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Captain_Konami commented on Ten Arcade Games We'd Like To See On The Virtu...:

I've been chomping at the bit to post on this all week, and now I finally have some time to do so.

First off, well chosen 10 for the article, 8 of which I can a nough argue against. Shinobi, DK Jr, DK, Popeye, and Marble Madness being cornerstone classics of arcade gaming, and Karnov being one of those arcade platformers I just loved and never knew quite why......maybe you just can't help but love a chubby little fire breathing carnie in bright red pants?!

For my top 10, many have been mentioned, but none the less:

Double Dragon - (THE great multiplayer game for its time, and just plain great action in a pseudo 3-D environment)
TMNT - (THE great multiplayer game for its time, going one up on DD with 4 players and gorgeous graphical goodness in the name Ninja Turtles)
Moon Patrol - (not exactly graphically amazing, yet perhaps the most fun simplistic game concept executed perfectly)
Shinobi - (this and Rolling Thunder made for some great arcade action)
Elevator Action - (simple addictive quarter munching greatness)
Karnov - (think Ghosts and Goblins, but with belching)
Star Wars - (the wire frame classic)
Willow - (the graphics were so beautiful, and a tight little addictive platformer as well)
Choplifter - (Perhaps there next to Moon Patrol as perhaps the two greatest simple arcade action concepts ever)
TRON - (great variety, great franchise, great challenge)

And the names that could not make my Top 10, yet MUST be named:

Punch Out - (GREEN??)
Dragon's Lair - (Timing)
Kangaroo - (a personal favorite, even the graphically poor Atari version was fun)
Sunset Riders - (aspects of Contra, Double Dragon, and Rolling Thunder rolled together, with a more interactive environment)
Golden Axe - (really tight combo of magic power up, melee fighting, and spinning-animal riding)
DK, DK jr, DK III - (The classic one , the funner classic one, the one I liked inspite of its oversimplicity)
Crystal Castles - (Addictive and beautiful looking game)
Strider - (the one that got away, never played it in the arcade, just on the NES.....would love to have it on my VC)
Pole Position (would need a steering wheel….. and that immortal phrase: ”Prepare to Qualify” )
Paperboy (would needs handle bars for the full value)
Road Blasters (played this every time I came across it, always fun with some kickin music)
Rygar (prefer NES, but arcade worth having)
Frogger (simple friggin froggin concept was utter genius)
Burgertime (more about the amusing visuals, but a fun little time waster)
Renegade (at the time it was right up there behind DD for pseudo 3D martial arts brawling fun)
Arabian (played more of it on the C64, but the arcade was even prettier)
Bad Dudes (Almost forgot about this one......a nice straightforward melee game with some power-ups to play with)

Any or all of these will do Big N.



Captain_Konami commented on Welcome to the New Look Nintendo Life!:


I'm going to have to opinionate on the side of what Bass X0 said in #192. I was hooked on VC Reviews pretty readily due to the look of the site and the group active there. The group may largely remain, but the death of the warm fuzzies I had for the VC Review site design took a little bit of my joy with it. It was a pleasant smaller site that still covered it's material well. I think I'll have to proceed to suck my thumb for a while longer.

@ Damo "I honestly don't know how you can say that WWW and VCR looked better than this site does now.":

Easy.............WWW and VCR looked better than this site does now. I can even say it three times fast.
Although not entirely sincerely, since I thought the VCR look was golden and the WWW was a bit cold. Alas, the Nintendo Life look feels even colder. I think professionality is in the quality, not the look. Even if the combo needed to happen (whether out of preference or necessity), you needn't adopt a sharp cold inhuman style to earn you cred as an elite/professional site. The content will attend to defining that.
(And don't knock a half decade old genius design there Damo, not if it's a crowd pleaser)

Oh well.......I'll sulk for a bit and peruse here and there. And then decide if too much of the beauty is gone.

And @Corbie #6's inevitible comment about the inevitability of change:
Indeed, change is inevitable..........we all gotta go sometime, but in some cases we can at least choose when (bad quote choice I suppose, since the follow up line is "Nobody chooses when...." ).

Change is neither bad nor good, it just happens. But people like what they like.
And when what they like becomes something else, people shouldn't be surprised if they find less to like. (Heh, channeling the Yogi there for a moment......)

The jury's still out to lunch.



Captain_Konami commented on Capcom Mum Regarding Virtual Console Arcade Plans:

Ah, I had forgotten about Buster Bros. I rather enjoyed that in the arcade back in the day. I think it's get old pretty quick on me these days, but I'd probably still download it when available.

And like others have said, Final Fight and Ghosts games...... these are must haves for anyone who can afford to download a VC Arcade game (assuming they do indeed become available.....and before our sun goes cold..... ).



Captain_Konami commented on Final Fantasy Finally Coming to VC:

Oh, and on the topic of the lack of auto targeting in FF1, even back in my youth RPG days back then, I was appreciative of the lack of auto (in spite of the spots it left some of my underpowered parties in sometimes) as the battle interface felt a bit then, even back then, and I felt like the chance of wasting attacks was the shining salvation of an otherwise Tape-The-Button-Down experience (which is never a good thing in a game that uses so many random battles).

You don't have to crunch the precise numbers to enjoy the experience of guesstimating how much of your force to dedicate to each Sahag (mispel of Sea Hag?). It made it feel just a wee bit more real to split your force up according to the enemy numbers and then have actual consequences for you choices.



Captain_Konami commented on Namco Announces Upcoming Arcade Games:

@1. Dazza "Rolling Thunder! Oh yus!"

Second that!

If they can get the arcade versions of Double Dragon and Renegade up there, the Arcade side of VC could start challenging the console side for VC catalog awesomeness.



Captain_Konami commented on Japanese Virtual Console list - April 2009:

@Sean Aaron:

Ninja Gaiden arcade version had larger characters, a limited but 3-D environment, more interactive objects (that you could throw enemies through, for example), different "grip" and hanging skills, and generally a slower yet intense environment ( less rapid side scrolling and more like Final Fight with a ninja).

Neither the NES nor the Turbografx resemble the arcade to a high degree. As far as which is better, it really goes to taste. They are just different enough from the arcade that both can be fun in different ways. Personally, the difference in fun is between the NES and the Turbo, I really prefer the slightly darker look of the NES. It just seems to the fit the story and ninja style.



Captain_Konami commented on Final Fantasy Finally Coming to VC:

Well, that's as orgasmic a release announcement as I've seen for the VC to date!

The best of the Final Fantasy series (IMHO), all planned for release. If I can have 1 and IV downloaded on my VC, that would fully justify my puchase of the Wii right there.

@19. Adamant's review of FFVI: - Though a bit stronger condemnation than mine would be, I'd largely agree with it. I am fond of the characters, but their abilities were not well balanced, the story was indeed uneven and jumped the shark at the halfway point (save for a few moments in the second half), but on the other hand had a villian as creepy as the one in FF1 and twice as obnoxious (in an entertainingly evil sort of way).

I'll buy any FF of the 1-6 range they'll put on the VC for NA.

BTW, IV and VI will always be II and III.......just the way it goes for games that memorable in ones youth.



Captain_Konami commented on The OFLC Rates Even More Games:

I'm glad to see EU is slated to get some Ogre Battle love. It's one of the really good games and deserves to be available to everyone.

And then even a Shinobi I sighting to boot........well done EU. It also gives hope to us NA folks who, like Sharecrow put it, owe it a little payback. That game carved me up back in the day, but in a fun though obnoxious way. And thank GOODNESS it's the Master System port, which is about as close as the VC'll get to the arcade version (at least the Master System Shinobi got close to the arcade version of itself than the NES Ninja Gaiden did to it's arcade version).

And oh yes, Shinobi was Ninja Gaiden before there was Ninja Gaiden..... it's indeed the classic old school franchise for ninja action.

@ 4. Bass X0: "I doubt America will get Rambo - likely they'll get an import of Secret Command."

THAT is a terrible thing to say........... although it indeed has a ring of likelihood to it.

Though I would be mildly disappointed if the NES Rambo never made it to us, I'll have to don a camo bandanna if Nintendo fails to get the C64's Rambo First Blood Part II to us........ I'd be forced to sneak up and garrote NOA with my NES controller cord!!!



Captain_Konami commented on USA VC Update: Summer Games II:

Dahm, 100 posts already. VC Reviews is hoppin again.

Ok, great game. Not damh near enough. Not even the right system (and this is coming from a C64 lover......I mean "like"r ).

C64 now has a whopping FOUR games for it. Woot. Would not be so obnoxious if it weren't already out elsewhere with umpteen games (or is it umptwenty?). One C64 game, no console games, no where near satisfactory......well kinda near satisfactory, since Summer Games II WAS indeed a phenomenon back in the day (not for its innovation, but for it's tight quality action gameplay......very much a Mega Man 2 for it's system and time).

And the Master System and C64 are TOTALLY ....... undeniably (at least undeniable by those who are not BSing for self amusement or making extreme statements to draw more viewership.... ) foundation gaming platforms and true classics (in as much as a system can be a classic when it will always have a mix of both good and poor produced for it).

The only real clear cut flaw to the master system (IMHO) is that it was not promoted well enough to stand toe to toe with the NES, which pretty much completely owned the ground the Master System was standing on. The C64 did some things for gaming music and gameplay complexity that could probably only be done on a computer platform, yet it managed to make the games playable enough to stand up well next to dedicated gaming consoles. That is something that could not be convincingly claimed by any other computer system of the time. And the devotees' level of loyalty would seem to support that impressive reality.

Anyway, Summer Games is a VERY good game. For its level of graphics and sound, it is extremely playable and not a bad little challenge to boot. I would dearly love to have SG I and II, with the arcade version of Track and Field (but since this is VC we're talking about, I'd certainly settle for the NES Track and Field........still have my T&F 2 cart, but I'd at least consider buying it if it came out for VC). BTW, Summer Games Javelin Throw OWNS Track and Field Javelin Throw, just for those who may have been fooling themselves.

And @99, gave me a good chuckle.....for being true. And I second the vote for variety. The suck does not come from having more systems to be provided games from, the suck comes from not being given enough games per week to legitimately claim true support of ONE of the VC's emulated systems, much less a handful of them. Focus your Mana rage at the true source of the problem, the lack of throughput, not the bandwidth. (Whoh, too much geek, sorry about that.)

Oh, and I heartily second the speculation about hopefully still getting the I's (Pitstop and Summer Games for starters......Contra for seconders).

Edit: Well upon review.......BAM, text wall.....well, text Jenga maybe......sorry about that. I need to catch these threads early on so I can space out my own folksy brand of wisdom, insight, and BS.

Edit Edit: Hah, I just played (and faulted) my way thorough the Play All on my newly downloaded Summer Games II, and I must say that I really missed those Summer Games II closing ceremonies! Easily worth the 5 bucks just to have the closing ceremonies available again. Man I love those EPYX games. Now I want my old C64 Gi Joe game downloaded to my VC. I now own 3 of the 4 available C64 games.......Nintendo has GOT to get with it and get NA some more C64......



Captain_Konami commented on Take Five and Double It!:

Yeah, all the classic enjoyable video game mags started out with so much character and fun, and then later just got eaten by the souless-cookie-cutter-mega-publishing-corp-disconnectedness

I've managed to hang on to a few stacks of the old EGMs, Nintendo Powers, and GamePros. Its good to have the reminder of what quality and effort looks like, for comparison with what is being published these days. A lot of the greatest stuff comes out when an industry is still in its youth, still fresh and adventurous. And then the money makers arrive to capitalize and standardize and minimize (the overhead) and suddenly MTV turns into VH1.



Captain_Konami commented on Wisconsin To Tax Digital Downloads:

I'd prefer to call it "vision". But potato, potahto......

(I can do one word reply posts too if needed......I'm a versatile captain of comedy you see. )


@74. Viral: Yeah, not enjoying racers would pretty much doom F-Zero. F-Zero is all about the sense of speed and the subtleties of the courses (at least for me). I tried to recommend a range of game genres. And if you end up liking Wrecking Crew, you might check out the first couple Lolo games. More puzzling goodness.



Captain_Konami commented on Japanese Virtual Console list - March 2009:


Ah, huh. Hardwired controllers, eh? One with a mic, one without? Those crazy Japanese, god bless 'em!

As much as I prefer my grey and white NES, that bright red Famicom looks just cool-strange enough for me to want one.

Hah, that WOULD be a suitable export of Takeshi no Chousenjou......people guessing what the heck is going on and being frustrated. Maybe the "Evil Game by Takeshi" actually breaks the language and culture barrier. Truely ultimate genius game design!



Captain_Konami commented on USA VC Update: Ogre Battle: The March of the B...:

Well, while Mega Wolf here is going blind on grain alcohol, I'll be whipping out the ol plastic and cha chinging my way to Ogre Battle!!

This is a marvelous release and about as good as a one game release week can get. And for those people ready to complain about on-game-week complainers, the reason there's so little on-game-week complaints is double-fold, first we're in the afterglow/honeymoon phase from the new C64 availability in NA, and second this game is well known and gnerally very well regarded.

I'm mildly disappointed about the lack of any C64 games for this week, even in he midst of a great SNES title, I repeat SNES title.

If we don't get a more steady stream of C64 games, we'll take quite a while just to get our hands on the onese EU is already playing. I mean I'd rather have top notch SNES games, but why does it have to be one or the other, eh? EHHHHHHH? (heh, "Strike Force Wisconsin".......sorry random self amusement)

I hope Nintendo has some multi-VC-game release weeks coming down the pipe, when they finally fall off of this streak of excellent games they've been releasing.

But for now I'll hungerly seize upon the latest shiny shiny preccccccious!



Captain_Konami commented on Wisconsin To Tax Digital Downloads:

Shinnok, I don't think you appreciate the depth of your mistaken amusement. Super Mario Bros is BOTH so much beyond the quality of gaming fun of its contemporaries of its particular day, AND still manages to be a high quality fun play even decades later, even with it's OLD gen technological limits........... I don't think many games even today, with all the hardware power behind them (and a mega sized video game industry backed with mucho moolah developing games these days), can claim to be as good (both for it's time and in general).

If they gave video games IQ points based on purity of concept for the purpose of it engaging the players and giving them quality controls and game difficulty balance, Super Mario Bros would be somewhere around 190 IQ.

But be amused if you the man says, "opinions vary".



Captain_Konami commented on Take Five and Double It!:

Yeah, a review panel for each game would make the reviews more entertaining, in addition to their already being informational. And the variety of viewpoints would help give a more comprehensive recommendation to those coming from different perspectives themselves who are looking for a good game, according their own tastes.

I remember the early Sushi-X led panels in was almost more fun reading the persona than hearing about the games.



Captain_Konami commented on USA VC Update: Commodore 64 Launches With Thre...:

@160. stinssd: Now that's a heck of an idea. It's a fairly basic cosmetic for their emulator, and it would really up the entertainment value of the C64 side of VC. Although due to Nintendo's iron grip and fear of their platform being used creatively, they would probably never ever ever ever allow a coding shell on the Wii, not by their own intent anyway.
I guess we should be thankful they at least allowed us a keyboard interface.



Captain_Konami commented on Wisconsin To Tax Digital Downloads:

Game recommendations, randomly off the top of my head:

Contra III
Wrecking Crew (recently downloaded, just as addictive as it was when I had the cart back in the day)

And I'm toying with getting back into Hudson's Adventure Island game, I seem to recall it was a solid and enjoyable platformer, good pure fun on a par with Super Mario Bros (nothing matches the original Sup MB, but Adventure Island is still good fun).



Captain_Konami commented on Japanese Virtual Console list - March 2009:

Ah, thanks Drake. Then that game definitely works, though probably not for usual gameplay reasons.

And I wonder if one of those Famicom controllers with the mic built in can still be had....... probably frustrating as heck to use, but a really awesome collectors item. I do hope, just on principle, that they manage full capability for Takeshi no Chousenjou. A game, unusual, deserves a proper rerelease. I wonder if a better mic might make it less troublesome, though probably still utterly obscure unless one knows the game is looking for karaoke.



Captain_Konami commented on Japan to get the Classic Controller Pro:

@49. chunky_droid: "EDIT: I'm really surprised noone can get diagonal out of a Cross D-Pad, I've had no issues with it since day one :/"

Especially if one wants to play shooters.......I've never found it prohibitively difficult either......but then I was raised on a NES controller (well that and an Atari joystick.....but I never really felt right comparing the two)

And I find myself sneekily suspicious that this version of the Class Cont. was made due to popularity of those "wings" adapters for the original CC. I almost bought one myself, since it get the CC as close to the classic N64 controller as possible (can't take the difference in button locations between N64 and gamecube......I miss my golden compass buttons too much, aling with the central location f the N64 stick...... ), but found too many other things to spend my money on at the time.

As for this pad, yeah, missing turbo and/or shock option (not something I use anyway, but still pretty stock these days on other systems) is just not acceptable from a 2nd gen CC. If I bought this, I'd need to have a reg CC anyway, just cuz you don't play Super NES games with a Wing'd Super NES controller.



Captain_Konami commented on Japanese Virtual Console list - March 2009:

Yeah, mucho thanks for the Takeshi no Chousenjou videos, Marcel!

Expose paper to sun for one hour.......HAH, that's beautiful.

So is that Takeshi the actor and who did Takeshi's Castle? That makes the game make quite a bit more sense....... heheh.

And now I want to play a shooter where you can never gain altitude in a given stage...........

As far as Shinobi, I'm kinda wanting the classic original Shinobi. The Master System version is not quite up to the beauty of the arcade version, but it'd be a million times better than the NES version, and be pretty enjoyable I think. Makes me glad the VC has so many systems, so that better version at least have a CHANCE of being the one chose to be released.
Heh heh..........wait one hour............. I like it!



Captain_Konami commented on Review: Winter Games (C64):

Bruce Lee was classic, though I found it frustrating.....didn't know what the heck I was doing. Sabotuer was mentioned and that was awesome. And Airborne Ranger......YES, I love to get that, F15 Strike Eagle, and Gunship on the VC C64.

And now I'm reminded of a VERY fun basic ninja game called.......Ninja, by Mastertronic I think. Oh and had much good time on Tales of the Arabian Nights.



Captain_Konami commented on Neo Turf Masters:

Hmmmmmmmmmmm. I just played this for the first time via my SNK collection disc on PS2 and I have to say that this game was marginal at best. This Neo Geo postingof arcade dumbness when it comes to a like 5 or 10 second time limit to choose a COURSE?! To choose a character?! To take your shot?? How does that add to the fun at all? It totally sucked the joy right out of the semi-nifty graphics and repetitive spoken phrases.

And the flight and landing of the golf ball...... it looks an aweful LOT like an old Windows 3.1 golf game I had back in the day. They just have the ball bounce and come to a stop on a poorly scaled overview of the course.

I mean the basic control elements are there, but I've played a range of golf games from mini-putt on an apple IIe, to Jack Nicholas on C64 and DOS, to various other DOS golf games, to various mario golf to Tiger Woods on PS2. Neo Turf Masters just doesn't even rate with half the golf video games I played. Pity too, the graphics looked promising. There's no way I could ever give this more than a 4 out of 10 score. Stupid time limits. Better hurry me up, or else I might ACTUALLY get to choose the course I want.......and we can't have that now can we.



Captain_Konami commented on USA VC Update: Commodore 64 Launches With Thre...:

I recall playing Pitfall II: Lost Caverns on my C64 quite a bit. That was an enjoyable sequel. (The only good thing about Super Pitfall is that I find the box art nostalgic......pretty much like most of the ol' NES box art though)

Just played 2 of the newly minted US C64 releases. Last Ninja STILL kicks ass. Music is slightly tinny, but quite good anyway. Controls took a little feeling out, but most all of it is sensible, though there's no easy way around the river/lava crossings, just like it was back in the day
But Pitstop II was mildly disappointing. I never got to play it originally, just my Pitstop I cart, but this seems worse than Pitstop I. The physics and controls are just different (a bit looser I think, if my memory is accurate), and it doesn't have the same sense of speed that I had for me (could be an 11 yr old vs 33 yr old thing though.... I suppose). A mild let down. Still has the great pit action, and the tires turning colors, and the fuel running out. The best stuff is still there. But I'm looking toward the hope that Pitstop I will still appear.

And on the LucasArts mentions, yeah if they would even just stick to EPYX, LucasArts (especialy Zak McKracken and Maniac Mansion), Electronic Arts (mostly for Skyfox and Racing Destruction Set), Accolade, MicroProse, .......... um, nevermind, they'll just need to put it all out there.

I recall a pretty interesting little C64 game called Deceptor.....or something like that. It was a nifty 3-D, Zaxxon style game, but with a transformer type vehicle, and some Cobra Triangle (NES) like bosses. It might be of interest to folks, if it ever sees the light of VC.



Captain_Konami commented on USA VC Update: Commodore 64 Launches With Thre...:

Well hot diggity dog!!
That was the longest Wii Week's Wait ever........I actually have cause to plug my Wii in again. And people, Pitstop is SOOOOOOO not Pole least I don't RECALL any pit action in Pole Position. Was there a Pit part to some Pole Position sequel I don't know about??

Pitstop was a great little racing franchise for such early computer architecture. That and Last Ninja are ASAP purchases for me.

And I join in with those who are surprised Impossible Mission was not one of the NA launch titles. I can't think of a game that is more iconic of C64 gaming.......though the Last Ninja series comes pretty close.

This'll sure beat having all my C64 hardware hooked up and taking valuable console space. A good move by Nintendo to better uphold the promise of the VC.



Captain_Konami commented on Take Five and Double It!:

@58. Cally:

Doh. I had just assumed all this time that folks could see each others My Games lists and scores. It seemed almost designed to be a social sort of thing rather than a Mwahahahahah, MY scores, these are MY SCORES!!! MUAHahahahah <cough cough sputter>

Bummer. And I agree with Cally's comment, the Wiiware model really doesn't feel fully desirable for the VC concept. Frankly, those oversize numbers for the score kind of annoy me. I'd rather see almost anything, even technicolor rainbow, to highlight the review score than font size 40.

@59. Auntman:

Remind me in a couple years to All Hail you.

Edit: After reading more posts......I recommend changing the 10 point system to a 10 star system. Can we line up 10 stars? It sounds like people just miss their stars.



Captain_Konami commented on Take Five and Double It!:

@92. Cally - ... "I mean, I can think of how a certain somebody here on the staff is reacting to not even a single shooter (such as Gate/Lords of Thunder) not getting a 10, either."

Wow that was oscar award winning smoothness, the way Cally tried to deputize an army from within VC Reviews own staff...... heh.

And many scores will not look right to many folks. As the number of people (evaluating something, in this case) involved goes up, the odds of even getting a solid majority agreement goes down. It's an Internet law of nature.

And it's looks a bit peculiar that some games still have matching score in a more detailed system, but then no not said the 10 point system would solve all rating oddities. But hopefully it's an improvement. At least now it is more qualified grounds to make cases for score comparisons and more worthwhile discussions of relative game quality. It's not complete improvement, but definitely an improvement, I'd say.

And while I can't agree with Mega Man 2 having any score that indicates any flaw in the game at all, I know some scorers do like to try to "reserve" 10, sometimes just "for the future" rather than for comparison sake. Olympic judges used to be suspected of favoring later contestants with better scores, avoiding giving the upper scores out too soon and trapping themselves from giving "better" scores to unknown future entries.

But then these are just video games, so I say let the 10's happen. Let the "great" games have the ultimate scores, even if a NES "great" might later be "topped" by an N64 "great". .......""



Captain_Konami commented on Take Five and Double It!:

Like Cally said, you guys have obviously been busy bees and I really appreciate that you've continuing to look to improve the website.

And how people can get all drama over a scoring format, preferred or not, just baffles me. Makes me wonder if people have forgotten what really ranks as serious stuff vs what ranks as largely academic/discussional stuff. Oh well, better to care than not, though better to do so in moderation rather than to extremity.

For my own point of view of scoring formats, a system of 10 just makes the scores chosen more meaningful (at least to those who chose them) and less is lost in translation between one 3 star game and another 3 star game. A 5 star system is more "cozy", but I like clarity rather than squinting at my 5 dollar bill to allow myself think it's a 50.

Although, I will say that I disagree with putting two separate comment spaces up for each game listing in two different places/pages. Often enough we have slim enough discussions about a given game as it is, potting two side by side places for people to comment/discuss the game seems counter-productive. A thread of discussion in one page might catch many peoples interest and participation, but because they stumble on the other page first and see next to no activity or less interesting comments, possible engagement and discussion from more people is lost. You might consider leaving one comments location for each game.....maybe whichever screen people come to from the "Out Now" list that many folks probably use to browse to their games of interest. Perhaps.



Captain_Konami commented on EU VC Update: MERCS and Winter Games:

I'm sorry, but just one classic console VC game for a two week period is just plain preposterous. And obnoxious. I mean personally, I'd jump Winter Games in a heartbeat (had a cool line of sight trick for top times on the ol bobsledding), but thats a computer game. When Nintendo can't even manage to keep up a paltry one console game per week rate(2 games per fortnight), that's just a really pathetic flavor of sad.

EU folks have my significant sympathy. The trend is going the wrong way. I almost feel guilty that we're getting the C64 stuff pretty soon in NA, as the extreme oppositeness of treatment really frustrates me. I just can't believe Nintendo can't manage a more even keel than they have (across time and regions).

I have no words at all for what a week like this does to the Aussie VCers. Yeah they can hack-lite their way to C64 goodess, but it's far from convenient. And they quite literally get only one game of any sort for the next half of a month, under the standard setup Nintendo has designated for them.

Bah. I hope MERCS at least brings a bit of fun to ya'll. It seems like a pretty decent for its genre.

I hope we get some of that Winter Games love soon, as I really got a kick out of the Biathalon (the scenery of cross country was cool an the shooting was fun) and the Freestyle (hotdog) skiing. Oh and that downhill "Alpine" gate skiing was a nice challenge too. It's a fun game, even more so with some friends who'll keep you honest in the speed skating (don't know if the game would be the same without my old atari joystick though..... ).



Captain_Konami commented on USA VC Update: Life Force:

Following after Tony's post:

While we're requesting C64 games, how about Raid Over Moscow please? Great Zaxxonish, 1 Person Shooterish, Discs of Tronish game.....ish.

And while the odds are nil, also needing some sort of Compute Gazette mass release that includes my fav Make-It-Yerself game called Laser Chess. Yeeeeees. With the pending addition of C64 to NA VC, I now have new horizons of games to futily hope for. Life is good.



Captain_Konami commented on Rumour: EarthBound Not Coming to Virtual Console:

@121 Hal: Yep, the only real weakness in the series was it getting stopped just as things were at their most intriguing. For all my love of the holy trinity of anime (at least for my limited experience, Trigun, Cowboy Bebop, Outlaw Star), Big O hooked me faster than Trigun and Bebop, and actually gives Outlaw Star rare competition for most music in one anime that moves me (not the variety of Outlaw Star or Bebop though, unfortunately).

and @148,149, 152: ...........Adamant: Jedi Bear Poker

(And why does "Nerd Fury" remind me of the Nerd Herd? Or is Nerd Fury just Nick's geeky twin brother?)

Oh and with regard to Earthbound, let me just say this:

NOA, just another reason for me to be living in Japan.



Captain_Konami commented on Hudson Not Abandoning Virtual Console After All?:

@103. Starwolf_UK:

Wow, a platformer that "scrolls" frame by frame. Truely "Special" indeed. (Although I do like the properly black moustache on least when he isn't flickering into every other icon in the game)

And yet oddly, I now want it on my VC (just to remind me of the true value of most NES games).



Captain_Konami commented on Rumour: EarthBound Not Coming to Virtual Console:

Hrm..... this seems a little suspect (NOA's reason for not making it happen). For those who are even slightly familiar with Japanese anime, copyrighted music is 'borrowed' all over the place. "Japan takes the best from all over and makes it her own", to 'borrow' a line from a movie.

I'm looking over at my 4 volumes of US released anime Big O right now, as I type, and some of the theme swipage in that is almost amazing (still some great great, perhaps some of the best, original themes in this and other anime, but still plenty that 'borrows' conspicuously from other sources.... Big O alone has everything from Pink Floyd to Vivaldi, and a good deal of the time where I'd swear I was watching and listening to lost episodes of Batman the Animated Series..... hah).

I'd guess that this is NOA being lazy about doing the work necessary to bring the game over, and applying the not uncommon Cover-Thy-Ass maneuver (I work at a state agency, so I've seen plenty of what such looks like) with the most enthusiastic and vocal consumers for this game becoming available on VC.

Nahp, I'm betting this is NOA bailing and using one of the cheaper excuses to do so. At least that's my impression anyway.



Captain_Konami commented on USA VC Update: Life Force:

A quality VC game in Lifeforce, excellent. (worth the 500 points, and then some! )

And VERY nice work there BassX0. I won't put all my eggs in that basket, but I'd say it looks like a sound bet.

And just for those folks who like to dedicate half their posts to complaining about people asking for certain games, HEY, what ya know a whole new catalog of potential games for people to hope and request for.

For a C64 selection on my NA VC, I'm willing to wipe the slate clean and give Big N the benefit of the doubt for a few months again. Especially since the game release selections have gotten somewhat better (even if no more abundant......). But so help me, if they make a big splash with a C64 emulator on the NA VC and then don't put some earnest effort into getting the library of purchasable games caught up.............. I MAY have to chastise them, perhaps even vehemently!

Reading the bit about a "bunch of birthday greetings", I'm going to hold out a glimmer of hope that we get a mass update to catch us up to the EU selection.......which is bad news for my pocketbook as there are 7 or so that I would have NO CHOICE WHATSOEVER but to purchase on the spot.........leading off with Bolder Dash.......or maybe Impossible Mission...... or maybe Summer Games II......or maybe Pitstop II.........ARGH, I've been repressing my interests in the C64 games (that EU has been getting) for too long now; the C64 coming to NA VC may be the worst thing that's ever happened to me!!



Captain_Konami commented on Hudson Not Abandoning Virtual Console After All?:

Rondo of Blood and all three Mario Party games (preferably in reverse order, just to make sure 3 gets out) are must releases. It would be criminal if the VC never saw those.

Oh and by the way.........FAXANADU!!!! ..........please.
Thank you.

And if they can work with Disney to get Mickey Mousecapade (just for sentimental and frustration value) out, and heck throw in Robowarrior too.......that'd all be desirable and enhancement of the VC catalog.

I'd buy most if not all of those right after release.....Robowarrior might wait a bit, depending on how many of my current list I am through and when I get my next itch to try something I never got to play back in the day.

Edit: Oh and what the heck, toss in Dino Riki there too. Why not one more slightly unusual style shooter? Besides its NES, and all NES games are in need of release to VC. That's just a given.



Captain_Konami commented on USA VC Update: Wolf of the Battlefield: MERCS:

This looks like a fairly fun game. I was ready to drop money for it until I realized it was a graphically low quality Genesis game when I first thought it was a high grade Master System game. 800 points feels just a shade overpriced. Perhaps I'll get it down the road.

Strangely, this game brought to mind a game that you'd think would be out already, Choplifter. I mean there's a very solid Commodore 64 version that could be released along side a Next Best Thing Master System version (next best to the awesome arcade version.......dropped alot of coins on that one) for only 500 points. They could even put out the modestly fun SNES version too. I mean this has versions on almost every VC system, yet not out on any of them as of yet. Where the heck is Choplifter? Not on any VC system, not even the arcade version on Xbox Live Arcade yet?

And total support for the calls for Strider. I'd pay both the NES and Sega versions.

And the glaring lack of so basic and old a game as Pro Wrestling is a contributing part of my general disgust for Nintendo's handling of the VC. What, too advanced a chipset?! No license rights?! Or does Nintendo just not give a dram about its consumers?.....Bah, one more non-release I need to not think about.



Captain_Konami commented on Wolf of the Battlefield: MERCS:

23. Bass X0: Once again, Bass speaks truth.

This looks somewhat interesting. I might snag this one. It'll make a good change-up to Contra.

And for some reason watching this game's jeep driving bit of the video reminds me of Jackal and now I want to see that released to the VC sooner rather than later.

Anyway, Mercs looks like a solid release. Though upon further review, I'm probably not going to pay 800 points for a game that looks more like a really good Master System/NES generation game rather than a Genesis/SNES generation game. Oh well. Maybe when I run out of fav VC games to buy I might come knocking on Mercs' door.



Captain_Konami commented on ClayFighter:

@ 49 chunky_droid:
See, now here's the problem. You didn't get to see the right video for it......

What you need is one where you see the boss of the level and be saying "Holy Cow!!!".

And it looks like there is a decent enough YouTube vid of Clayfighter at:

It doesn't make the game any better. It's still the Cruis'n USA of fighters. But it was at least charming, back in the day.



Captain_Konami commented on MUSHA:

I'd say choosing between MUSHA or Star Parodier is more a matter of interest, for a good straight forward shooter with depth MUSHA would be my recommendation. Star Parodier has enough quality, but the experience is a bit more off the beaten track of shooter experiences, at least for me. Still fun, and if compared on a raw score probably comes out ahead of MUSHA in raw total fun, but I think MUSHA would carry more value for a more serious shooter experience. Besides, who doesn't like flying a robot around instead of the usual spaceship/jet fare?



Captain_Konami commented on EU VC Update: ClayFighter and Sonic Chaos:

@72 Cally: Bookoo thanks for posting the definitive list of why the SNES comes out ahead of Genesis in music. I'm not sure I could make any case for either system having definitively better sounds quality or capabilities, but I feel pretty sound in giving the title for best overall music to the SNES, and that list showcases how it takes the title pretty easily.

I mean heck, F-Zero alone credentials the system's music history, but then add to that Metroid, the Castlevanias, many of the Mario games (but truely [and YES, truely really TRUELY should be spelled with the e, that's what the true spelling truely ought to be] especially Mario Kart....... REALLY wish I hadn't given my cart away to a friend's brother) and the library of top'o the list gaming music from that generation is dominated by the SNES. Add Star Fox to that list and really even just F-Zero and Star Fox carry the day all by their amazing selves, music wise.

And on a main note, my sympathetic apologies to EU for getting a marginal One Game Per Week for this two week go-around. Clay Fighter seems to be many people's sentimental multiplayer candy, but in the cold harsh light of day (and all the other really great games yet to be released on the VC as of yet, that it is being provided instead of) Clay and Chaos is a rather bland pair of games for a two week time frame.

It's been funny (not so much funny Ha Ha, as funny Disappointing to Me) to see the US releases make a SOMEWHAT better showing (in quality, quantity still gets a D- ) over a few weeks and see people talking like the clouds have passed and happy days are here again. I know many folks really REALLY want things to get better with the VC, but to paraphrase a movie line: Optimism above all else, EXCEPT honesty.

I mean, between me not really having ever caught the Kirby fever, and people relying so heavily on friggin Japanese release schedules to convince themselves that things are better for the US and EU VC (pretty much historically works the other way folks), I've lacked even the enthusiasm to post about current VC goings on. The highlight of the articles this past month on VC-Reviews was finding out that the Captain N-Cheetos caption justifiably won the caption contest. Heh. VC releases are far from anything worth writing home about currently (save for MUSHA being a nice appearance, even if not my fav shooter, and Castlevania 3 wrongness FINALLY being righted......more than a month lag between regions is just inexcusable, but unfortunately not uncommon with the way Nintendo has been handling things......COUGH-Mario Golf-COUGH.

Anyway, this week(s) in US and EU has been a modest downturn from a few past weeks of modest improvements in release quality. If it weren't for me finding a copy of Mario Kart Wii used at Gamestop for 10 dollars under market price, I wouldn't have even booted my Wii up this past month or so (although a brilliant strategy on Nintendo's part to make MK Wii so frikkin poor in physics and racing-fairness-balance that I actually was considering buying a VC copy of Mario Kart 64 in reaction, which is truely evocative since I already have that cart and don't need to throw 10 dollars away currently ).

Folks will probably forgive all when SSB comes out 3 to 6 months from now, but I hope Nintendo will do better than to rely on 1 very good game per month or every other month. Ya'll deserve better for the 250 dollars (or what, 230 Euros? what is the exchange rate doing these days? We area still getting crushed by the British Pound, yes? Hell hasn't frozen over this winter has it? ) ya plunked down on a system promising the moon and currently delivering a pair of fuzzy dice.

(And appologies for the lengthy post I've been building up..
We are Loquacious of Borg, resistance is futile............. )



Captain_Konami commented on Talking Point: Is the Virtual Console On The S...:

A little late to the party, but I I'd still like to say thanks to Damo and VC-Reviews for choosing to make this article. While some posters on the site just want the topic to go away, the REALITY is that it's a legitimate perspective based on release patterns and other factors, and just generally is a topic that is on a great many folks' minds. It needed to have a formal forum for its discussion.

That said, I agree with the idea that the VC is on a somewhat downward trend in quality and frequency of release (neither being a GOOD thing, no matter how folks desire to spin it). The past does not dictate the future, but it can be a useful indicator.

Another more personal indicator, I have a couple dozen downloads on my VC currently, yet my Wii sits unpowered and yielding it's AV input slot to my PS2 right now, and has for a few weeks now. What does it say to the impact on Wii gaming morale when there are great games downloaded ready to play on it, but because it won't maintain it's efforts via VC and regular releases I'm looking back to previous gen systems and other current gen system purchases.....from a company I don't much admire??

More and more I get the impression that Nintendo is getting lazy and cheap and just not interested in putting in the fundamental effort and support to emulate a slew of games that they can rather cop out on instead (if the rumors of the reasons are actually Nintendo's reasons and not the apologist folks' efforts to cover for Nintendo's lack of effort).

And decades later Nintendo is still sqewing around with it's 3rd party support and just BEGGING to be left holding the Wii banner practically alone just like with past Nintendo systems. There's no adaptation to past mistakes. There's no desire to yield or bend in areas where the bending would harm little and help a great deal.

Most recent game played?
Dragonball Z Budokai 3 ( PS2 )

Most recent game puchases?
SNK Arcade Classics for PS2 (even as recently as 6 months ago I was still determined to support VC by buying the individual games from the VC that I wanted from that collection......... not anymore)

Metal Slug Anthology for PS2 (Nintendo can thank their dribble of MS's for that........1 and 2 only so far? #2 and no X?? Greedy b......s. I say that with as much tongue in cheek as I can muster....)

Legend of Legaia (PS1)
Saga Frontier (PS1)
Tales of Symphonia (Gamecube)

How much does it say about the Wii VC that my excitement and hope for it have dwindled enough for me to start buying out of print games for other systems again? (Like others I had a modest hope of being able to box up my cartridges and center my classic gaming around the VC..... but quite literally too little, too late....... for a WORLD of great classic games they aren't getting out to the VC gamers......but instead choose to slow down production)

If I weren't still too frustrated with getting dead cartridges, I'd probably be back to buying used NES and SNES games again too. I'll stick to some most wanted classic disc games and hope that Nintendo figures out how to turn their Wii/VC ship aroun in the next 6 months (I'd say 12 months but by the time we wait for 12months once or twice Big N will already have a new system out and won't have done JACK to improve on the current downward trend for their Wii and VC. Motion gaming fadism won't carry them forever. The over 25 croud of gamers with the larger wallets and the memories of classic games WILL be a big bite in their arse (and a boon to ....I can't believe I'm saying it......Microsoft, who is actually showing effort to obtain licenses and get downloadable games out in good quality........ I wouldn't have thought so a year ago, but the Wii may indeed be the last Nintendo system I ever buy (and I'm in my early 30's, so that's a lot of future gaming money spent ELSEWHERE......especially if multiplied by other games). I'll support the VC as much as Nintendo supports it. As their support gets worse, I'll tighten my criteria for what I'll spend money for on it, as they do better, I'll allow myself to be more sentimental and whimsical and buy more games I am not as desperate to have. The decision, as it has always been, will be theirs. The reaction will be mine. I hope Nintendo figures some stuff out All of a Sudden (TM)...... otherwise a fond era of Nintendo gaming for me may be near an end when the next gen Nintendo console comes out.

Bah, I dunno. I'm just plain frustrated with the self stylized Inscrutability of Nintendo. They need to take fewer lessons from Charlie Chan and a few from Doctor Phil (more communication and caring about views other than their own).



Captain_Konami commented on Ten Games We'd Like To See On The Virtual Cons...:

Ah, some good worthwhile articles being posted on VC Reviews recently. Much thanks.

Yes, I do like this list. Either games that I agree with based on personal experience and affection (like Rygar), or ones I know enough about to know are worthy choices for ones I never got to play yet would definitely purchase to try out (Soulblazer, Nightmare in the Dark, Contra Hard Corp, Earthbound.......essentially the sorts that were the big draw for me in buying the WII/VC in the first place ). And glad to see Star Fox get a mention, as it really shouldn't go without mentioning.

And @ Corbie 139's "It's not an overly difficult game, you're just an overly sucky gamer!":

Yeeeaaah, that's just good stuff.......

Sadly, I think there are too many games that put me in that description (though I'd suspect most every gamer has games that put them into the description at some time or another).

As for a top 10 list, I could easily just go nuts with a bunch of NES games, as I seem to have preference for such, but lets see if I can work in a couple SNES ones:

Crystalis (glad to see it mentioned by so many intuition tells me there's hope for it sooner rather than later.... who knows)
Most of Bendover83's top 10 (I do get to cheat and do a many-to-one to sneak in extra titles, right??? Great. Good. )
Mario Party 3
Star Fox (snes)
Contra (nes) (after reading folks wondering about the lack of it's release on VC thus far, I'm moved to wonder if the presence of it's arcade port on the Xbox360 might be a legal fork in Big N's interests in releasing it?)
Blaster Master
Goonies 2
Duck Tales

Secondary mention of Chip n Dale’s Rescue Rangers (and #2, just cuz I never got to play it and it looks consistently as good as the first one), Boy and His Blob, and ...... oh yeah, THE COMMODORE 64 for NA (even with some of the flawed emulations that seem to be sneaking out on it in EU).

On an aside, when it comes to Hudson hopes like Rondo of Blood and Faxanadu (you know I just couldn't go through a Most Wanted post without asking for that good little game) , it occurs to me that there might be the possibility that Hudson has already completed it's emulation for those to the VC and that are already in Big N's (I'm guessing) ungodly large and overstocked HOLDING PEN (what's more likely, that they let it run dry as some suggest, or that they are holding back for their own selfish reasons.......I know which seems likelier to me) and may yet come out in a decent time frame even with Hudson looking toward other avenues currently. (Though Big N might STILL hold up their releases just to spite Hudson....... it's been done before)



Captain_Konami commented on Virtual Console Reviews - Best of 2008:

"I could always count on Square, but after X, everything went downhill."
"So in conclusion, I find modern-day RPGs lacking in that special magic that they used to..."
These rather sum up my feeling about modern day RPGing. I broke in with Square and even though other makers are matching up alright these days, the level of current RPGing to capture my imagination has faded drastically. Still some gems here and there, but far fewer than in the past and easily not hitting the heights that were hit Once Upon a Time.

If I were to guess, I'd say it's a flavor of an epidemic that has hit most genres of console games (though with RPGs being the most dependant on story and characters, it shows the issue most glaringly), that being a leaning on the crutch of advancing graphical capability (remarkable abilities with 3D texture mapping and polygonal smoothing, as well as excessive flash-and-dazzle, as examples) while profoundly neglected game depth, control quality, character depth and style, among other valuable intangible game elements. Some games do better than others, but most all fall short of the mid-line standards set in past decades of gaming (which I suspect plays a solid part in the increasing presence of "classic gaming" consumerism).

Oh well. The rarer the gems, the more precious ........ I guess.



Captain_Konami commented on Virtual Console Reviews - Best of 2008:

Well, at least it was on topic and not at all self serving.

And really encouraging me to believe that they must have a great site since they don't need to rely on things like word of mouth, but rather just spam discussion topics on competing sites instead.

But in spite of all these things indicating a high quality website, I think I'll pass on it. (And just post a sarcastic message instead)



Captain_Konami commented on Virtual Console Reviews - Best of 2008:

@Dragon Warrior VII: Heh, I just got through watching some YouTube of the Ultimate Deity fight in it. You gotta have some love for an RPG that has God shakin' his booty as a stun technique.

And that darned Kefka laugh.......not exactly high quality vocal audio, yet just that perfect balance of annoying and freaky. Kefka was not exactly the most deep villian of RPGdom, but he certainly was iconic. And yeah Cally, he was that exact same brand of maniacal self-amusing cruelty as The Joker. I can see The Joker poisoning a population just because it's the convenient way to go.



Captain_Konami commented on Virtual Console Reviews - Best of 2008:

After reading folks' RPG lists, I'm realizing how deprived I've been. As such I'm not feeling "worldly" enough among RPGs to put up a "best" list, so I'll just put up a favorites list (in no meaningful order):

Final Fantasy (enough story to carry the lack of character depth, one of my favorite story twists, thought/imagination provoking)
Final Fantasy X (A bit mainstream, but classic FF: interesting characters, poignant story, expansive travel, beautiful graphics)
Final Fantasy IV (My first reaction: Cecil?? What kind of a name is Cecil?! But the way they presented the "Mirror Fight" was so evocative and meaningful for an early gen RPG with rather limited graphics .....AND the fact it cost me $70 of my mom's money back in the day makes it memorable just for that)
Final Fantasy VI (Strength and weakness in Locke Cole, so many fully developed characters, multi-character live time maze fights, one of the great freaky villians of all time)
Final Fantasy Tactics (the amazingly subtleties of the characters and their interplay…… and contrary to popular opinion the dialogue was inspired and readily understandable even when misrepresented. “I'll see you later. Stay alive till then.” )
Saga Frontier 2 (Loved creating techniques by chaining the right basic move sequences, stumbling on Kitchen Sink early on was a rush)
Legend of Dragoon (In my presumption I'm a bit surprised this name hasn't come up yet. For me it's among the most enjoyable in button timing combat RPGs I've played, if a bit limited in equipment and in-between stories)
Lunar Silver Star Story (My first exposure to quality song vocals in an RPG)

And on the topic of modded carts, I'm in eternal awe and appreciation of those who are dedicated enough to gaming, and to my all-time favorite game format, to hardwire reprogram them. I'm not surprised they ran into legal issues though, just based on Nintendo's own reaction to Game Genie back in the day......heh heh. What a stupid attitude to be so proprietary about game design once it's sold and out the door in the hands of the gamer. It's not like the gamers will be able to mass produce altered games in any impactful quantities or anything........ too lame.



Captain_Konami commented on USA VC Update: StarTropics II:

The why is because it has that much value to me (and perhaps others as well).

Please allow me to introduce you to the concept of the lottery ticket.

And besides, no one can be 100% certain what the future holds. People can claim to know for sure, but no one really does. So there is additional hope in that fundamental truth as well.



Captain_Konami commented on Virtual Console Reviews - Best of 2008:

Heh. It does have that pure simple fun value. I guess I could pretend it's a fighter and plug it in in place of Samurai Showdown II. I mean after all it does have people beating each other into another incarnation by knocking them into walls, uppercutting them into the sky, and smacking them around the world.



Captain_Konami commented on Virtual Console Reviews - Best of 2008:

I'd have to keep the first and the last place games from your list Corbie. But I'd swap out the heart of the list:

5. Samurai Showdown II (While Secret of Mana probably belongs here, I'll avoid loading up on RPGs and it seems like a great fighter ought to be in the mix somewhere......... probably as Corbie felt a great shooter needed to be in the list )
4. Phantasy Star IV
3. River City Ransom
2. Super Mario RPG
1. Mega Man 2 (I was extremely tempted to also put SupMarRPG here too, but I'll go this way just to be different, yet I'd say equally true)

I'd like to have pushed Super Dodge Ball into one of those slots, but I'm afraid I can only let my partiality run away with me so far.

But in contrast to the highlights, I'd also like to state something I just noticed a little bit earlier....... this was also the year that the limited number of game release slots were filled by TWO Sonic the Hedgehog 1s and TWO Sonic the Hedgehog 2s........ .....with many other important games not even having a SINGLE release yet.



Captain_Konami commented on USA VC Update: StarTropics II:

It's an interesting thing. Before Goldeneye, I was even more against FPS games, as well as unhappy about the bizarrity of the N64 controller. But it was the time I spent with Goldeneye that essentially trained me to more fully use the N64 controller and appreciate the flexibility and power of the design and button set.

As it turns out, the more elite levels of playing Goldeneye actually don't rely on the "stop-in-the-line-of-fire-and-fiddle.....etc", but rather use the 4 directional yellow buttons in coordination with the joystick and the trigger to simulate the current dual joystick controllers (ultimately aiming by weapon barrel rather than activating crosshairs). And since I've always preferred D pads to analog sticks, the 4 gold buttons have always seemed preferable as a second directional control. Anyway, I'm not sure Goldeneye is as entirely more limited than current FPS games as people may think.

And ironically, I feel the same about Turok as you do about Goldeneye, Mickeymac. The environments were interesting, but the objectives just felt lacking. But I'd say Perfect Dark made a strong contrast to Goldeneye, so I'll go along with that pick.

And I always felt that Kazooie's attitude helped keep Banjo Kazooie from being too overboard with the childishness. It was slightly dark at times, frequently enough irreverent, but also kid friendly with oversized creatures and wacky events.

But I can certainly see that both games are heavily stylized along their own vein, so interest will vary. But I'd like to say that regardless of taste, they were both really well done, IMHO.

And @shadow262:

The reality though is that desire for games to come out can (and is for many people) be entirely NOT dependent on the likelihood of those games showing up. People like what they like and will want what they want, and if it's not possible that'll be a bummer for them but it doesn't require them to stop wanting it.