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Chaos_Eevee commented on Talking Point: The New Nintendo 3DS Could Be a...:

@Platypus101 No, I only mentioned the DSi bit because I do not want others to be disappointed like I was. You took what I said way out of context. I want Nintendo to see that their products with bad names and design decisions ("Wii U" "New 3DS") fail miserably and then come back from that. They have enough money in the bank to do so. They need to see failure to let their egos soften up a bit so they can go back to making smarter decisions. Sony did the same thing, the Playstation 2 was a massive success, they got cocky with the PS3 and look what happened. It only became profitable in 2011 I believe? They learned from their mistakes and made the PS4. Even Microsoft did the same thing. Xbox 360, massive success. They got cocky with the Xbox One and faced massive backlash.

Nintendo saw the success of the Wii and the 3DS and got cocky, and they need to fail to succeed again.



Chaos_Eevee commented on Talking Point: The New Nintendo 3DS Could Be a...:

Please, I beg everyone, do NOT buy this. Do NOT encourage Nintendo to continue its terrible naming policies (Its HURTING them! Imagine trying to sell this as a salesperson!) and releasing halfway systems. Imagine all the people who do not know better seeing "3DS" on the box, buying a NEW 3DS game, and then wondering why it won't play in their 3DS. People severely lack common sense nowadays so it will just damage Nintendo's reputation. As someone who grew up with Nintendo systems, please do not support this stupidity. Naming their 8th gen system the "Wii U" and refusing to market it properly already screwed them over once, and now they're trying to release a 3DS with the name "New" tacked onto it? Imagine buying a used one. "Used new 3ds"

I remember eventually buying a DSi and got burned because they announced the 3DS a year later. Anyone who buys this WILL be disappointed they did as soon as their 9th gen handheld is announced.

My rambling is over, but please, do not encourage this.



Chaos_Eevee commented on Science Tries To Ruin Our Fun As Zelda's Hooks...:

As far as I'm concerned, with a few exceptions due to glaring omissions, Game Theory is law. Its hard to disprove science. I've looked at Rosalina in a whole new light now, and thanks to Game Theory I enjoy her as a character ten times more than I did before. Seeing mother and daughter duke it out in Smash is extremely interesting to boot!

Another thing that MatPat didn't even bother thinking about though, Hyrule is (theoretically) another universe and planet with its own laws of physics and gravity. So is Mario Galaxy as well.



Chaos_Eevee commented on Masahiro Sakurai Shows Off amiibo Interface in...:

Hype! amiibo will be downright awesome. To all the haters, its not going to be anything that hurts gameplay, just a cool extra. So chill. Also, I'm so excited for the definitive edition of Smash this holiday! The 3DS version is nice but its going to be so lame compared to the Wii U version! =D



Chaos_Eevee commented on Wii U System Update 5.1.2 Takes Stability to A...:

I wish they would release an update that lets me actually play Game and Wario. Ever since I got it as my Club Nintendo Reward it says a USB device problem (even though every single other game on my external plays fine) and I can't even uninstall it to try to reinstall. I really feel ripped off.