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Charlosa commented on ​The Custom Hydra Splatling, Splatoon's Last...:

@Mr_Diabolical Not sure if you're just trolling, not having even played the game or if you're expressing an opinion based on having played it? If the latter I can respect your entitlement to your own opinion, even if I and a lot of other gamers would disagree with it. Personally I've never found another online game that's kept me so engaged and entertained... Splatoon is in my opinion one of the freshest and best games in years and I'd love to see what the development team has up its sleeves for future games



Charlosa commented on Feature: How Mario Kart Brought Two Soul Mates...:

@Mus1cLov3r Fair to say I think @Kirk is simply stereotyping, as a lot of teenage boys of about 15 do tend to have a reputation for a lot of angst and disrespecting stuff just because...

Pretty sure he wasn't directing it at you - not like he asked your age in his first message

Way to go @Elijah_and_Lisa - Your story reminded me of a chapter in my own life that started in the Kazaa chatroom, but in my case 4700 miles was too much for us to overcome... However I'm really pleased for you both and wish you all the best for your future together...



Charlosa commented on Devil's Third Online for PC to Include New Mod...:

Do we know whether PC users and Wii U users will be able play online against each other or whether the online arenas so-to-speak will be separate? If same could be good for Wii Ugamers as that would surely mean more opponents to play against...



Charlosa commented on Weirdness: French Far-Right Political Party Us...:

@themightyboost if you concentrate on the head only, then your suggestion may hold water, but if you look at the rest of the body - it's a like for like match (ignoring the colours)... So I don't think any amount of artistic licence would cover that one...
Although in fairness I think Ninty would be more peeved at the political association (especially if the group holds extreme views) rather than the image copying



Charlosa commented on The Next Splatfest in North America is About H...:

@RaiRiggs @Raichu Sorry to be so picky guys but as a huge Pixar fan, I'd just like to point out that Planes was a Disney movie, not Pixar... While Planes was inspired by the world of Cars, it didn't have the depth that Pixar's Cars did...

Saying that, Cars wasn't exactly Pixar's best movie... But it was still miles ahead of Disney's Planes...

So from a movie point of view. I'd pick Cars for the Splatfest, but from a real world point of view I'd pick Planes because that's the only way I can get to Hawaii



Charlosa commented on Reminder: Club Nintendo Closes in Europe on 30...:

Having stupidly missed the goodbye coin (my own fault) I spent my 5000 points at weekend on MK8 Soundtrack, the HD Pikmin Shorts and the Lots of Toads theme... Then blew the last couple hundred points on wallpapers and ringtones because I could

Not sure I've always been happy with the decisions I've made for some of the physical rewards (looking at you MK8 pin set) and still a bit sore about losing nearly 10,000 points back in the day because there really was a lack of things to pick up, but overall I've been fairly happy With Club Nintendo so fair well old quirky friend - let's hope your baby brother is more to everyones taste...



Charlosa commented on Some Western Splatoon Players Would Prefer Not...:

Sounds like we need a petition - #SaveJapaneseSquids, although in fairness someone might think we're trying to stop them eating a local delicacy - Maybe #SaveJapanSquidKids instead then...

In all seriousness though, I like having people from all over the world to play against and quite frankly from my experience of playing late in the evening / early hours or first thing on a Sunday morning here in the UK, I need the Japanese Squid/Kids to make up teams...

In terms of better players - not sure, but they certainly appear to put in a lot of hours - most of the Level 40+ / S+ Rank players tend to have Japanese names.... But does that make them better or just have less of a social life - I don't know...




Charlosa commented on European Club Nintendo Has a Lovely Last Hurra...:

Silly dilemma time - just logged in to my stars account and got offered the link your accounts thingy (which I thought was already linked, but anyway). So those 750 points have taken me to 5000 (no more points available - everything I have is already registered)... So now, do I just spend the lot on a MK8 trophy (a thing to just sit on a shelf) or do I get several smaller things that will most likely have some degree of interaction... Hmmm, decisions, decisions...



Charlosa commented on Nintendo Announces Another Run of the Splatoon...:

@BakaKnight @Nicolai Not sure I'd call it fair sport Besides for those of us who mostly play Ranked mode we're not exactly going to see sudden increase of level 10 players... Pretty sure it would take more than hour of play to get to level 10... I'm also wondering whether they'll fence off those playing the demo, otherwise it'll be be like shooting fish in a barrel...



Charlosa commented on Mario Memories: The Creative Joy of Childhood ...:

@stinky_t Subway is an American chain and from experience of both a bit better in the States...
Back on topic I've gotta say that I'm looking forward to this, although I suspect I'll mostly be trying out other people's creations rather than making many myself...



Charlosa commented on Splatoon Passes Half a Million Copies Sold in ...:

@IceClimbers Nintendo would probably have included download sales... The figure in this article is could be excluding download...
@Grafeaux Same here - despite getting and wanting to play Yoshi Wooly World day 1 - I can't put Splatoon down to play anything else... And hey 16% of Wii U owners are Fresh Squid Kids and the rest are just Smelly Fish



Charlosa commented on E-litre 3K Scope And Neo Splash-O-Matic Headed...:

Despite having bought all weapons below 10,000, I'm still running around with my trusty Tentatek Splattershot... I probably should change it up occasionally... But I do still welcome additional bits of the game being unlocked... Helps things to Stay Fresh



Charlosa commented on Camp Miiverse is Back, and Has Extra Splatoon:

@edgedino @GumbyX84 Nothing so complicated - try this:
When you're on the Lobby page (with the appropriately Smoky status), press the HOME Button to open the HOME Menu.
Select the Miiverse icon from the HOME Menu.
From the game's Miiverse community, tap "Post."
Select the screenshot icon located in the upper-right corner.



Charlosa commented on Two More New Weapons Are Coming To Splatoon To...:

@arronishere Not that I think it's needed, but my guess would be so some people can show the world how much better they are at Splatoon than others... Although let's face it, you can max out at 20 as a mediocre player just though time and perseverance... (Not that I'm suggesting any of the fine people on this forum would resemble that remark)



Charlosa commented on Official Nintendo UK Store Flogs Rare amiibo i...:

Just got Meta Knight, but no idea whether they had any other singles such as King Dedede or Lucina / Ike which I'm still missing...
Of course Meta Knight is now sold out... So consider myself lucky to have got even the 1...



Charlosa commented on Splatoon's Ranking Battle 'Splatometer' is Sup...:

Hi @Boidoh, assuming that your ISP provided your router/firewall have you spoken with them to confirm that its default settings are suitable for online gaming? Do you have any other consoles, such as PS or Xbox and if so do they work properly online? On your Wii U / 3DS, can you browse the Web or connect and download from the Eshop?
At the least I agree with @Tsurii897, it most likely an in issue with your router settings - whether you need to replace it will depend on whether you can change any settings that allow it to work for online gaming... Good luck



Charlosa commented on Out Now: Splatoon Brings Some Colour to the Wii U:

was lucky that my copy arrived on Wednesday, but haven't had much time to play so only up to level 4 I think... Howeve, what I have played have played has been 'Mario Kart' fun and generally the online has stood up really well - 1 disconnect, 1 game with some delayed ink splattering, but otherwise solid play with 8 players available in reasonable time and that was before the official release day of Friday...
Can't wait to properly wrap my tentacles round this....



Charlosa commented on Splatoon Global Testfire Suffers Major Problem...:

@Dr_Corndog Ditto
Didn't realise about the extension and had headed off to bed
C'est la vie - can't deny I was disappointed as I was looking forward to playing, but I'm certainly not about to cancel my order over it...
Looking forward to splattering some of you Inkling's next weekend



Charlosa commented on Bowser Jr., Dr. Mario and Olimar amiibo Now Av...:

@Chasloyal And we're back to being defensive...
As a man of international affiliation, I don't feel the need to constrain the use of my English to the boundaries of the United Kingdom and often use terms and words from other countries, not limited to the United States. To insinuate that all those of British birth who use American terms, are from the redneck part of Tennessee is somewhat xenophobic, snobby and Anti-American in the least. As it is the term would be valid all over the States and with your comment, it could be read that you're implying all American's who use the term 'Scalper' are rednecks from Tennessee... But in regards to those of us in the UK who have grown up with American films; television; books; comics; magazines; computer games and any other applicable media, it’s not a surprise that American English terms have slipped into the English we use. Is that really so wrong, considering that some of the English that the American’s use is of older English than our own – Fall for instance is older and purer English than Autumn… For someone who appears to hold roots in both Austria and the UK I do find your attitude somewhat surprising as I would have thought you might have had a more worldly outlook. Maybe I'm wrong...

Back to the point about profiteering (I assume you prefer the use of that word as opposed to scalping) No one would complain about someone who puts something on an Ebay auction at a near RRP price, which through demand of the interested parties was pushed up to 2, 3, 4 or more times the value. What most people take offence of are people clearly starting the price at a point to clearly make an excessive profit in relation to the original value. Granted, if the market is willing to pay the price, then so be it. But you must know that the general consensus of this largely Anglo-American run website and its readership is to be largely against such activities and as such advertising your intent to do so in the manner that you did was always going to rile people.

Here endeth the lesson…



Charlosa commented on Reminder: The Final Splatoon Global Testfire i...:

Hoping to play Saturday night, but might be somewhat tipsy if get to
On a slightly different note, but very much Splatoon related, saw a trailer for Splatoon last night in the adverts before Mad Max Fury Road IMAX screening... Kudos to Nintendo UK for picking such a slot before such a high profile movie