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Tue 12th Jun 2012

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Captain_Louie commented on Mobile Pokémon Clone Eco Spirits Hatches A Ki...:

Although I do agree that this game's concept makes no use of what made Pokemon great, I do reckon they deserve a chance. I reckon indie companies are bashed way too much because they attempt to build on a popular game genres. Sure this game is similar to Pokemon, sure it will piss of Pokemon fans who look up to the Pokemon series as their god, but that's no reason to be hoping this project crashes and burns. Crystal Monsters is another example. While Crystal Monsters wasn't at all a great game, it's pokemon-like elements kept me interested (and I even finished it), and if anything, made me appreciate Pokemon much more.

Besides, the 3DS could use every new game it can get. I'm open to another Monster Raising game for my handheld, whether it be better or worse than Pokemon. I just reckon that people should stop instantly comparing these sorts of games to Pokemon and saying it's garbage. If you don't like it, don't back it and don't buy it. If your open to it (like I am), then I say this title is welcome to the 3DS and App libraries. Whether you back it or not is up to you though obviously. I don't mind this game being released if it ever does, but I would never support it with my own cash.