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Wed 23rd Jan 2013

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Celes_chan29 commented on Woman Finds Extremely Rare NES Game At Goodwil...:

well, i don't think i made any discoveries like that, but this one guy at my sister's yard sale no doubt made one. he bought her husband's Nintendo and 20 games, including a gold cartridge Zelda for only 20 dollars. if only i had been there to stop her.



Celes_chan29 commented on Animal Crossing: New Leaf:

Haven't played Animal Crossing since the Gamecube. Very excited about this game. It will be nice to catch up. Nintendo, why do you have such great games? and great consoles to play them on.



Celes_chan29 commented on Rumour: Pikachu 3DS XL Makes It To Chile, Nort...:

I simply can't wait. I hope Nintendo of America confirms this news. I've been wanting a 3DS XL for awhile now, but ever sense I seen this beauty I have halted my purchase in hopes that we might get the pikachu-themed handheld. I hope this gets bundled with the Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Gates to Infinity. Fingers-crossed.