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Sun 22nd May 2011

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ChadSurge commented on Talking Point: The Role of the N64 on the 3DS:

Games to reconsider a remake:
EarthBound = New Features: Attack Animations, Different modes of difficulty per play through, mini-games you can play with other people online as well as DS-to-DS connection to boost replay value
Jet Force Gemini = new features: online multi-player, more weapons, battle stages and mini-games.
Fire Emblem = (the games that didn't make it from Japan to North America and bring Shin Monshou no Nazo Hikari to Kage no Eiyuu over as well) New Features: the everyone support introduced in Radiant Dawn with a detailed A support between special characters, online shop introduced in Shadow Dragon, no gaiden chapters that require killing characters off (please), some online thing that allows you to team your units up with another person's units to play in a trial map or something like that and not just play your units against another person's.
Goemon's Great Adventure = New features: Earlier Access to Four Player Mode and allowing people online to join up in that four player mode.