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Capt_N commented on Not Everyone is Thrilled That Metroid Prime Tr...:

There are risks to reselling. While a product is in its print-run, nothing wrong w/ reselling at x price, or a significant amount cheaper, if the average resell value is reasonable. If the average resell value is expensive, nothing wrong w/, & it's much better to(for various reasons), resell only a significant amount cheaper than the common/average resell value, & not the expensive resell value. Once an item has ended its official print-run, it's almost a gloves-off on pricing, but not quite. Nothing wrong w/ making a profit w/in reasonable limits. There's also no point in competing price-wise w/ getting it new off-the shelf, or new legally d/ld, unless the reseller is cheaper. Anyway, everyone has their viewpoints, I have mine.

I remember reading somewhere awhile back about the future possibility of digital (game) downloads, having a possible resale value, like selling an activation key; sorta like reselling a copy of an OS that requires an activation key purchase. It would also be nice, if Nintendo supported a reasonable # of (hardware) generations, of backward compatibility, like 2, or 3, for example. As for software, like VC/WW/WC/DSiW/3DSW/WUW, it would be really nice if Nintendo supported infinite bwc, since all that's required is the system itself, to run. Obviously, current profits, & the supposed costs of perfect porting to each new hardware platform, just wouldn't make this a reality. As an alternative, I'd be up for a reasonable # of (hardware) generations, for virtual backward compatibility, like 2, or 3 mentioned above.



Capt_N commented on Renegade Kid Cranks Difficulty To Max In Mutan...:

Maybe I'll get it. I have MM for 3ds, & I still have some of those extra levels to complete. I wonder if this will be just harder levels, addition enemies, &/or additional gameplay mechanics? I'll take an On-My-Radar, then a Wait-N-See approach to this. Also, price for what this will finally be, is always a deciding factor for my dollars.



Capt_N commented on Nintendo Download: 29th January (North America):

I can safely say that, while not owning Trilogy, I do own all 3 games in the Trilogy, & that Metroid Prime Trilogy contains 3 awesome games, so it's a package beyond worth getting at $10! That is, of course, if you like the 1st-person adventure, mixed w/ Metroid.



Capt_N commented on Rumour: Wave 3 amiibo Release Dates Revealed f...:

Well, I imagine the possibility of a similar situation to the 1st 2 waves. For North Americans, February starts income tax returns, & that means there will be ppl purchasing these up in droves for resale/to resell. I never expected, or considered attempting owning them all, just my favs. Out of this list, Mega Man, then maybe Sheik, &/or Shulk.



Capt_N commented on Nintendo Download: 22nd January (North America):

Already have Punch-Out!! on disc for years! Great game! Nothing for me this week, except I'll be d/lding Teslagrad while it's still on sale, & maybe either Super Toy Cars(gonna check it out!), or Edge, particularly if it's on sale. I was gonna get Teslagrad this week anyway, but I wanted to wait to see if anything came out today I wanted more. Edit: PO is fun! I wonder if the Wiimake suffers from latency when played on a non-sd(standard definition) screen, & if it does, if this is the reasoning behind a re-release?

@3dsWiiUFanatic: Teslagrad is on-sale on the WU e-Shop, provided you have already, or do purchase one of the other indie sale games at full price.



Capt_N commented on Wii Disc Software Heading to the Wii U eShop:

I might get SMG2. At $9, as opposed to $20? The only thing is it is digital, so maybe. Edit: Funny enough, I don't want to move my Wii everything over to WU, so that's why I haven't 100%ed SMG, though I've beaten it, like I said on the forums this morning. A choice of moving individual items would be nice.



Capt_N commented on Rosalina & Luma amiibo Exclusive to Target in ...:

I'm not surprised in the least this is happening. Same thing w/ the e-Bayers/the Amazons/Craigslisters/etc. It was bound to(!); they're character figures of a popular brand(Nintendo)! Also, product shortages have the side-effect of making at least some form of news about the product in short supply, which generates interest in the product, or at least in the subject of the product, & its rarity, whether, or not that rarity is artificial. So, Nintendo, in some ways, benefits from Amiibo rarity, just as in other ways they do not benefit.

Like banks, & their credit cards, I can understand, & agree w/ their making a profit off me via interest, as long as it's reasonable, & that the "usage rules" of the card, & also the interest rates, don't go all over the place, but stay put(, or literally speaking stay consistent, if you'd like the term). That's fine. But banks don't. Likewise, I can understand making a reasonable profit off of something, providing it is not something that should be free. The Amiibos, whether defective, or not, are going for ridiculous prices, & constantly higher bids on reseller sites. A fool, & his/her money are easily parted. But as I said, this situation is not unexpected, considering they're Nintendo character figures.

The exclusives, as some here have said, make business sense for Nintendo, & the retailers offering them. Full collections will be sold on reseller sites, eventually.

Just today, I was in Target, the aisle w/ Ammibo/Infinity/Skylanders, & quite literally I witnessed at least 3 groups: a grandmother, & aunt deciding between Hawkeye, & Donald Duck, a father, & mother buying Skylanders, & a family of 3 trying to learn about the Amiibos for their family's WU owner. The Amiibo group got a DK amiibo, the grandmother/aunt pair decided on Donald, assuming since it was the last one it was popular, & I don't know which Skylanders figure was purchased by the 2 parents. Activision, Disney, & Nintendo would not be manufacturing these, unless there was enough demand, & highly possible profit. The real question is for how long?

Glad I now know where to go for Rosalina. I wasn't planning, nor am I now, on getting all the Amiibos. i won't rule it out, either. I just am not making it my end goal.



Capt_N commented on Weirdness: Legless Peach amiibo Bidding Closes...:

Sometimes ppl put up faux auctions/bins(buy-it-now), & sometimes these faux auctions/bins get faux bids/buys. I'm not interested in paying e-Bay, & PayPal for the privilege of putting up fake listings. This may also be legit, on behalf of the buyer, seller, or even both. If this is 100% legit, including the defective Amiibo, never having left its box, once packaged in, then I say that someone(this buyer), as the saying goes, has too much money, & not enough brains. There's spending money reasonably on inexpensive, & expensive things, then there's spending money unreasonably, & quite foolish, no matter the price. Thank God my Amiibo I pre-ordered is in perfect shape; I'd rather be part of the e-Bay sellers that sell(, & are therefore known for selling) non-defective Amiibo.



Capt_N commented on New Mario Maker Footage Shows Off Multi-Genera...:

Interesting, I've been, & will continue keeping my eye on this. Was it just me, or did Miyamoto have to think for a brief second when SMB released? If he did, he is 62, so that's not out of the ordinary.

I hope this turns out awesome, & not mediocre. Also, yes, a 2d Zelda maker would be awesome, if done right.



Capt_N commented on Wii U System Update 5.3.2 Promises Stability, ...:

@ungibbed: "These "stability" updates would make the average joe think that the Wii U OS is worse than Windows 9x or even worse... " :) Thanks for that! That's funny! :D

@Ootfan98: I'll check it out. Edit: I got to the scrolling part of the e-Shop, where you wait for it to load, I was on this screen only a second, or 2 before I was told to update to continue. I updated, which didn't take more than maybe 1, & 1/2 minutes, then after my system reset(rebooted), I tried, & was able to successfully access the e-Shop. Now, I'm not sure if that was an localized to e-Shop update, or WU system update, but I believe it was the system update in this article.



Capt_N commented on Rumour: Dubious Walmart Listing Suggests Suppo...:

I'm in the minority, but I love Sticker Star! I just finished it Tuesday, & I still am playing it to completion of those flags. Yeah it wasn't either of the 1st 2 PM titles, or even SPM, & the difficulty (for me, anyway) was mostly, figuring out the what/where/when stickers to use to advance, & unlock secrets. But everyone has different tastes, so...

A new PM adventure would be really cool, but I think over-saturation could destroy the series.

Edit: I like the sticker battle mechanics(using stickers as weapons/health/etc., the battle spinner, etc.), as well as the 1st 2 PMs' battle mechanics.



Capt_N commented on Weirdness: Defective Fox and Villager amiibo N...:

Ohhh,.. wooow! Just wow! Makes me honestly question if these are put together by hand, are just the 1st production batch/line of the 1st batch/set("1st wave characters"). It also makes me question if this is a group of ppl, or just a person, tampering w/ the Amiibo(s) figures, like I said yesterday.

That e-Bay account looks legit. Maybe someone who honestly came across these. Or someone who was legit, & is now involved in scamming ppl.

Makes me also reconsider getting involved in selling Amiibo, since I'd be in a sea of fraudulent looking sellers, though thank God I do have a positive history record; likewise reconsidering keeping my normal Link, or selling it for a fair price, & capitalizing on the fact it's normal.



Capt_N commented on Weirdness: Legless Peach amiibo Now Up For Sale:

@Robottiimu2000: He/she/they have been a(n) (e-Bay) member since the 1st of this month. That's only 2 days(today is the 3rd). So it's normal they don't have feedback. The issue here is legit item vs. not.

@Everyone_Else: Not all e-Bayers are crazy. The "value" from these is that in their normal condition, they are considered collectable, so a defective one, as long as it's both legit, & rare, will have a high price to some ppl. It'd sorta be like a defective Star Trek, Star Wars, or Doctor Who figurine, after that particular defect is corrected, the original still has some collectable value.

It's possible that if this is fraudulent, it's a single person, or group that sells these via different e-Bay accounts. This way, it looks legit, b/c it appears other ppl also have purchased defective items(in this case, Amiibo), & are selling them. On top of that possibility, this set-up would work out nicely, for someone, or a group of someones, that excel at modifying still-figures/action-figures, so they look like a legitimately erroneously produced figure, & can be sold as such. Someone w/ agile fingers, & hands could pull such a stunt, so that when the figure is pieced together again, w/ parts missing, or purposely put on improperly, or painted over to appear not painted at all, that it looks legit, & probably would be hard for someone not aware of how to spot tampering of a product vs. legit manufacturing error.

The fact that this account for this item is new, & therefore has no history, it's difficult to say if this is a legit item, or not. Again, as I stated above, it would be no difficult feat for someone to tamper with the figure, then place it back into the box, & seal it again; maybe even putting it in new packaging. A person with all the right equipment, & skills could do that, & make it look legit. On the other hand, it could be the same person that sold Samus, just a different account. Then, of course, it could also be legit.

In all honesty, seeing the figures in stores, & currently having one CIB(complete in box), while they have detail to them, I imagine the manufacturing cost of these are $4-6. I say this b/c stores make a profit on products, although sometimes will sell certain products for less, & make it up through other products. At a price of $12 in most stores, Ammibos probably bring retailers $3-6 in profit. For example: Toys R' Us selling them at 3 for $30, that's $10 per figure, which means that they are less than $10 to make individually, since the only other reason to sell a just-released item for a sale price would be to get customers into the stores. I'm referring to when they just released 2 weeks ago.



Capt_N commented on Bill Trinen Confirms There'll Be More Series-S...:

Great about no scanning through the box. This can, even significantly, lower the number of factory sealed Amiibos that will eventually be floating around online(sites like eBay, Amazon, etc.), & even used game outlets(Gamestop for example). Original purchasers will have to chose, keep it factory sealed (possibly, & most likely through the years) for Collector resale (value), or open it, use it, enjoy it, & if it gets sold later, for less value, than if it were factory sealed.

Right now, though, I'm interested in my favs. Nice that Nintendo is reiterating different sets, for those that didn't know earlier.

@jariw: Toon Link, CDi Link, DIC(cartoon) Link, what do you mean "Cartoon Link"? You've piqued my curiosity.



Capt_N commented on Super Smash Bros. for Wii U Pre-Purchase and P...:

Tempting to a slight degree, but it's the same price for no box, manual, insert, physical disc, the game is tied to the hardware, & I fully support physical media, since they can be sold, collected, & played on another person's machine(like a friend's). If you like digital, that's fine. I prefer physical. I still wanna get Pikmin 3, even though I have it d/ld from the 1 free game, in the MK7 bundle earlier this year.



Capt_N commented on Pikmin Short Movies Available to Buy Now on Wi...:

@sketchturner: The game is amazing! You should get it, if you like strategy games! A WU classic, to me anyway.

@Everyone_Else: Well, I'll probably d/l these, when I get e-Shop funds. $1= loosely approximately 4 min. of video runtime. I'll try it out, so if Nintendo does it again, I'll have an idea if it's worth spending. Plus, I love Pikmin 3. :)



Capt_N commented on The Original NES Duck Hunt Is Coming Soon To T...:

@Tasuki: No, since the Wiimote is being used, part of the game's core program is not as it would be on an Nes, clone system, or any other Nes cart(cartridge) capable systems, like the Retron. Now the emulator, or game(depending on how Nintendo chooses to program) will be "listening" to what it will be programmed to believe is an actual Nes Zapper, when obviously not. W/o getting too technical, the emulator running the game will tell it that every movement, & button press you make on the Wiimote is w/ the Nes Zapper, & this will allow the game to register hits/misses, pretty much in the same way it did in the physical game. The difference is the emulator intercepts hardware info, & the game no longer requires a white/black check for every time you fire. Rather, this in-game check is replaced by telling the game where your Wiimote pointer was, when you pressed the fire button. Also of note, Nintendo may add in an on-screen targeting reticule.



Capt_N commented on Every Smash Bros amiibo Will Be Compatible Wit...:

I believe the best way to use the Amiibos in Hyrule Warriors, & other games that are not a certain Amiibo line's/set's primary game, would be to unlock things that are already unlockable in the game, or even in dlc/paid dlc for that game w/o the Ammiibo. In this way, it's kinda like Smash Bros. Melee on the Gamecube; you could unlock all the fighters the easy way, by playing x # of matches, or the hard way, by performing x task. As I recall, most of Melee's secrets could be gained/unlocked this way, w/ the exception of needing certain other game save files on the memory card w/ the Melee save, for a few trophies.

I imagine this could be the case w/ Hyrule Warriors; allowing players to get things they otherwise could in-game, or in any of the HW dlc w/o Amiibo.

The whole purpose of what I'm talking about is that the Ammibos could unlock things already in-game, in free, or paid dlc. The whole purpose being the Amiibo would not be necessary for accessing something in a game, since that something is accessible in-game w/o the Amiibo, or in a free, or paid dlc pack. In other words, whatever enhancement the Amiibo gives can be gotten another way.

Hopefully for Christmas Santa will bring me some of my favorite Amiibos. Those will be keeps, not for resale(a rule I imposed on myself)!



Capt_N commented on The Original NES Duck Hunt Is Coming Soon To T...:

Fun Fact: The orange Zapper had longer range, than the original gray.

I have this on for my Nes 2.

This is great for those that don't have an Nes, or @ least other hardware that can play Nes games, like Duck Hunt. It opens the door for the possibility of other Zapper games. Hogan's Alley is fun, too.



Capt_N commented on Mario Kart 8 Software Update Will Unlock amiib...:

Nice, & more importantly, as of now, trivial to gameplay. Nintendo is smart for making them optional; essentially it is being different from the competition, & more importantly it is not necessary in addition to purchasing a game, just to play the game; this would be a plus, I think for parents, since they do not need to buy them.

I've already pre-ordered Link, & I'm looking to have my favorites; I'm hoping Rosalina will be added, & despite licensing, Mega Man too! Awesome!

The only thing Nintendo can do to please both crowds is release a set of Amiibo that have optional use, & another set entirely that are required for gameplay. I like them as collectables for myself, & for resale. These will be a dream come true, since resellers will be too greedy, & I can easily undercut them, & get a sale.



Capt_N commented on Pikachu Takes Centre Stage at Macy's Thanksgiv...:

A house full of 15 ppl, turkey, filling/stuffing, pumpkin pie, cheesecake, green, & black olives, good times. Usually for courtesy my relatives' boyfriends have the tv for football games, esp. post-Thanksgiving dinner. Ugh... football. But not this year! My WU's 1st Thanksgiving, & Christmas! (Off-tv Gamepad Power, Baby!) :) Anyway, they sorta watch while the rest of the group frantically goes through fliers for Black Friday sales. I'm not a bf shopper for a variety of reasons, mainly the unnecessary violence all for what is usually a bait-&-switch pulled off by stores, despite said practice being illegal here in America, though the retailers generally do have 1 of said item, so they can technically not be lying.

Anyway, the parade does generally get put on for a little bit, each year. I've never been to a Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade. But I do love to see my favorite floats, game themed, or not! I like the Paddington Bear, & Thomas floats. Good old childhood. I'm not a Pokemon fan, though I guess Pikachu is either majorly permission requested for licensed use, &/or Nintendo feels that the character is a good, or better representation of the co. than Mario is (@ least for the audience they suspect will be watching, &/or attending).

Sometimes I wonder if Nintendo really does not know how to advertise to an American audience. I don't see them advertising Ammibo, Smash, or WU during Thanksgiving Day Parade commercial breaks. I'd be amazed to a degree, if they did.



Capt_N commented on Preview: Using amiibo with Super Smash Bros. f...:

The Amiibo E3 prototype models done what they were supposed to (do): look high quality eye-catching, collectable, & have great potential. It's reasonable that the final production quality, in terms of details @ least, is less-stellar looking than the E3 prototypes. I would prefer a $20-30 price, along w/ the Amiibos being literally sold as a Collector's item, but I am fine for this.

Perhaps Nintendo does not yet know what to do w/ these, but has some idea, kinda like the story w/ the GamePad. I still will be investing in these, as an eBay seller, & for myself getting as many of my favorites as I can. Edit: I'm going to buy these, b/c I believe these will have value as collectables, & I'm fairly interested in seeing where Nintendo takes these, as a game concept, & just concept in general. Edit #2: I see some sort of value in the long-run, collectable, &/or functional.



Capt_N commented on Luigi's Mansion Arcade May Potentially Be a Th...:

@rjejr: I think WWHD was so the WU had a Zelda game w/in the first year, or so of its existence(whatever time it came out I don't recall). Plus, as I understand it, WW was eventually considered a popular Zelda, if it wasn't to begin w/.

@Nicolai: Arcades may very well return, due to nostalgia of the concept w/ gamers my age(29), & older.



Capt_N commented on Region-Locking May Be a Thing of the Past Soon...:

"Unofficial translation" probably means it(the text) was taken w/ hopeful bias (on part of the translator). It's possible it could happen this gen,... or next, but I somehow doubt it. Nintendo, & their audience is more lenient of things, than the NoA sub-division, & their audience is; They like to play family-friendly here in America, while in Japan they don't feel advertising Bayanetta in cooperation w/ Playboy is detrimental to their public image.



Capt_N commented on Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS Online Braw...:

This is sadly a symptom of rushing a game, not taking breaks, & not trusting your team to help carryout workload. Not saying that this particular glitch is for a fact, in existence b/c of that, but that taking breaks, not rushing any of the development processes, definitely not (rushing) the programming, & trusting your team to help w/ the workload can counter these kinds of things. Still, as Manaphy2007 above said, "...bugs will always appear no matter how near perfect a game is". This is fact.

I wonder though, if it is a permaban, or glitch? I would assume that since Smash (in particular) is a fighting game, & just playing the game, or any game(MK8 for instance), you would have to pro-actively try to get permabanned, b/c while you can, & are in a technical sense, able to harass other players by targeting only, or @ least mostly them, it's not directly harassment like sending hateful messages on Miiverse, as it is more of just playing the game, & targeting a specific opponent.

i think the problem, or perceived problem(if this is not a glitch, but intended), could be easily solved by allowing one of the selectable rules of online matches to host, or join be/allow host players themselves to have access to choosing a pre-designed "rule set" for the match, on what is acceptable, & what isn't. Think of the possibilities, if that were handled correctly. Edit: I emphasize "pre-set" so it would be easier for the servers to handle, & easier for players/ppl to get accustomed to; everybody has what they want.



Capt_N commented on Sounds Like Super Smash Bros. Director Masahir...:

@Yorumi: i agree. His problems seem to be mostly from his lack of trust.

@umegames: It's very nice to see someone that places proper priority to things. Few ppl in today's world look at their lives, families, & personal values in the proper context of being radically more important than money, & other things less trivial than that(money); both of which(the trivial things, & especially the money) can, & mostly do have a temporary existence in one's life.

@Everyone_Else: Yeah, it could be argued his way of directing is very Japanese, & that as such he strives to perfection beyond healthy limits. On the flipside, however, it could be counter-argued that (even) better management of his time/workload, & his team's time/workload than he currently might do(whether he publicly says it, or not) would be beneficial, & I'm talking in terms of taking realistic breaks. Yeah, there's a deadline, since Nintendo is a co. that (like any other) wants money/profits by no later than such, & such a set time/date. Taking breaks can, & does yield better, & even much superior work, than just tirelessly pushing through.

Yeah, he does deserve a break, but his mindset, & lack of trusting his team to help, is of his own doing. That is, of course, assuming he had near complete control. or @ least a highly influential hand in cherry-picking out his (individual) team members. Edit: Even if he had 0 control over who his team is comprised of, as a leader of the group, he should have learned early-on in Smash development the specialties, & weaknesses of each team member, to capitalize on their abilities, not only for the quick, & therefore less costly, production/development run of the game, but also for the well-being of his team, & himself.

Also, I'm looking forward to Smash WU. It looks great as far as I'm concerned. :)



Capt_N commented on Nintendo Download: 30th October (North America):

@Giygas_95: No kidding! Only seen clips of the show, but (I) don't really like it. To each his/her own, though.

@rjejr: Though this is unrelated to the weekly d/l, I know you are interested in the Amiibos, about like I am. I was in Target yesterday, & Nintendo has already given them the advertisement card for Ammibo, showing the Amiibos for Peach, Pikachu, Mario, Yoshi, & Link. The card ad goes on to talk about leveling up your Amiibo to lvl 50 "to crush your opponents", more Amiibos w/ compatible games coming soon, highlighting no need for a "portal", & directing readers to

@SavoirFaire: I think we may again see e-Shop card discounts. More e-Shop titles, so Nintendo can stand to sell them a bit cheaper, for more long-run profits.

@BinaryFragger: DK64

@Everyone_Else: I'll be looking into Pixel paint. Concept sounds neat! Though it'll have to wait on the back burner. Other priorities that are more important.



Capt_N commented on Feature: Ten Games That Are Perfect For Hallow...:

Luigi's Mansion Dark Moon. While on the topic of halloween, the ¢99 black cat theme is actually pretty nice for the 3ds. Look up the music on Youtube, "The Black Cat's Dance"; it sounds so much like (the GCN) Animal Crossing, though I imagine since most of the 3ds music does, it is probably the same composer. Also of note, a few notes from Totaka's song are the theme for the "Health & Safety" application.



Capt_N commented on Video: Super Smash Bros. for Wii U Opening Cin...:

As some have said, the budget was probably blown, & this had to be unintended extra money spent, or @ least, & more likely, the budget ceiling for the game was getting closer around the time when this (video) was being made, or planned.

Yeah, not as great as Melee's, but still great nonetheless. Also, as some have said, we have seen a lot of what this footage would otherwise reveal, so that contributes to the less-than-stellar perspective. Still great, & yes, Melee also used in-game footage.

I'm hoping to get this for (this) Christmas.