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Captain N+ is my 3DS/WU Mii name. My Miiverse name is Captain_RETRON.

Sat 10th January, 2009

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Capt_N commented on Super Metroid Was Planned As An Extra In Metro...:

@ArmoredGoombaMP: Metroid Prime, & Animal Crossing were released around the same time(Fall 2002). I'm guessing the emulator in MP running Metroid is the same as the ones in AC running those various Nes games. This is no sign of a connection between the 2 emulators, but both emulators produced off-color visuals, & slightly off-sound.



Capt_N commented on Nintendo Download: 7th May (North America):

@KeeperBvK: This Mega Man & Bass is actually the GBA ver. of the title, & was released in America. The original was on SNes. As for the end of SNes VC on WU, you are probably right, & that it is nonsense, or Nintendo is, at the moment, considering themselves close to getting the WU VC library full of every SNes game they planned to put out on it.

@Super08mario: ZM is awesome! One of my favorite Metroid titles!

@TreesenHauser: Happy birthday, God bless, & have many more!

@Rjejr: Kind of related to what you're talking about, but in Miiverse, you can use, I believe it's the x, or y button to view the last image on the screen, or the Gamepad.

@Everyone_Else: I'll be d/l-ing Splatoon, & when I get the cash into my e-Shop, I'll be getting MM&B, though I really wish it were the original SNes title translated, rather than the GBA remake/port.



Capt_N commented on Nintendo Download: 23rd April (North America):

Don't usually use my WU in the morning(I generally get to play later in the afternoon/evening), but I turned it on to work on my Mii, & the MK8 update installed. I also need to get MewTwo, since I didn't d/l (that) on the 15th.



Capt_N commented on Analyst Thinks Nintendo Is Already Winding Dow...:

No, I don't think Nintendo has decided yet to disregard the WU. I do think it's possible, however, (that) they might be preparing, or in the middle of preparing, for the latter stretch of the console's lifespan(say about 1 & 1/2 - 2 & 1/2, or even 3 years approximately). I even believe it's possible that Nintendo could focus more, or even fully, depending on totally how it goes, on mobile, than anything else, provided enough stock holder pressure, & the right sized profit margins.

I do not believe, however, Nintendo is ready to throw in the towel, regarding WU. It's totally normal for any co. to begin development on their "next (big) thing" after their current whatever is shipped out the door. Also, I believe NX was announced simply for pr to soothe current Nintendo system owners, from thinking Nintendo has said "we're done" with the WU, & N3ds. There would have been no reason for any journalist to say Nintendo's announced partnership w/ DeNA does not mark the end of Nintendo; Nintendo had to give its current install base confirmation they(Nintendo) aren't done making systems, or with their current hardware.



Capt_N commented on Poll: Which Characters Do You Want to Win the ...:

@crzysortagmer: If this ballot is for real, Nintendo probably has some software for removing entries from an ip address, that has already voted once. This would compensate for spam votes(more than 1 per ip address). But, then again, it's debatable if this is not just publicity for Nintendo, or as Quorthon said, a way to distract people from begging Sakurai on social sites, & Miiverse.



Capt_N commented on Poll: Which Characters Do You Want to Win the ...:

Debatable if Nintendo, &/or Sakurai are truly going to make a character by polls. It would be much work to sort through all the spam votes, & even then, re-tallying reasonable choices out of all the votes. I won't say it's not possible Nintendo/Sakurai is actually doing this, but more than likely, Nintendo is doing this for publicity; they can get away with this, as there is no way vote tallies can be realistically accounted for, by the general internet populace, since the internet is as sizable as it is.

On the off-chance this poll is real, I put down Lip the Fairy from Panel de Pon, which later kept changing themes, to Tetris Attack first, then became Pokemon Puzzle League, then just Puzzle League. Nintendo game, Nintendo character. No license issues. Of course, PDP has only resurfaced as a Japan VC game in 2007/8(?), & was otherwise last seen in Nintendo Puzzle Collection on the Gamecube in Japan, so...

(Kevin Keen/)Captain N the Video Game Master(my screenname-sake) would be awesome, but I think technically he is an original DIC character, since CN&tVGMs was based on an idea about a Nintendo Power Comic. Fun side fact: This (tidbit) fits right into the game we're talking about here, Princess Lana from the same cartoon, was actually based on Palutena from the Nes Kid Icarus. The other thing is CN has never been in a real game.

Simon Belmont from the Nes Castlevania games would be great, since then aside from the main character, the entire Captain N N-team would be in the game(BlackNerd Andre joke, aside) :)

@Spoony: Not sure NoJ would feel comfortable having Lincoln, since he's a symbol of America, or more accurately, associated w/ America. Unless, CNS(Code Name Steam) has, or will soon be released in Japan, w/ the Lincoln character.

Shantae would be interesting, but to my knowledge, aside from the GBC game, Risky's Revenge is already on non-Nintendo platforms, & S&tPC probably will also be eventually. Also, Shantae's physic, not sure Nintendo would be ok that in Smash. Remember, Thjarja's trophy bit the dust, for sexualization, apparently.

@Quorthon: That very well could be. Slightly ingenious, too! :)



Capt_N commented on Review: Mario Party 10 (Wii U):

I will give it a rent, if possible for me; I don't think I'll like the all-together mechanic, though. I will, however, definitely take MP3 on the VC, Nintendo!



Capt_N commented on Nintendo Doesn't Intend To Be A One-Hit Wonder...:

We'll really just have to wait, & see. Hopefully, this encourages some ppl to actually consider getting dedicated Nintendo hardware. I feel it could happen, but will not be the common occurrence. It all depends on the various (mobile) software titles' conveyance of gaming on dedicated hardware built for gaming, vs. playing the mobile titles.



Capt_N commented on Satoru Iwata Emphasizes That There Are "No Exc...:

The thinking that investors now can stop crying for Nintendo to go mobile, their crying has been silenced, for now. Next, it will be for Nintendo to focus primarily on mobile, if this is financially successful enough for them.



Capt_N commented on Nintendo Set To License All IP to Mobile Publi...:

@burninmylight: "Screw double-talk, backpedaling or whatever else you want to hang Iwata for. Because at the end of the day, he doesn't answer to us nobodies on message boards; the board he answers to is full of presidents, chiefs, directors and investors. And like Selfridge said in Avatar, "Killing the indigenous looks bad, but there's one thing shareholders hate more than bad press — and that's a bad quarterly statement." - I apologize if my tone sounded menacing, since that wasn't the intent. :) I should have edited my post, since by the time I posted, you had already replied to BinaryFragger. I should have italicized, instead of bolding (certain) words, since that is most of the time my online equivalent of emphasis on certain words. I wasn't trying to argue, or anything. :) As for back-pedaling, & double-talk, no, I don't single out Nintendo, since a lot of co.s are guilty of that. It's just business. Anyway, I apologize again for the misunderstanding.



Capt_N commented on Nintendo Set To License All IP to Mobile Publi...:

@burninmylight: Nintendo has said in the past, something along the lines of that they were not putting their software to mobile, & also that Iwata said his reasoning was the devaluing of the Ips, &/or Nintendo brand as a whole, not to mention, & I'm adding in, it could eat into hardware sales. BinaryFragger's(#128) comment has a link to an article of that nature. This site(NintendoLife) also had an article, saying pretty much the same thing. Now, whether any sites got an accurate translation of those statements, can be debated.

Point is, the general message is that Nintendo said one thing, & eventually turned around, & said they were looking to leverage their ips on mobile, which this is a progression of. So, either Nintendo's guilty of double-talk, they need to make statements w/ both translation, & clarity in mind, or they can not make up their (business) mind on what they are doing.

@Yorumi: "but mobile gamers generally won't buy consoles because they're generally not really gamers. I don't mean that as as a slight just that they tend to play the games cause they're already there, not that they bought the phone/tablet for games." (#123) - I agree.

@Burninmylight: That is a problem w/ PR, it sometimes is damage control, rather than anything substantial.

@Everyone_Else: All we can do is wait, & see. I just hope that even if the WU's lifespan isn't as long as other consoles', that it will be at least a couple years realistically. Otherwise, it becomes a thing of later system adapters purchasing a system that's got a short life of product support.



Capt_N commented on Video: This Harmless Exploit Will Help You Gra...:

Haha, oh wow,... funny enough, somewhere in the past years, my Wii Mii Plaza got an Abe Lincoln made. I recall transferring him to my 3ds. Then, this (last, or past if you prefer) Christmas, I got Smash, so my 3ds Smash has a brawler that I recently(few weeks ago) changed his name to Honest Abe.

As for StreetPass, there are always more puzzles added, as I slowly get more pieces for puzzles on my system. There are a few places I go, that generally are a guarantee to pick up SP hits. I've learned over time to focus on completing my favorite puzzles. Find Mii is fun, too; slowly picking up hats, there.

I'll have to watch the video, but by article reading, it sounds more time-consuming, than the pay-off.



Capt_N commented on Retro-Bit Is Releasing A Super Mario Edition O...:

It could be any mascot, though blue/red/yellow would be Mario-ish. How's the emulation quality? High-level, or low-level emulation for FC/Nes/SFC/SNes? I mean, I could google it, but I have a feeling someone here knows more, that I can readily ask them. I find a lot of these kinds of systems on e-Bay, making searches an adventure of exact search query.

@DiscoGentleman: It's certainly bright on the eyes!

@Quorthon: That's why it's always good to keep games, & consoles, except for ones you are fine permanently parting w/. That's my way of thinking, when deciding to keep, or sell a console/game.



Capt_N commented on Nintendo Unleashes Commercials and Minigame Vi...:

@edgedino: The question would be whether MP1-6 would fit on a single disc. I think it could work. That would be nice, if Nintendo did such a thing. I'd buy it, for my favorites(1-3,5) in the series.

@Everyone_Else: Speaking of retro-bundles, this has nothing to do w/ MP, but Nintendo really should grease the Tetris co.'s palms, & release Tetris&Dr.Mario on VC.

@rjejr: I'm not as old that I watched TOS(The Original Series) during it's run, either. Still, I love TOS.



Capt_N commented on Nintendo Unleashes Commercials and Minigame Vi...:

@rjejr: Your avatar is awesome, man! Sometime in recent years, I got myself a Spock Mii from either Check Mii Out channel on Wii, or maybe it was google image searching for a picture, & relevant qr code? I can't remember, either way your avatar is cool! Nimoy will be missed. :(

@Everyone_Else: I would love Nintendo to release a MP3 VC. The 1st 3 N64 titles were my fav in the series. I also liked 5. If I play it in my local store, or a d/l demo, & I enjoy it, then I'll be more inclined to get this. I am initially interested. But, the lacking individual player movements is a slight turn-away for me. I'll have to play it, & see.



Capt_N commented on WayForward to Celebrate 25th Anniversary With ...:

I like WayForward's work on their games that I've played: MSF, GBC Shantae, MSF2, Ducktales Remastered. I might bite on SAtPC, but it is a little fan-servicy/embarrassing, & I feel similar to SketchTurner(47). One could say it's a little more fan-servicy, than MSF.



Capt_N commented on Site News: A New Readership Survey Has Appeared:

Took it. Wouldn't be interested in paying for subscription access. Gaming information is readily available (online), though the accuracy, journalism standards, & social interaction w/ other site members, varies from site, to site. For the record, NLife meets all those criteria excellently for me.



Capt_N commented on Talking Point: The Limited Edition Battle With...:

@Moneyjaypr7: Nothing wrong w/ reselling, but not at a ridiculous price point, or higher. Resellers could easily make a fortune off these, selling them at $20/25 for non-exclusive, & $25/30 for exclusives, plus $5 S&H. All things considered, mainly fees to e-Bay/Amazon/etc., it's a profit for the reseller, but no more than, in my example, at maximum $22 extra from the buyer. I personally am ok w/ $20, & $25 for exclusives, plus the $5 S&H for both exclusives, & non. The way these things are going right now are quick-buck items.

@JaxonH: Again, nothing wrong w/ reselling, the problem comes when the seller seriously overcharges. Imo, any price over $30 is ridiculous for any amiibo, save for a platinum Club Nintendo prize amiibo.



Capt_N commented on Character Art From Forthcoming Disney Wii U Ti...:

@Kaze_Memaryu: "And the story always revolves around nonsensical conflict that could've easily been avoided by the characters just being honest, for once." I feel Maleficint is an example of exactly this. I also wonder if Disney will remake their movies, like Cinderella, putting the previous story's villian, in a new light of, "they weren't really bad, just misunderstood".

This character art does look like a free-play game, or a puzzle-game, as Rjejr(#10) said.



Capt_N commented on Feature: A Celebration of HAL Laboratory - For...:

@brutalpanda: Some web sites have ads, &/or articles that are based on location. For example, while surfing here, I often get ads relating to news for my area. Yesterday I also got a notification from my browser that this site wanted to track my location(when I finally got here), & that for a good while, the site was down, when I attempted to access it.



Capt_N commented on Feature: A Celebration of HAL Laboratory - For...:

@Flopsy86: Kirby's Blockball is real fun! Of course, I like Breakout-style gameplay. Edit: I wish Nintendo would program their 3ds emulators for full(including sounds) Super GameBoy support.

@C-Olimar: " I was initially sceptical about Nintendo's desire to release smartphone-like games but if this is the general outcome (more this, less Pokemon Shuffle) then I'm all for it (as long as they don't impact the release of bigger and better games)." - Yeah, I pretty much agree w/ you.

@Kirk: I assume it's supposed to be a mother dog, & her puppies are either nursing from her, or sleeping under her safety, & protection? I guess,... maybe? :P

@Everyone_Else: Kirby's Dream Land, its SGB sequel, & Adventure are really good, if anyone hasn't played them. HAL generally has a good track record, I think.

Edit: I've never played Air Ride. Gamecube VC Nintendo! :)



Capt_N commented on Feature: Tales From the Front Line of amiibo C...:

The best bet is to check online sites, b/c sometimes you will find a deal. I was surfing e-Bay a few nights ago, & unfortunately my money was in the wrong place at the wrong time - I could have gotten Rosalina CIB for $20.00, plus S&H.

I don't see Nintendo manufacturing more, as Ottospooky(comment #9) said above, they get free brand awareness from these "shortages". The store exclusives don't help, either.



Capt_N commented on Reported GameStop Memo Shows Massive Delay in ...:

The real troubling business w/ the ports are such things as fruit(namely oranges) literally sitting in the ships, & rotting, due to all that mess. That's food that could feed people. Sadly, greed is responsible for this, & this will continue to happen, as it has in the past.

As for Amiibo, wh/ever is the real cause for short supply, Nintendo's rep has already been hurt in this regard, especially for those that don't keep track of videogame news, specifically Amiibo related.



Capt_N commented on Meta Knight amiibo Hits Best Buy in US on 20th...:

There are 2 issues here, creating this current state w/ amiibo.

Nintendo needs to be willing to do more producing of these. It doesn't have to be much more than now, just a slight increase in production.

Resellers are a nightmare for these, b/c they're greedy. I usually don't need to say "in my opinion", since commenting is an expression of one's thoughts, but I am in this comment for clarity that I'm speaking my opinion, not factually. There's nothing wrong w/ reselling amiibo, &/or purchasing amiibo en mass, provided you don't resell them @ a ridiculous price. Considering amiibos are $12(which means they cost even less to manufacture, Nintendo is willing to sell them @ even profits, or @ a loss), a good price point is $20 max plus realistic S&H(shipping, & handling), say $5-10, though I prefer $5. When/if ever amiibo is done its retail shelf life, & no longer the current thing, then I will be ok w/ selling them more like a collectable, but still realistically($30-50 max). This is how I feel, whether I am the buyer, or seller. Make a profit, but still make the product realistically, & financially accessable.



Capt_N commented on Satoru Iwata Reiterates Plans for Quality of L...:

"Leveraging our video game know-how, we'll make it so even those who have trouble following through can stick with this program and have fun."

This actually sounds like he means in a roundabout way that they(Nintendo) will try to make the product so that even for those that don't use the QoL product(s) to their success of whatever, that they will still enjoy continually using the product(s). This in turn, is a sly business move, to keep consumer interest in a brand, or at least in a particular line of product(s) from a co.

I also still fear that if it becomes too profitable for Nintendo, even in the short-term, the majority of shareholders might motion for Nintendo to exit the gaming industry.



Capt_N commented on Developers Outline Their Ideas for Nintendo's ...:

Oh, & infrared communications port, like the GBC had. & one other thing I keep telling Nintendo in CN surveys about the VC - to make their emulators take full advantage of the full capabilities of the system(handheld, & console). Most, if not all official peripherals from past(legacy) Nintendo systems can be done w/ the technological capabilities of modern gaming systems, having high processing power, the proper inputs for peripherals, etc. The SNes mouse for instance, can easily be emulated by a Wiimote, or the GP(Gamepad).