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Captain_Gonru commented on Talking Point: Amazon Fire TV is an Early Warn...:

@Mahe I would respectfully disagree. I think the Gamepad is a fine idea. It's not USING it enough that kills it. The best games to showcase it don't get the hype they deserve (ZombiU, Lego City) and the super-hyped games (SM3W, DKTF) barely use it at all.
I'm not saying you need to shoehorn it into every game, but make sure you don't forget about it, either.



Captain_Gonru commented on Play: We'll Be Doing The Twitch Thing With Mar...:

It's unfortunate that they can't find a way to keep their online service going, at least for Wii U owners via Wii mode. As someone in video game retail, the Wii U's backward compatibility has helped move some units. This limits that somewhat.



Captain_Gonru commented on Nintendo Download: 3rd April (North America):

@ikki5 I totally missed the line about the promo, so thanks for mentioning it. Now THAT is what I'm getting first.
But after that, I'm grabbing Advance Wars, in part for the Club Nintendo survey. It's a chance to plead for a Wii U entry for the series.



Captain_Gonru commented on Feature: VooFoo Studios and Ripstone on Pure C...:

A great piece. Covered a lot of info. A few highlights for me:
1. A further explanation of content. After the DLC bit yesterday, I wanted to get a better handle on just what my initial $7.99 was paying for. Sounds like everything I'd want.
2. I like the asynchronous multiplayer. The few games I have liked on my phone have made excellent use of this feature (Galactic Reign comes to mind), and I feel like other games could benefit from using this. Imagine online Fire Emblem!
3. I generally liked their vibe. I don't know. Its easier to drop a few bucks on a group of people you like. (Hint, hint EA)



Captain_Gonru commented on Julius Caesar Will Be Taking the Battle to the...:

I'll leave my doubts to the side for a second and say that I'm excited by this idea. A sports game, untethered from a yearly lineup change, would be nice. I can still enjoy, say, Mutant League Football, far more than I can the Madden released that same year. It has a timeless quality to it. That said, I'd prefer soccer. And yes, that's coming from an American.



Captain_Gonru commented on Wii Sports Club: Golf Adds Resort Course as a ...:

I'll most likely muck around with it a bit during the free trial, but I'm still waiting on a retail collection. Also, given its...unique mechanics, I don't play the Golf game much. I find it messes with my real golf swing. Here's to hoping for a spiritual sequel to the near-perfect Tiger Woods 10.



Captain_Gonru commented on Investor Wants Nintendo To Create Mobile Title...:

This article could have been titled "This is why Captain Gonru sometimes hates people". Those who "grew up on Mario" aren't the ones paying for mobile apps, dummy. We're the old curmudgeons who cling to our familiar controllers, and don't want to pay extra for our games. I know literally zero people in the mid-30s and up range (y'know, those old enoigh to habe played NES games when they were new?) who go crazy for in app purchases, or even flock to the latest smartphones games with anything more than idle curiosity.
Another example of having more money than brains.



Captain_Gonru commented on Video: The Top 20 Wii U Games So Far - Part One:

@CasuallyDressed Gotcha. Well, count those as votes for that list, I suppose.
As for retail titles, I'd put Tekken Tag on there. Maybe as an honorable mention. There aren't a ton of fighters on Wii U, and even fewer "technical" fighters. Plus, unlike Injustice, TTT has some fun with the Nintendo brand, with the costumes and powerups.



Captain_Gonru commented on Review: Steel Diver: Sub Wars (3DS eShop):

I've genuinely enjoyed my time with this so far. It is much more slow-paced than your typical FPS, but that's how submarines SHOULD feel.
I'm still holding out hope that someone will revisit Silent Service (one of all-time favorite games and a vastly under appreciated NES title), but this is a good SUBstitute (see what I did there?) for now.



Captain_Gonru commented on Tengami's Wii U eShop Release Set to Unfold in...:

While the visual style and soundtrack are amazing, I'm still holding out for a bit more on the actual gameplay. Outside of the puzzle around the two minute mark, it looked like just clicking to flip the next piece and move on. Maybe a proper trailer is in order.



Captain_Gonru commented on Just 2% of Ubisoft's Q3 Sales Were for Wii U:

@gregrout Don't forget that AC IV wasn't even available for retail sale at Target, a major U.S. retailer. And, given how prominently it was marketed as a launch title for the XBox 4 (see what I did there?), it shouldn't be surprising that the Wii U didn't sell well. And for those who would point to the now-"last gen" sales numbers, remember that there was the "upgrade later" program available. Just some further color to these stark numbers.



Captain_Gonru commented on Nintendo of America Running TVii Sweepstakes D...:

@ACK Again, I think it's a cool idea. And I really think that it could give the Wii U something the other guys don't have, even with their "dual screen" solutions. And yes please, I'll take eShop credit for picking a winning fantasy team.
I guess my only doubt would be Nintendo shelling out the cash up front to make it happen. It's possible that their status as a team owner (the Seattle Mariners) COULD help with baseball, at least. Or it may be a conflict of interest. I genuinely don't know.
But yes, as a concept, I would totally be on board.



Captain_Gonru commented on Nintendo of America Running TVii Sweepstakes D...:

@ACK A cool idea (and one that would work for any sports, really), but I wonder about licensing issues, and the cost involved with all that stat tracking. Now, if they could partner with one of the sports networks (ESPN makes the most sense stateside, probably Sky in England), then you could have something really awesome. And it isn't completely unprecedented. XBox has the ESPN app, and both the 360 and PS3 have MLB.TV.



Captain_Gonru commented on Remember, Wii Fit U's Free Trial Offer Expires...:

@topperware Just so I'm clear, you have the retail version, but want to keep the free download one? I don't think I would bother.
But,if you insist, I suppose you could delete the retail version's save files from the hard drive. You may have to delete whatever parts of the DL one, too. Then, redownload.
If you synced a Fit Meter, make sure you unsync it first, too.



Captain_Gonru commented on 3DS System Update 7.1.0-15 is Available Now:

@Philip_J_Reed @MrSRArter I've had this problem, too. It's just the DSiWare, too. I have all my downloaded games in one folder (eShop, if anyone cares), and occasionally the DSiWare games are out on the main menu. The 3DS eShop games are where I left them, complete with any of the holes left behind by the now-vacated DSiWare. It's isn't a huge deal, as I only have a couple of the older games on my 3DS (I left anything on my DSiXL instead of transfering it). Still, I'm glad to know I'm not the only one.
If it matters, I have a launch 3DS, so maybe it's an incompatibility with my Ambassador certificate. Time for another update!



Captain_Gonru commented on UK Retailer GAME States Ambition to be at the ...:

How amazingly short-sighted. "Hey! Let's get people used to buying their games through their console's digital market place. How could that possibly come back to hurt us, a retailer that serves as little more than a middle man in the first place!". Stupid.