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Captain_Gonru commented on Areal Campaign Suspended By Kickstarter:

@FragRed But, perhaps more concerns SHOULD be raised. Maybe this will be the tipping point that forces this and other crowd-funding sites to implement better procedures.
As for this case, I haven't heard every detail, but if they have the money already, and can deliver what they promised, does this "shutdown" even matter?



Captain_Gonru commented on Interview: Meet Naked War, The Wii Advance War...:

@AJWolfTill Maybe. But a few articles down from this are a review for "Bombing Bastards" and a piece related to a violent game "Devil's Third", so we know they aren't always as prudish as we think they are.
I wonder if it was too close to something they already had cooking. Wouldn't be the first game that started life on a previous gen console, had a rough development, and comes out eventually, or not at all.



Captain_Gonru commented on 72 Million Kids Are Dying To Get Their Grubby ...:

Outside of a few personal favorite characters, I'm not going to dive into this until I get more info on what they'll actually DO in games beyond Smash Bros. Because, so far, we really don't know anything.
Perhaps a Nintendo Direct with the figures explaining it, Robot Chicken style, would be in order.



Captain_Gonru commented on Review: Monkey Pirates (Wii U eShop):

This isn't the same game we got a trailer for some time ago, is it? I recall that had monkeys as pirates, but also other animals. And I thought it was based on some anime. Anyone else remember that?



Captain_Gonru commented on Talking Point: New Ideas, Not New IPs, Are The...:

@Peach64 I wonder about that. You may be right, but walk with me on this for a sec. Imagine a trailer opens with barbed wire, dirty trenches, typical shooter stuff. Then, out of a foxhole, pops Yoshi, Rambo-ed out with twin paintball guns and red bandanna. He grabs a purple acorn, pulls the "pin" with his teeth, and paint-grenades a nearby Bowser in the face. If you did it all in an almost Call of Duty parody mold, I could see some hype. I think at some point it becomes a different game, but maybe billed as a Sunshine follow-up, it could work.



Captain_Gonru commented on Nintendo Download: 19th June (North America):

@wizball-23 True. For Sony, its trying to get people to play their handheld in the first place. Sales numbers don't lie there.
Apple lets you port that "premium" version of Angry Birds you spent a buck on, so congrats there.
As to the software on Nintendo's side, the only applicable titles are primarily either VC Classics (SMB3 and such) or titles of interest (Color Zen). They can charge twice for it because, honestly, people will pay for it twice. The shovelware (of which, I'm the first to point out, there is plenty) usually only comes out for one or the other.
Lastly, I'd be all for them giving us infinite copies of a game once I paid for it once. But, until the day comes when THEY feel it's in their best interest to do so, its never going to happen. I try to affect change with my wallet. If you don't feel you should pay for something, don't. But if you complain AND buy it, they still got your money.



Captain_Gonru commented on Eiji Aonuma Vows to Reduce Hand-Holding in Fut...:

@Hero-of-WiiU Totally agree on the King. Moreover, it was help done right. There when you need, keeping quiet when you don't. Stuck? Ask him. Doing your own thing, or maybe enjoy frustration? He just keeps on being a boat.
The battery thing, to me, was the one thing I didn't mind. Because it would have been worse to be surprised by it during a boss fight. Perhaps a subtle on-screen prompt would have been better, but it was at least useful.



Captain_Gonru commented on First Impressions: Solving the Puzzle of Capta...:

As far as how being retail will affect price, I'd look to NSLU. You arguably get a "full game's worth" of content for $30. For $60, I'm hoping for some kind of multiplayer and/or board creator. Imagine something in the vein of Lost Vikings for starters.



Captain_Gonru commented on Review: Soccer (Wii U eShop / NES):

@Samurai_Goroh I think you mean World Cup TM. Do you want to get sued?
But seriously, that was a FAR superior game. I can only assume licensing is preventing us from getting it now. A shame, really. I would have loved another crack at beating Mexico, my bane in that title.



Captain_Gonru commented on Tactical Strategy RPG Based on Sci-Fi TV Serie...:

@Sean_Aaron That's a good point. The one reason I can think of to do a physical release would be for your collectors out there. Digital is fine for convenience, but you can't display it the same way. But that wouldn't, to your point, preclude them from also offering it digitally.
Maybe, in a fight for shelf space, Nintendo is aiding in a physical release in order to have one more product in stores to entice comsumers.
Or, it was all just an oversight in the announcement.



Captain_Gonru commented on Spider-Man's Sworn Enemy Venom Revealed In Wii...:

For me, I have to reconvince myself that no, I don't need to fill my house with these. It will come down to the Nintendo NFC figures or this, frankly. This would be option #2. Not that I don't think will be fun, mind you. I've thoroughly enjoyed the Avengers series of movies (the show has had its moments, too), but I was more a DC kid.
Captain America looks cool, though...



Captain_Gonru commented on Weirdness: This Walmart Employee Got a Little ...:

@B3ND3R A former co-worker of mine is with Wal-Mart now. His biggest complaint is that, while he technically works in the electronics department, most of his time is spent picking up the slack in the surrounding areas, due to understaffing. So his time spent actually in electronics is pretty minimal.
As for this, most times there is either a signing "specialist" or an outside vendor who handles the signing. The guy or gal behind the counter probably didn't hang this poster. More likely, they should be given credit for posting this.



Captain_Gonru commented on Spider-Man's Sworn Enemy Venom Revealed In Wii...:

@rjejr As one of those retailers (not at Toys 'R Us, though), I can safely say that we could use more of you around. I've had days where I start talking with one bewildered parent, and end up practically teaching a class to a group by the time I've finished.
Oh, and @Kaine_Morrison, I'd tell you off if you weren't right on. The overwhelming majority of my equivalents are underinformed at best. The reasons why are legion, but most involve money. I've told the story before of my experience at a Gamestop trying to preorder the Cirlce Pad Pro. Long story short, it took a literal fifteen minutes to convince the clerk that no, I'm not asking for a PS3 game, rather a 3DS accessory for which your company is the sole offline retailer.



Captain_Gonru commented on Tactical Strategy RPG Based on Sci-Fi TV Serie...:

@Sean_Aaron Not sure I follow your logic. One could just as easily say that the game MUST be good if they are going to the trouble of making it a retail release, instead of the cheaper digital-only route. Not every game is available both ways, but I don't think that automatically means anything as far as the quality of the game is concerned.
Personally, I prefer physical copies over digital.



Captain_Gonru commented on Review: Arc Style: Baseball 3D (3DS eShop):

This is disappointing. I really wish Nintendo would bring a licensed baseball game out again. There's no need for annual releases. Just paid DLC with roster updates for a year or two until a fully developed sequel is ready. Maybe with some 3DS-Wii U cross-connectivity, while we're dreaming. Thoughts?



Captain_Gonru commented on Shaq Fu: A Legend Reborn Slam Dunks Its Fundin...:

I'm kinda looking forward to this, as one of the (apparently) few people who liked the original. Was it a ridiculous premise? Sure, but that's hardly anything new in gaming. Was it the most refined fighting game of its time? Of course not, though I think some people forget how "unrefined" a lot of games from that era were.
Now, I'm also not willing to pay top dollar for it, either.



Captain_Gonru commented on Activision Enlists Kevin Spacey To Sell Call O...:

@MoonKnight7 Bear in mind, though, that Ghosts didn't get the retail push that the 360 and PS3 versions did. My local Target, for instance, had versions for those two systems in no less than four places in the store at launch. For Wii U, by contrast, they got two copies. Which had no shelf spot assigned. And were already in the Target inventory system as "Discontinued", according to an anonymous employee.



Captain_Gonru commented on Talking Point: Amazon Fire TV is an Early Warn...:

@Mahe I would respectfully disagree. I think the Gamepad is a fine idea. It's not USING it enough that kills it. The best games to showcase it don't get the hype they deserve (ZombiU, Lego City) and the super-hyped games (SM3W, DKTF) barely use it at all.
I'm not saying you need to shoehorn it into every game, but make sure you don't forget about it, either.



Captain_Gonru commented on Play: We'll Be Doing The Twitch Thing With Mar...:

It's unfortunate that they can't find a way to keep their online service going, at least for Wii U owners via Wii mode. As someone in video game retail, the Wii U's backward compatibility has helped move some units. This limits that somewhat.



Captain_Gonru commented on Nintendo Download: 3rd April (North America):

@ikki5 I totally missed the line about the promo, so thanks for mentioning it. Now THAT is what I'm getting first.
But after that, I'm grabbing Advance Wars, in part for the Club Nintendo survey. It's a chance to plead for a Wii U entry for the series.