake when will Nintendo put some worthwhile games on the Wii U VC, I'm talking N64 & GameCube here?

Releasing ancient crap every week is getting real boring now, it's not as if there's much to play on the Wii U, not until "2014" so why not release decent stuff on the VC in the meantime?

Re: Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze Slips Onto Wii U This November


Day One for me also, I'm one of the few/minority that was happy Retro made a new DK game rather than Metroid Prime, not the biggest fan of Metroid Prime myself, but, believe it or not DK was one of the games I was very much hoping for.

So hearing "Tropical Freeze" is on the way later this year was music to my ears, I think the game is looking great!

Re: Feature: What We Expect From Nintendo's E3 Direct


I think Nintendo basically could have held back the release of the Wii U for another year in all honesty, they have gained nothing from the head start they've had over MS/Sony IMO.

Nothing good is out for a year or more, no major system seller in sight, and things like the VC is still complete c**p! with it's ancient games.

As a Nintendo fan since the days of the NES, I'm "VERY" disappointed.

Re: Mario Kart 8 Drifting Onto Wii U in Spring 2014


2014 WTF????

This and Bayonetta 2 were probably the highlights for me, but 2014, and Bayonetta 2 could even be late 2014 for all we know, Donkey Kong Wii U was a nice surprise as well, but, even that's late this year.

Gutted to be honest, was hoping for more (& much sooner!).

Re: Feature: What We Expect From Nintendo's E3 Direct


My personal wish list:

  • Footage (& release dates) for: Bayonetta 2, 3D Mario & Mario Kart U.
  • GameCube titles on the VC.
  • News of further Wii U console improvements.
  • New Donkey Kong Country, Punch-Out!! & Mario Golf/Tennis for the Wii U.
  • Finally, Luigi's Mansion 2 being ported to the Wii U.

Re: Nintendo Download: 6th June (Europe)



You sold your PS3 to get a Wii U, seriously? Ouch!

There's still some great! games on the way for the PS3, Last of Us, Beyond: Two Souls, Puppateer etc.

I'm a long time Nintendo fan, but, so far the Wii U has been mostly a disappointment, for me Lego City Undercover & ZombiU are the best/only reasons worth owning the Wii U at the moment.

Saying all that, once Bayonetta 2, 3D Mario & Mario Kart are out I'm sure I'll be far more positive about the Wii U, but up until now Nintendo have really disappointed me especially with the lackluster VC.

Re: Nintendo Download: 6th June (Europe)



I'm sorry, but, for me the VC on Wii U has been nothing but sheer disappointment, in my eyes nothing exciting has been released at all (so far....) and it looks like Nintendo are going to take an age in releasing a decent VC library, I'm still gutted that there's been no sign/news of GameCube titles on the VC, and we've not even had any N64 titles yet either, I'm sick of seeing the same NES/SNES releases over & over again, many of which are to ancient for me and many are simply not very good.

Re: Nintendo Download: 6th June (Europe)


How much longer Nintendo, before you put some effort into the VC on Wii U?

IMO it's a total waste of space/time having it on the Wii U in it's current setup, still no N64, still no GameCube, just crappy ancient games, pathetic.

The VC "should" be one of the best things about the Wii U, but at the moment it's one of the worst.

Re: Talking Point: The Wii U Virtual Console Has Started, But Not With a Bang


I truly think all these NES/SNES games have just been seen to many times now, we all know they are classics, but to re-release all the same Wii VC games all over again and at a snail's pace on the Wii U is quite pathetic "IMO"

With so many reports every day about the Wii U continuing to struggle Nintendo should have really gone all out with the Wii U VC, I'm convinced if they'd come right out the door with GameCube titles on the VC it would have been such a good/clever move, but instead we get ancient NES/SNES games, I did not buy a Wii U to play ancient games.

I mean come on, they could of at least come out with a few N64 games from the off, sometimes I just don't understand what on earth Nintendo are playing at.

Re: New Wii U Virtual Console Titles Confirmed By Nintendo UK


I'm a long time Nintendo fan, but all I can say once again to these games is a very big MEH!

No way am I going to buy all these games again just so I can play them on the gamepad.

Just give us some N64 games that we never had on the Wii like for example DK64, and come on Nintendo, these NES/SNES games are/were good but they are so old now, get GameCube games on the VC NOW!

Re: Wii U Virtual Console Launch Lineup Is Revealed



Lol, so, so true, I completely agree, I feel Nintendo have really messed up big time and it's a massive missed opportunity IMO.

I think the VC on the Wii U should have been dedicated to the N64 & GameCube, titles older than this have just been played/seen far to often now that they are becoming stale.

Re: Rumour: Wii U System Update Could Go Live Tomorrow


I "maybe" in the minority but unless Nintendo release stuff that never got released on the Wii VC then I really don't see much to get excited about.

Personally I'd like the N64 to get a little more love this time around, DK64 would be a nice start!

But, most of all I want to see GameCube titles added for download, we all know the NES & SNES had classic games, but I really want later stuff.

Re: Wii U Software Struggled For 2% of UK Market in January


One thing you can take from nearly every post you read on here is that pretty much every Wii U owner loves the actual Wii U console, it's purely lack of NEW! exclusive games that is the problem, this is why there is so much upset over needless delays etc.

I truly believe the Wii U has the "potential" to be Nintendo's best console ever!

But, only if they get a move on and start getting a few games on the shelf, there's no getting away from the fact the Rayman mess has been a massive blow, but lets just hope Lego City does well and the likes of Bayonetta 2, Yarn Yoshi , Mario 3D, Mario Kart, come out sooner rather than later, if not I just hope Nintendo have a few games they've been holding back that will be released out of nowhere.

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