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Fri 18th Mar 2011

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castor commented on Ex-Rare Staff Talk Nintendo, Microsoft and Whe...:

@63 But we have to consider that if Microsoft hadn't bought the 51% part of RARE, Nintendo wouldn't have given up on its 49% and all the staff that brought us golden games wouldn't have left. That's just a point of view though.



castor commented on Review: 3DS Circle Pad Pro:

It bothers me that you are never satisfied. The Circle Pad Pro looks fine to me, as well as the actual 3DS model. If you really want Nintendo to make something better, study a lot, get a job at Nintendo and then stop being a customer and become a developer. Then do what you think Nintendo should've done. If you can't do that, simply choose buying their products or not.



castor commented on Talking Point: Using Glitches - Cheating or Cl...:

Sorry, but using this glitch is no fun at all. Such a nice racer you are cutting a part of the track, huh? Weather it is online or not, I wouldn't use it. It feels the same as cheating in Mario Kart Wii online. Look at that track, it's awesome, and I want to race the whole track, not go with the flow. It's so childish using that glitch... "OH IF IT'S THERE THEN IT'S OK BLABLABLA LOOK AT ME I'M MR. CLEVER"



castor commented on Nintendo Reconfirms Wii U Will Not Make Wii Ga...:

If you can play it on your PC, then play it on your damn PC. OMG, you guys are getting greedy. That is bothering me, society always wants more, more and more... never satisfied. If you want it so badly, study and be hired by Nintendo and then do it and get lots of money and have no time to breathe.



castor commented on Kid Icarus: Uprising Will Use the Circle Pad Pro:

How about that rumor of a new 3DS with another circle pad? I'm still holding on about buying a 3DS just because that rumor. (Since the one circle pad one was released fast to compete PS Vita sales)



castor commented on Mario Party 9:

Will all the maps be inside a kind of carpool? I'd like it to be in some only, not in every map, but anyway, even the logo looks like a N64 alike



castor commented on Rumour: Official Legend of Zelda Series Timeli...:

I think the only connection that matters is between the same Link (like in OoT and MM) and the genesis of the series (Skyward Sword). In the other games, Link, Zelda and Ganondorf are reincarnations, so even if there's a logic, it doesn't affect the game context. Fix me if I'm wrong, please. Peace.



castor commented on Reggie: Virtual Console on Wii Isn't Dead:

Nintendo's marketing on this area, specifically, is very weak... they could launch a bunch of stuff like controllers of some consoles they sell games on Wii, like SNES or N64, addapted for Wii... Often launch new games and deal with some copyright problems like RARE's one... admit, RARE N64 games are awesome.



castor commented on Preview: Super Mario (3DS):

It should've been a Super Mario 64 alike... not talking about a remake, but it could have all the complexity of SM64, the freedom to explore... I really don't like the one-way courses... but, seems great anyway



castor commented on Following Wii U Unveiling, Nintendo Shares Dro...:

It IS a new console, but Nintendo just don't want you to sell or throw away your Wii, cause Wii's stuff will still be useful to Wii U... like the Wiimote, Wii Balance, Wii Games... so, the Wii U is not a Wii acessory, but the whole Wii is an acessory to Wii U...



castor commented on First Impressions: Super Mario 3D (3DS):

Does Mario punches again? That Super Mario Galaxy attack was so annoying... I'm glad it'll be release this year, aw yeah... and the "2.5D" courses remind of Goin' Quackers, haha!



castor commented on Wii U Uses 25GB Discs and Lacks GameCube Compa...:

The lack of gamecube compability solve some problems. For example, I want to play my VCs and GCN games in a 4:3 screen cause the image gets a bit distorted in a 16:9 screen, but I also want to play Wii games in a 16:9 screen, so how to deal with this dilema? When Wii U comes, I'll be able to play Wii games on a 16:9 screen thanks to Wii U, and I'll keep my Wii in my bedroom to play in a 4:3 TV with an okay image... think about that!



castor commented on Fact Sheet: Wii U - 1080p HD confirmed, No BluRay:

I was thinking here: Nintendo was smart at keeping the Wii Mote (I've already said when it was with Project Cafe alias, they should sell normal and motion controllers). So now we'll be able to play FPS games in HD with the Wii Motes, I guess. Anyway, I hope WiiU isn't getting full of FPS games, leave them to Sony and their squared minds gamers.



castor commented on Talking Point: What's in a Console Colour?:

It should be like SNES/N64/GCN kind of color... THE BUTTONS IN THE CONTROLLER MUST BE COLORED, IT'LL MAKE DIFFERENCE TO ME! Can't see a 'soul' in a monocolored console... like white, black or red...



castor commented on Review: FAST - Racing League (WiiWare):

Must buy it as soon as possible! And I don't even need to get out of home to buy it lol (at the moment I'm lazy enough to say that). The coolest thing is that you can actually choose which controller to use... Masterpiece.



castor commented on Talking Point: Should Nintendo Try to Recaptur...:

This generation is too spoiled, people. Today, graphics are everything to them. They do not feel the soul within the games, and are becoming an homogeneous kind that only likes shooting in HD/3D... or whatever on the same style. I grew up playing my N64 and had my mind blown up by some awesome games in that console... that's why I'm still a Nintendo fan. They have good games, utopic games. In my humble opinion, a good console needs everything: soft and hardcore games... the hardcores I'm saying are not "SHOOT AND RUN AND KILL", but games that are tricky, have a huge gameplay, with fantastic worlds and a very good gameplay... Graphics are not the problem, people who were born before 2000s know very well that graphics are a bonus if the game is epic. What I really expect for this next console: Colorful buttons in the controllers, because the Wii controllers were too much simple, and colors are a Nintendo characteristc. We need games that can blow our minds up and have some great gameplay, and I think the GCN controller-style should be back, because it was a really good controller... Nintendo does not need to looks like Microsoft or Sony, because I feel something different in Nintendo... of course, technology evoluted and Nintendo could be up to date with it, and HD games in that new console will be great and Xbox/PS3 players can now suck my... Wii 2



castor commented on A Closer Look at UK's Pre-Order Ocarina 3D Bon...:

My country sucks, videogame stuff is poorly managed in here, politicians don't care about people and just care about themselves and how they'll raise the tax on imported products, so the maximum Nintendo fans get here is nothing but default stock products, nothing less, nothing more... and expensive as hell...



castor commented on Talking Point: Should Nintendo Have Made the 3...:

I think today's technology is not ready to make big games a downloadable stuff. With today's technology, there would be lots of issues... but in the future, if everything is downloadable and WiFi is up to everybody in planet, so then it'll be the best thing to download your games (actual SD cards are 8GB but in the future they'll be 8TB +). Hehe.



castor commented on First Impressions: FAST - Racing League:

Cool... I never really got interest for any game in WiiWare until I read this. Since I love F-Zero series, this one will be good for me. And talking 'bout F-Zero, I really want it comes to the upcoming Nintendo console and the 3DS, it'd be awesome!



castor commented on Online Play Not Showing Up on the Radar of Sta...:

It would be better with an online multiplayer mode (with no lag, of course). But this game is badass and to have it in a handheld is awesome. I guess everybody who's played it back in 1997 is looking forward to it regardless of the new modes. (of course I wish it was upgraded or wtv, but since it comes, I'm fine ^^)