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Thu 22nd Aug 2013

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Chocomathi commented on The Image Of Tharja In A Swimsuit Nintendo Of ...:

It's not like she was wearing a thong or anything, then I would understand why it would've been censored. But seriously, It looks like someone with a cape came when she was dressing (or undressing) and she's all surprised and trying to hide her buttocks. The fact there's that floating piece of fabric covering her bottoms makes it seem like she didn't have any, which worsens the image. This game is rated TEEN, not 3 and plus, for god's sake. And, first things first, I wouldn't give a game rated TEEN to a 5 years old. I think that Cordelia should've been censored, but I guess it would've been hard to have a random cape jump out of nowhere to cover her breasts. And also, I don't see parents hiding their kid's eyes at the beach when there's a woman in a bikini. Way to go, Nintendo.