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Fri 8th Jun 2012

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candymonster commented on Review: Slitherlink by Nikoli (3DS eShop):

if you can see the difference of a good handmade puzzle compared to a random generate, all nikoli's puzzles deserves your attention. they are fluid and the well balanced puzzle design delivers a great sense of accomplishment, its a shame that Hamster made that poor interface, including bad use of the touch screen, numbers very small in big puzzles and annoyng sound effects. but what really matters are the puzzles and they are a real blast. with 5 bucks you have at least 25 hours of pure fun.



candymonster commented on Slitherlink by Nikoli:

hard puzzles have VERY small sized numbers. this turned down the fun :/ maybe whith the bigger screen of 3ds xl this can be resolved...



candymonster commented on Review: Kakuro by Nikoli (3DS eShop):

I really enjoyed this game. I am a great fan of this kind of puzzle, and Nikoli's handmade puzzles are a blast to solve. Even telegraph games dont have the same puzzle "design" quality. I dont think its expensive, just compare to the paper version of Nikolis puzzle and you see they have similar puzzle cost value. I always read nintendolife and agree with reviews, but this time i had to creat a account and say my opinion.