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Wed 19th Aug 2009

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Castro commented on Review: Gradius ReBirth (WiiWare):

The 6/10 score had put me off this title for a while, but I'm glad that I finally gave in and bought it anyway. It's great! More deserving of an 8/10!



Castro commented on Might The Next Zelda Sense Your Vitality?:

How will it be used if the Nunchuck can not be plugged in at the same time as the Vitality Sensor? Will it be implemented in a mini-game only where you don't need the Nunchuck?

That statement gives me a little hope that Nintendo managed to somehow make the VS not use up the connector plug. If they don't do that, the device will be used even more sparsely by developers. Some of the most apparent uses for it, like a horror game, would also need the nunchuck to be a truly great game. I can't see Silent Hill done without it, for example. Of course I'm not a game designer, so I'm sure there are brilliant guys like Suda who can find someway to use it anyway. But still, if Nintendo could integrate the VS into the wiimote itself, that would be awesome! Maybe in the next console?



Castro commented on Podcast: Episode 7 - EA Interview Special!:

I'm really liking the way Dead Space Extraction is turning out to be. I've heard positive remarks on it from people who got to play it at E3 and I think the EA guy here did a great job trying to sell me the game. I'm excited about it and I've only played about 20 min of the original game.

But the Spore Hero guy, meh... I wasn't already too keen on this game but that interview killed the game off completely to me. He didn't sound too happy about working on the Wii. He made a huge deal about the story in the game, but I'm more a Miyamoto kind of guy in that regard; I'm not big fan of focusing on story in a game. It has to be a really, really good story for me to really care but the guy doesn't give any details about it. Also, from what I understood, the actual game is a 3D platformer, but he barely talks about it, instead choosing to highlight the story and the graphics. Those are secondary things to me; gameplay and level design come first.
The creature editor sounds like the game's only saving grace and I expect it to be fun to try out the different combinations, at least.
Still I'll only consider getting the game now if it gets absolutely glowing reviews.