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Hong Kong

Tue 16th Oct 2012

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Charbax commented on Archos Uses Star Fox And Mario To Demo Its Con...:

Hey Damien McFerran, it's not cool that you think I am Archos, Archos demonstrate their devices at their booth at a trade show, I travel around the world at all trade shows since 2004 to video-blog awesome devices like this one, I'm a blogger at and I go there and I test the device, I transfer files onto it (emulators, roms) to do my video. I am a blogger.

If anything, you should all sign a petition demanding that Nintendo make the correct choice to make $1 Billion in profits quite simply adding all their back-catalog of games legally and officially onto the awesome Android platform. $5/month for unlimited Nintendo-on-Android package would be perfect. With millions of Nintendo fans signing up for that, we can then expect amazing things like Nintendo doing a little to add online gameplay to Super Mario Kart from SNES, online gameplay to any number of other awesome Nintendo games, Nintendo can take those and add levels to new sequels, using their same game engines it's relatively easy for Nintendo to do!