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Mon 5th August, 2013

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CaviarMeths commented on UK Government Effectively Decriminalises Downl...:

Attacking people who illegally download content is not the way to combat piracy anyway. You combat piracy by providing a better service to the widest user base possible at a great price. Netflix and Steam know it. Nintendo needs to hurry up and figure out this whole internet thing.



CaviarMeths commented on Meet LeapTV, The Wii Challenger in 2014:

Doesn't seem like it will upset the market too much. They might sell a few to parents of kids who ask for the Wii U for Christmas, and then parents see this $150 thing sitting on the shelf next to it and get that instead.



CaviarMeths commented on New Fatal Frame Will Be Spooking The Wii U In ...:

@Ralek85 Commercials are and should be aimed at children and people over 30, because nobody else watches TV. They're especially not watching the children's programming channels that those commercials air on. I've never seen a 2DS commercial because I'm not sitting at home watching cartoons at 4 o' clock in the afternoon.

As for E3, both Bayonetta and Devil's Third got their fair share of the Treehouse focus. Neither felt neglected at all. Neither are 1st party titles, but that doesn't really matter. Neither is Fatal Frame V. However, both Bayonetta and Devil's Third were properties that were dying and Nintendo pumped their OWN money into seeing them realized. They WANT these M-rated games on their machine and they WANT people to know that they exist, and were willing to use money out of their own pockets to see that happen.

And Fatal Frame isn't some dying IP that Nintendo needs to swoop in and save. It's owned by Koei Temco, who have plenty of their own cash and worldwide subsidiaries to do themselves.



CaviarMeths commented on New Fatal Frame Will Be Spooking The Wii U In ...:

@Ralek85 Not quite sure where Assassin's Creed, Ninja Gaiden, Bayonetta, and Devil's Third fit into this "family-friendly" image that you've conjured, but I'd definitely consider Fatal Frame more appropriate for younger players than Resident Evil: Revelations or ZombiU.



CaviarMeths commented on Yokai Watch 2 Sells a Whopping 1.3 Million Cop...:

Absolutely unreal for YW2. For one, it outsold the first game's cumulative total in its first week, and for another, look at that market share! 90% of all software sold this week in Japan was from one game alone! That's an absurdly massive success for Level-5.



CaviarMeths commented on Golden Sun: The Lost Age Hitting Japanese Wii ...:

It would be interesting to know if Nintendo is closely monitoring the digital sales of the GS games to gauge interest in a sequel.

I hope so. Camelot deserves to be doing more with their time than just Mario Golf and Mario Tennis.



CaviarMeths commented on The NES Story Began On This Day 31 Years Ago:

Before my time. I was introduced to gaming in a time when NES was still very popular and the SNES was just breaking into the scene. The N64 was the first system I was actually old enough to ride the hype train from announcement to release though.

Apparently the Sega Genesis and I have birthdays about 6 weeks apart though. Late 1988 for the both of us.



CaviarMeths commented on Sony: PS4 Is "Welcoming Back" Wii Owners Who S...:

I somehow don't see it, especially considering how well the PS3 is still selling in most regions. The 360 is dead everywhere except America, but people are still buying PS3s. And they should be. They're cheap now and have a fantastic library.

But the thing is that the number of Nintendo-only console owners is quite small. Most gamers had a Wii to play the Marios and Zeldas and whatnot, alongside their PS3 or 360 for everything else. I don't see that changing majorly this gen. I really don't think there will be many people buying a PS4 that didn't have a PS3 or 360 last gen.



CaviarMeths commented on AeternoBlade Update Brings Two DLC Options, In...:

I don't think that it's fair to say that Nintendo is "getting in on the action" in reference to sexism when both male and female characters were featured in the Fire Emblem DLC pack. :P

I guess this is good news for the 8 people who bought AeternoBlade through.



CaviarMeths commented on Poll: Which Is The Best Legend Of Zelda Game?:

Ocarina of Time is my favorite adventure and the 3DS version improved on the original, so OoT 3D gets my vote. Wind Waker HD was a close second.

On a side note, it probably would have been better to combine originals and remakes. To have LA/LADX, OoT/OoT3D, and WW/WWHD competing with themselves for votes will probably skew the data, especially since all three remakes are superior to the originals and the only reason to vote for the originals would be nostalgia anyway. :P



CaviarMeths commented on It Doesn't Look Like We'll Be Seing Sega Games...:

I've brought this up to NoA on my Club Nintendo surveys, but I guess I should be directing comments to SEGA West as well. Would love to play some Genesis games on the U.

EDIT: Holy lag, Batman. Deleted those pesky double, triple, and quadruple posts...



CaviarMeths commented on Persona Q Premium Edition Confirmed For Novemb...:

Don't know how much the EU version costs, but the NA one is $80. That's asking a lot of money. The Bravely Default premium edition came with everything up there minus the 3DS case and sold for $50. I have a pretty rough time believing that the case is worth $30.

I would pay $60 for it, but $80 is a definite no. Atlus should know better than to rip off its western fanbase.



CaviarMeths commented on Video: Nintendo UK Sets Its Sights Firmly On T...:

All adverts are made with the question in mind "who is actually going to see this?"

TV isn't very popular among young adults. The majority of viewers are children and people over 30. That's why almost every TV advert you see seems to be directed at children, parents, or both.



CaviarMeths commented on EA Explains Why It's Abandoning Dedicated Hand...:

The mobile market is so volatile that for a big company to focus on it makes me question his sanity. Thousands of companies try to break into the mobile market. Maybe 10 of them will still exist next year. EA is big enough to not go out of business when they fail on mobile platforms, but they still have odds heavily in favour of losing every dime they invest here.



CaviarMeths commented on Stats Suggest That UK Kids Are More Likely To ...:

@Link506 Hey, I like a reactionary knee-jerk response as much as the next guy, but take a step back and reassess the context of my comment. A restrictive OS is beneficial for parents who share a device with children who fiddle. Kids move things. They delete things. They buy things. Those are bad things that you don't want.

And my device is a Samsung S4 mini. I don't own so much as an iPod anymore. Contain your outrage for some stranger passerby using an Apple device you don't like.



CaviarMeths commented on Stats Suggest That UK Kids Are More Likely To ...:

@MysticX @Parasky What do you do with it that takes long periods of time though?

I dunno maybe the issue is that I see it more as a convenient tool than a legitimate time-sink. I use my phone to check the weather, pay bills, check my email, manage my bank account, etc while I'm on the go. If it's anything bigger than that or I'm at home anyway, I just use my PC.



CaviarMeths commented on Stats Suggest That UK Kids Are More Likely To ...:

Serious question for adult owners of a tablet though: What is its purpose? I have a smartphone that does everything that a tablet does, plus can call/text and is small enough to fit in my pocket. Is there some function or feature of a tablet that I don't know about?



CaviarMeths commented on Stats Suggest That UK Kids Are More Likely To ...:

As someone who takes good care of my devices, I wouldn't even be able to stand giving a tablet to a small child. I lend my 3DS to my little sister for a half hour and she gives it back with the greasiest smudges all over the thing... the top screen too! Why is there a giant thumbprint on the top screen? Gah.

Good thing about the iPad though is that the OS is restrictive and doesn't allow customization. Good for kids who like to fiddle. Nothing more annoying that letting your kid play on your Galaxy and then getting it back with everything in a different place and 10 new widgets on the home screen.



CaviarMeths commented on Senran Kagura 2 Website Updates With New Gamep...:

The first one was fun, but got repetitive after the first couple of chapters. Hopefully they've improved the monotony while keeping the fast-paced brawling and charming visual novel style story presentation.

/bails out of comments before the inevitable storm arrives



CaviarMeths commented on Thank Goodness, The Burning Mystery Of Bayonet...:

It's always interesting to see how much thought and expression goes into character design.

I prefer her design this time around. I like blue over red, and I think the weird ponytail thing sticking straight up and making her 8 inches taller in the first game was... well, weird.



CaviarMeths commented on Hyrule Warriors Downloadable Costume Sets Feat...:

Huh, going by the comments, it looks like the Twilight Princess remake rumour mill is in full swing.

Because if there's anything that demands a remake, it's a game that you can buy anywhere for $20 and pop in and play on your current-gen console any time you want.