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Mon 1st Aug 2011

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chronicler commented on Picross 3D Sequel is Heading to the 3DS in Jap...:

I could not be more thrilled for this! This was a game I played the demo in the days of the Nintendo Channel (just because it existed) and I fell in love. Hours upon hours were spent on 3D, and I still play it in the mornings. Dreams do come true!



chronicler commented on E3 2014: Wii U Legend Of Zelda Revealed, Confi...:

Does no one seem to comprehend that this Link is feminine? Maybe a sister or a very Link-ish Zelda? "She" has a pony tail, side braid things, and a very athletic, lithe figure. As far as game stereotypes go, that seems moderately indicative.



chronicler commented on NES Remix:

Firstly, (pun half-intended) this looks phenomenal, and, secondly, despite owning half of these games due tp being an Ambassador, the freshness of this idea is so enticing to my wallet.



chronicler commented on E3 2012: Pikmin 3 Wii U Trailer is Plucky:

I may be wrong in saying this, but take a look at the first two seconds of the trailer. There seems to be a pink-ish pikmin flying around in the top left corner, but it is out of focus. Then in the actual E3 presentation, a winged pink pikmin-looking creature (complete with blooming flower at the end of an antenna) fly across the screen. Can anybody with more familiarity with the pikmin universe confirm this as a possible addition, along with rock pikmin?



chronicler commented on Nintendo Buys Web Domain:

While I cannot dispute that SMB4 is also SBW, wasn't their SMB2 our SMB Lost Levels? And our SMB2 was their Super Mario Bros USA (or something similar)?So really I think that the point of it not being SMB4 is irrelevant, as the title could change based on region as it has been known to do in the past.



chronicler commented on Review: Box Pusher (DSiWare):

I can actually get something of similar quality on my Kindle for free, so I'll pass. But I'm glad that the game is supposedly good for such a simple concept.



chronicler commented on In Fire Emblem 3DS, Death Isn't Always Permanent:

Though I've only ever played about 3 chapters in the Ambassador-released Fire Emblem, I like the inclusion of the easier mode (by choice). I've noticed Nintendo including more things like this and I encourage it. I like the fact that I can decide whether or not to use it in a game, as I didn't in Super Mario Galaxy 2 or New Super Mario Bros Wii, but did in Ocarina 3D (since it was my first Legend of Zelda title) and now I've become a fan. Personally, I would probably just move on in this game, unless I grew attached to a character.



chronicler commented on Review: 3DS Circle Pad Pro:

Nintendo didn't include the second analog stick because it would confuse consumers as to the nature of the Wii U, considering they would look very similar, but actually they vary quite a bit. Nintendo probably planned upon this and is going to release a 3DS II post-Wii U release. So I would expect it in early 2013. Plus, it could have been a marketing move to encourage the useage of the gyroscopic features. After all, if I had initially been offered two analogs in LoZ Ocarina 3D, I probably would have used those, and I would have missed out on the golden gyroscope opportunity.



chronicler commented on Round Table: Looking Ahead to Nintendo in 2012:

I actually disagree with Mark, I think Nintendo did good at first to leave out the second Circle Pad, because it would have replaced and overshadowed the gyroscopic features. For instance, I would have probably not used the gyroscope in Ocarina 3D had I been given another option, but I'm glad I've become acquainted with them now, as it works astoundingly. But now that the community has had a chance to see what the new features can do, I would welcome a second circle pad, provided the price isn't raised.



chronicler commented on Feature: The Biggest 3DS Games of 2012:

What about Super Smash Bros. Universe? I'd love to hear something about that! I know it won't come out for like 2+ years (considering they haven't started production), but any information would appease my appetite.



chronicler commented on Review: Pokémon Rumble Blast (3DS):

I remember receiving two wii point cards for my birthday from a friend and I bought Pokemon Rumble on the Wii. We played it for 3 straight hours before we went to his house (to which we gifted the game over to his console) and played for 3 more hours. Needless to say we enjoy that game very much, and I'll be pickin up this 3D iteration shortly.



chronicler commented on The 3DS Circle Pad Expansion Comes in This Box:

I keep saying I'm going to hold out for a "Lite" version of the 3DS to come out and trade in my DSi (so I'll have 3DS and a 3DS II) but because it's so cheap, I may just spring for it anyway and use it. I'm just worried it may feel a little to loose like the charging cradle (which in all fairness is meant to not exactly cling or stay attached to the 3DS, so we can pick it up).



chronicler commented on A Whole World of Super Mario 3D Land Artwork:

The kids haven't been overused. Only in SMB3 and New Super Mario Bros Wii. Plus Boom Boom isn't a koopa kid, he's just there a lot. The kids were the rulers of the 7 worlds in SMB3 and Bowser Jr. is the 8th one.



chronicler commented on Disney Registers Castle of Illusion Trademark:

I'd like to think it was part of "DisEM" 2 since there was an interview I read on the web where Warren stated he had plans to turn it into a trilogy [right before the first DisEM was released], and this seems like a legitimate scenario or backdrop for the title. However, I cannot verify the trilogy status, as when you google "Disney Epic Mickey trilogy" it only comes up with speculation and whiny, albeit persistant fans.



chronicler commented on Talking Point: Why No Plans for GBA on 3DS Vir...:

It's option D. I'm an ambassador and I will be receiving the the GBA games when they come out. But it's just more of Nintendo making us feel like they aren't pulling a "well....we're going to release these in a few months, but just because you gave us $80 you can get it 4 more early." Of course Nintendo will release these in the future, they just said they didn't have plans, not that they were just left for dead. I'm personally fine with the whole ordeal as I had my 3DS months before others and I get some quality games I would never have played otherwise.



chronicler commented on 3D Classics: Urban Champion:

I agree with @Geonjaha. Right now, since the eShop doesn't have much of a market, it would be more profitable for Nintendo to demonstrate how good games could look, with games that are just average. After all, if they converted something like Super Mario Bros. 3 into 3D, how many of you would actually purchase any of the current 3D games? Excitebike? Maybe.



chronicler commented on Iwata: We Will Do Paid Download Content for Wi...:

Why is everyone opposed to locked content on a disc? I get that you want what you pay for, but that's extra, and if the DLC is on the disc, you'll have more memory space on the SD card for the 3DS and Wii U. As long as I get my content, I don't really see why it bothers people so much. Can somebody help me out? Am I the only one that thinks this?



chronicler commented on Iwata: We Will Do Paid Download Content for Wi...:

Now I know that this might sound controversial, but I think I would rather have DLC on the card or disc, because that means that the hard drive or SD card will have more space. This way, I can download more games and have more space for them to go, while still having all of my DLC I pay for.