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dancing detective extraordinaire

Female, 21, Australia

I'm currently studying psychology at university. I'm a bit obsessive over Neil Gaiman. I adore my DS Lite and 3DS XL. I like most genres except FPSs and brawlers. I'm a low-tech gamer who's usually a generation or three behind and happy with it.

Sat 9th Feb 2013

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Cabanela commented on Ninterview: Heather "Miss Gamer Girl" Cascioli:

Nice to hear something like this. An interview with a woman gamer that doesn't just focus on being female in the gaming world, but also acknowledges the stupidity that can result from that. Well handled, guys! She has got herself a seriously envious collection, there.

As a girl gamer myself, I find reactions to my gender can vary from "we don't care, shut up" (why is admitting that I'm female considered so bad and attention-seeking?), "prove it" (either my gender or gaming "credentials"), harassment or, sometimes (this is becoming slightly more frequent than it was, thank god), we all acknowledge it and move on and keep behaving like decent human beings who are mutual enjoyers of videogames. Yay!

The worst thing that I've noticed popping up recently is ironic sexism, though (IGN forums, I am looking at you). Bleh.