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Sun 20th Jan 2008

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ChinSpin commented on EarthBound:

I hope we get Mother 2 and 3 after we get Earthbound.



ChinSpin commented on XGen Studios WiiWare title in 'Early 2008':

does anyone know that one game where you are a stick figure and you find different kinds of weapons to kill each other.And it has a top view like the first grand theft auto also it was made by xgen studios.If anyone knows the name of the game please tell me because I want to play it again.



ChinSpin commented on Japanese Virtual Console List - January 2008:

I'll save my points for super mario rpg, kirby's super star, Kirby's dream land 3, ninja gaiden 3, River City Ransom, Majora's Mask (when its announced and out for vc) TMNT 4: turtles in time, TMNT: Tournement fighters (snes) (if it comes to the vc that is) FF3, (or in japan as they call it FF6) and Sonic CD (again, if it comes to the vc) and thats it.... I guess...........O and DK 64....O and Banjo Kazoie and Banjo tooie.......Once agian if they decide to put it on vc.



ChinSpin commented on The King of Fighters '94:

it's nice that king of fighters is coming to the vc but why 900 pts.? also anyone knows if it will come out in november or december?