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Capt_N commented on Sakurai Explains Reasoning Behind Removal Of I...:

This reminds me of Sexy Poker on Wiiware; An M rated game, that doesn't have nudity, even though that's kinda the point of strip poker. I was never interested in that game, but I'm using it as an example. I think Sakurai, &/or Nintendo wanted exact similar rosters, so that someone's favorite characters were not in just one version of the game. I'm guessing Nintendo wants maximum profits from both Smash titles. Like how Nintendo couldn't have nudity in Sexy Poker, while also saying they are a family company, Nintendo can't put the same game on 2 different platforms, w/o taking into account the weaker hardware; whatever's possible on the weaker hardware is also possible on the stronger hardware.

Also, while I stand in the corner that can tolerate their omitance, but is disappointed by it nonetheless, the 3ds>Gamecube argument neglects that the Cube had barely any OS at all, compared to the 3ds that does possess an OS, that had to lose some features(Miiverse, browser) to play this title.



Capt_N commented on Nintendo Advert Confirms November 21st Launch ...:

@rjejr: Provided the game does indeed release on the 21st of Nov. Otherwise, your comments about the release date being an error may still be correct. I can't think of any special time Nintendo would drop the (release) date, post 3ds Smash's release. The only other time I can think of that would be special/significant is this Friday, when the demo becomes available on the 3ds e-Shop.

@Everyone_Else: If I'm done my Christmas shopping, & have enough money by then, I'm definitely getting Smash! But, I can wait for Christmas. From the beginning of October to the end of Dec 24th, it's a total of 85 days. Being only 4am at the time I'm commenting this, this day has only begun, so I count it in, making 98 days to Christmas. As others have said, I imagine the release date being under wraps, so as not to steal the thunder of the 3ds Smash.



Capt_N commented on Standard 3DS Consoles Will Have Limited Online...:

@xj0462: No, however software, & system firmware updates can be downloaded to better use(optimize) the use of the ram already available. Also, sorry if the use of !s in my above post to you sounds a bit snappy, when I said, "Ram is impossible to d/l! It's hardware, not software!". Sounding snappy was not my intent. I apologize. :) Edit: In a technological sense, the 3ds ram could be upgraded by physically putting newer chips into an original 3ds, however this is not recommended, as well as the fact the system was not designed to be physically upgraded. Most video game consoles, & handhelds are not made to be physically upgraded by the owner of the device, like a pc is designed to be. It can be done, but it is not intended.



Capt_N commented on A 3DS Can be Used as a Controller in Super Sma...:

@KatyMeow93: An alternative would be to d/l the demo next Friday, & leave the demo on as the running game for prolonged periods. Unless Nintendo has changed demo architecture for Smash, usually the game counter does not count down plays, except when you exit the game/demo, & restart it later.

@Everyone_Else: Provided the select CN members' specialty codes last for a good long time, perhaps indefinitely, I bet some code receivers have not fired up the demo once, & are going to sell the demo code on eBay as a collector's item much later. I didn't read the eBay code selling article, but I imagine some will do what I just said.

@Everyone_Else: In some ways, using a 3ds as a controller may have positive implications, for the WU not being used to its max. Considering the 3ds needs its copy of Smash to act as a controller, it's possible the WU acts the same in this scenario, as the SNes does to the Super Game Boy. In the SNes/SGB case, the SNes was pretty much little more than a controller input, some video ram, & the use of the spc sound chip on occasion, since the SGB pretty much is a fully function GB on its own. In this case, the WU will, theoretically, do nothing more for 3ds controlled players than be "listening" for commands from the 3ds "controller". This is just hypothetical, of course.

One other thing, this also opens up a nasty little subject: The 3ds can, & probably will be eventually harnessed as a WU controller separate from any game. Fine, that's cool. But, depending on the level of interconnectivity, both hard, & soft hacking/pirating, &/or modding one of the 2 devices has implications for doing similar to the other device, &/or perhaps may help totally break the security of the other device. I hope Nintendo has something up their sleeve to counter this.



Capt_N commented on A 3DS Can be Used as a Controller in Super Sma...:

@fluggy: You're right! It does sound a bit,... greedy of Nintendo for the need of owning Smash 3ds just to control the WU ver.

@Everyone_Else: Ya know, perhaps this is the reason Miiverse/web browser will not work on older models. It's possible there's code almost constantly running in the background to actually support issuing control commands to the WU. I wonder if this control option will require the 3ds to carry itself power-wise, or if there will be a cord of sorts to connect to the system. Possible, but doubtful. The 3ds will more than likely connect wirelessly, meaning the system will run on it's own power; wonder how quickly that'll drain the lithium-ion?

@unrandomsam: "Link up stuff is always so badly supported." - Nintendo should really fix that with their VC titles. Sega done it on Wii VC for Sonic 1/2/3, & Knuckles, though it is debatable if the Sonic 2/3 roms have most, if not all of the necessary data to make such legacy "lock-on" tech easy. Why I say this, is I remember reading somewhere online that the Sonic 3 rom had a sizable portion of the "& Knuckles" lock-on cart in its code. I am also aware those 2 specific games were, as some ppl have been led to believe, originally intended to be one game, split by tech limits.



Capt_N commented on Standard 3DS Consoles Will Have Limited Online...:

@xj0462: Ram is impossible to d/l! It's hardware, not software! It has to be in the system when it's built. The 3ds is not upgradable in this sense, like a pc is. Edit: Ever since I got a WU, I've used Miiverse surprisingly frequent. Before, when I only had it available to me on the 3ds, it was a lot slower to navigate, & I used it less, b/c it seems clunky/slow to me. I still take care considering the ppl I interact w/ may very well be mostly children, than adults, but common sense, & wisdom allow me to use Miiverse consistently, & safely regarding myself, as well as others. I like posting screens, but I can live with this. Before last December's update, Miiverse wasn't on 3ds anyway.



Capt_N commented on Standard 3DS Consoles Will Have Limited Online...:

I have a hunch the release day patch is related to this. Assuming the 3ds os has to temporarily suspend certain features, it's clearly debatable whether the game fully uses/monopolizes the system ram, &/or cpu, at least enough that is equal to Miiverse, & the browser. Whether it does, or not, I bet this high a usage of system memory, & other system resources like the cpu causes severe instability(, even if we can't visually see it), & a situation where the game much more easily crashes on original 3ds hardware. It probably also has something to do with the increase of cpu in the new 3ds. I'll bet Smash was originally, or somewhere possibly early enough along the development of the game, optimized for the newer 3ds hardware, & os.

This patch probably makes it more stable behind-the-scenes on original 3ds models. That said, the patch may also fix any leftover programming errors, &/or player-noticeable changes to gameplay, &/or in-games menus.



Capt_N commented on Feature: The Nintendo 64 Controller and the Ri...:

@Jim_Purcell: "...and apparently not as uncommon as you'd think."

Matter of fact, I held it like that. A little awkward at times when I would move the stick to the right, but eventually became easy for me, however some uncomfortable experiences still exists holding the controller that way.

@Everyone_Else: The N64 is home to some games I love, though it is not my favorite system; that honor goes to the Nes, & SNes.



Capt_N commented on Mario Kart 8 Update, Mercedes Karts and DLC Pr...:

@rjejr: @Shadowkiller97: Here in the U.S, meteorological winter actually has various start dates depending on the meteorologist that you ask. I follow the weather to some degree, though I'm no meteorologist; I always say winter starts here around mid-late November, which is one of the times some meteorologists classify winter's begin.

@Everyone Else: Is the Merc dlc auto, or manual update? Also, very important to me, does the Merc dlc replace kart/bike parts, or is it literally addition parts? Do they need to be unlocked, once d/led? Edit: I wonder if the servers will not show ads in online matches if I don't take the update? Probably I will have to d/l the dlc for going online anymore.



Capt_N commented on Mario Kart 8's Hackers Open Up Over Their Plan...:

I know this currently works only on legacy(older) firmware/software, but I think if they release videos of what they can do, even w/o methods of how they done whatever, it not only encourages others to try to accomplish the same, or (go) further w/ it, but also allows, in some cases, discerning programmers to see what affects what in-game, by altering thus, & so in the game's code, &/or in the system's os(operating system). Point being, in some cases just visuals alone can allow for discerning programmers to reverse-engineer the methods used to hack/mod.

Sadly, I anticipate Nintendo will get lax w/ security in the waning years of WU/3ds, like how during the last couple years of the Wii's life were considered by most, including myself, to be relatively unsupported by Nintendo, in terms of not many game releases.

I just got a MK8 WU a few weeks ago(edit: been having a lot of fun w/ it), & I really hope that Nintendo clamps down on their (current, & future) systems' security flaws. I never wanted MKW in my library, b/c of hackers/modders. So there was 1 less sale for Nintendo, b/c they didn't fix the problem of unfair online multiplayer. I'm sure I'm not the only one who never purchased MKW due to this.

I want to continue enjoying MK8's online component, & I hope to do the same for Smash(edit 2: upon its release). Already been stated in these comments, but weeds grow right next to the flowers; Exploits can't be released to the net at large, since once it's out there, it's out there to both fun-wreckers, & responsible modders/hackers having fun that doesn't ruin anything for anyone else.



Capt_N commented on Beautiful Limited Edition Super Smash Bros. 3D...:

@Azooooz: I believe reading here on NLife, on Nintendo's site, & elsewhere, the answer was something along the lines of e-Shop merging, or something.

@Everyone_Else: It's cool enough to me, but I already own an onyx/black original 3ds that I've had since Christmas 2011. Also, I liked the original Smash logo(N64) much better than Melee/Brawl, although they are fine, too. I can understand them not including Mega Man, as he is 3rd party. Speaking of, I wish Caps would do a Classic Series MM 3ds. A shell case doesn't count, unless that was the norm for Nintendo. Nintendo could make some money doing that, although a full-out system w/ the design makes more money, in the short-term, I guess.



Capt_N commented on Ace Attorney Trilogy Will Boast Visual and Dia...:

I wonder if the dialogue tweaks are removal of pop culture references, & also if the visual changes will mean style change, or simple/subtle tweaks to character designs?

I'm not sure I'm interested in a game with little replay value.



Capt_N commented on Feature: A Week of Super Smash Bros. Wii U and...:

The Miis, Pac-Man, & the Storm Punch. I suspect there might be ppl that master (using) the Miis, & main them. The customization is cool, & seems to me to be an extended version of what it was in Brawl. Everyone has their opinions, I, personally, like what I've seen done w/ Pac-Man. That will be my new desktop in a few days. I've got a reserve on the 3DSSmBr. I can wait, since that extra time may make the game better, &/or more polished, thought-out.



Capt_N commented on Talking Point: Nintendo's GamePad Bet Could Pa...:

@Mahe: It's totally understandable your opinion is the GP is a "ridiculous touchscreen" as you call it. It is bulky-feeling in a way to me, when I try the (horrendously) limited demos in GameStop(Seriously Nintendo, why do I want to watch videos of games, rather than actually play them?!). I can imagine,, rather it's completely normal to consider not every game works best w/ it. Common Sense.

@Everyone: I think the problem is as others above me have said, the GP simply needs to be used only in scenarios where the GP tech is appropriate/applicable, & where it is not, use other controller methods if possible.

It's great that Nintendo isn't forcing GP use into everything just b/c the GP is there, but the controller is still there. For it to go unused in certain games is fine, if appropriate, but that un-use just adds to the GP being labeled a mostly unnecessary controller that, b/c of it's un-use, really mostly just adds cost to the WU.

Now, don't get me wrong. I love a lot of Nintendo's stuff(ips, hardware, etc.). I really want a WU, but can't afford one currently. All I'm saying is, what I wrote above are really the only things I could say bad about the GP.

Everyone is entitled to their opinions, & like most anything in life, the GP has both pros, & cons. That said, I'm pretty sure all us NLife members can discuss civilized. & that (previous sentence) being said, I'm also not trying to play NLife mod here. I'm just commenting.

Also, I do like what the GP can(NFC for example), & currently does(Off-TV for example) bring to the table.



Capt_N commented on E3 2014: LA Times Reveals Hot Scoop of New Whi...:

Maybe this could have been mostly fixed w/ punctuation. Nintendo's Splatoon, or better still Nintendo's new game, Splatoon on their Wii U console. Almost same thing for the headline, save for the "debut" part; it would make clear the headline was 2 different subjects: Nintendo's white defeat, Sony wins, if that is at all what they were getting at. It just makes no real sense. Ppl make mistakes, but wow, what a mistake! A few typos could have a huge impact. It's just telling that non-gamers can not be introduced to the goings-on/events of the gamer's world by other non-gamers. Gamer's are the best ppl to introduce non-gamers to the events/goings-on in the world of gaming.



Capt_N commented on E3 2014: Super Smash Bros. 3DS Confirmed For O...:

Was hoping for real-world summer, but I can live with this, since it may allow for polish, & getting things as near to perfect as possible. Still not great, releasing that close to WU, which will probably be out before the year's end. Still, I can wait.



Capt_N commented on E3 2014: Nintendo Confirms New 'Retro' GameCub...:

@JQuest: Thank You! That is what it's supposed to be, not "captain", but "Captain N". There is another Captain N on NLife. That's why my name is the way it is. Thanks again! :) Captain N was a cool show. Btw, I like your name, too. Reminds me of Johnny Quest.



Capt_N commented on E3 2014: Nintendo Life's E3 Reaction - Live!:

I saw most of the presentation. I had to leave for lunch during Nathan, & Krista's(or is it Crysta?) banter before the MP10 trailer/footage. Btw, I won't spam it, but I'll say it again: Krista can punch my ticket! :)

I'm excited for Smash(what else is new?), l loved the Mario Maker, & I really liked the Yoshi game. Also liked the Capt. Toad game. Yoshi looked similar to Yoshi's Island, really hope it is exceptionally similar!



Capt_N commented on E3 2014: Nintendo Confirms New 'Retro' GameCub...:

I may get this bundle, provided I don't like the GP/PC. I've only had little time in-stores to hold the GP, & I've never held a PC.

Btw, anyone who uses Waverbirds, both the controller, & receiver have to be turned on, prior to plugging them into the GCN. I imagine the same principle applies to PC GCN controller adapters, too.