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United Kingdom

Fri 26th Jul 2013

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Cart00nish commented on Ubisoft: ZombiU Development Was a Learning Exp...:

I would have played Zombi U a lot more if it had an off-screen option, I see no real reason they could not have included it. Zombi U like most Wii U games would still play better with both screens but the option for off-screen should still always be there when possible.



Cart00nish commented on Gamers in Europe Can Download Pikmin 3 Now By ...:

Nintendo customer services have told me that the 30% off The Wonderful 101 after downloading Pikmin offer will not happen for me,
because it was downloaded before the release date
& also because the download code was purchased from Game rather than straight from the eshop

I told them that I had input the code before the release date because I thought that it would download in standby at midnight of the launch day.

I didn't think that it would download until release date.

I also asked them about Pikmin not showing up on the Nintendo Premium site yet
& had to refer them to where on the site it states that download codes from retail are included,

they seem to think that because it was redeemed early that the game won't count for Premium points either.