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Sun 26th Sep 2010

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C_S commented on Pokémon Black and White Starters are Disappoi...:

Played through Japanese White, beat the Elite Four.
I was forced to start with the water otter because (despite it being absolutely hideous) the final water evolution is one of the few passable Pokemon in this 5th generation.

Just have to say I did not enjoy this game. I stuck by Pokemon all the way to D/P, but even I have to accept that it is dead now. The new Pokemon are so positively sickening in appearance that my starter was level 75 at the Elite Four because I couldn't bear to train anything else I saw. Everything just seemed so sloppy and rushed with this game.
The only thing that can save it now is amazing end game content or equally stunning English dialogue.

Also, you oddly get Zekrom (black dragon) in the White version.