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CTs_Lieutenant commented on Nintendo Secures Plenty of Nominations in The ...:

Looking at the lists the Nintendo games have a great chance of winning quite a few awards, at least in mind. However, as always with these things, I feel when Nintendo does win it comes begrudgingly from the industry.

I can see at least five awards for B2, MK8 and Smash.



CTs_Lieutenant commented on Feature: The Wii U is Two Years Old, But How's...:

For me it's a C+ or even a B-.

The positives's a capable gaming system. Fantastic amazing games. Games you can't get anywhere else. Nintendo high quality.

The negatives are...the game droughts. Poor branding and marketing. Lacklustre VC support. Lack of 3rd party support. Although at times I feel this is a blessing as we don't get all the EA cr*p.

Personally I don't care for multi platforms, but understand those who want to supplement their Nintendo collections with them. However, there are one of two I would like, Shadow of Mordor, GTA5 for example. But all those that moan about 3rd..."get over it" and "stop moaning". It is what it is.

At the end of the day you buy a Nintendo platform for Nintendo games. And right now, Nintendo is smashing it with their quality and 2015 looks tremendous. They haven't been this good since the N64, IMO of course.



CTs_Lieutenant commented on Sony: PS Vita Is Better Than 3DS And The Wii B...: about sour grapes.

Some people do & say things in style, with grace and as Damien stated in the article, "with decorum". This Shawn Layden muppet has none of these things and has only made himself look like a complete and utter pathetic sour moron.

Technically the Vita is more powerful than the competition. But is it better? Well that's down to personal preference and the voice of the consumer. And since the voice of consumer clearly thinks the Vita is a steaming pile of garbage, as shown in the sales figures, then the Vita is clearer not the best portable gaming experience.

I wonder if this joker would say the same thing about the PS.



CTs_Lieutenant commented on Mario Kart 8 Software Update and DLC Available...:

MK8 is the best fun I've had in gaming since Zelda OOT and Mario64, (I know, its been a while) but I've got to wait until I get home early tomorrow afternoon to download and play Mute City because of some job interview............

Aaaaaaarhhhhhhh...curse that annoying scheduling of importance.



CTs_Lieutenant commented on Mario Kart: Super Circuit is Racing Onto The W...:

Until MK8 came along, which is magnificent btw, SMK was by far my favourite MK game. I've never been a fan of handhelds until 6 months ago so my favouritism is just for consoles.

Is MKSC just like SMK but with different trax or does it pale in comparison?



CTs_Lieutenant commented on Table Top Racing: World Tour Dev Isn't Sure Ab...:

That just sounds like he's laying down the foundations to eventually say "we are not bringing this game to the Wii U because...blar blar blar."

When gamers buy consoles do they play just one game of a particular genre? Of course not! In fact gamers will not only buy consoles for variety but also if they contain a lot of what they like. The SNES was blessed when tonnes of RPGs and they still done well

It's the same in business. If you were to set up a new business you would go to where the competition is, so whenever people go to buy a new, EG car, they'll go where all the car dealers are located. If a gamer is particularly interested in racers they'll go to a console with the most/best racing games.



CTs_Lieutenant commented on Shigeru Miyamoto Outlines Core Nintendo Philos...:

@Yorumi - "and is sitting just a tiny bit ahead of the xbone". So, not dead last then as you previously stated then.

The month by month tracking does not show the Wii U below XBone for every single month. Around MK8 launch the Wii U was ahead for a fair while until Microsoft dropped the Kinect. And who knows, perhaps Smash will do the same for the Wii U as MK8 did. Perhaps Amiibo will have a big impact.

Regardless of how well the Wii U is doing or not doing, Miyamoto is right to point out that a large part of gaming is boring.



CTs_Lieutenant commented on Video: Enjoy a Turbo Boost With This Mario Kar...:

Once again Nintendo shows the gaming world the "right way" to do something. They may've been late to the DLC party but they've turned up in style.

Fantastic new content for a fantastically polished game with a great price, with more content to come in the future. I can see DLC packs right through the whole Wii U life cycle.

I never pick Mario as a driver, and I agree about the amount of reskins, but Mario in a Tanooki suit in a Tanooki buggy just looks the nuts.



CTs_Lieutenant commented on Preview: The Irresistible Charm of Captain Toa...:

"it's struck us already that fears of limited content to justify a budget retail price tag will likely prove unfounded."

It amazes me how negative some people were with this, with some saying they weren't paying x amount for a bunch of DLC or that it would be too easy blah blah blah. Nintendo never do a poor job when it comes to their games.
This game will be challenging, enjoyable and well worth the asking price, IMO.



CTs_Lieutenant commented on Preview: The Irresistible Charm of Captain Toa...:

Agreed with most people that the release date is just pure craziness. Sure, some kidz would get this with their Christmas dosh in the NY, but I reckon it would've been far better to have the option to get this for a Christmas or stocking present. Personally I was looking forward to playing this during my week off work at Christmas, until they announced the delay.

Still very much looking forward to this though.



CTs_Lieutenant commented on Feature: The Big Nintendo Direct Summary - 5th...:

This was a very fine Direct. Not earth shattering in terms of brand new announcements but still great news. X, STEAM & Splatoon were particular favourites.

I'm in agreement with the view that N64 and GC VC will now not come to the Wii U. The big N will run the Wii U for the minimum amount of time before the next console and I just don't see them putting the time and effort in.

Still, let's all be positive and enjoy what there is coming rather than what isn't. Because what is coming is fantastic. There are far too many negative comments.



CTs_Lieutenant commented on Feature: Does Super Smash Bros. Wii U's Smash ...:

@datamonkey - I'm completely with you on this. I played five minutes of the N64 original, didn't like it, and I haven't gone near it since.

With a shortage of Wii U games I decided to try and get into it so I bought the 3DS version, but alas I still can't get into it. I can see what a quality game it is; it's just not my thing.

It is disappointing CaptainToad has been delayed a few weeks. Why they have is a complete mystery. Perhaps Smash is very popular in the UK so they decided to get the most out of it.



CTs_Lieutenant commented on Nintendo Returns to Profit as Wii U Sales Show...:


Unfortunately I think you are right. Unless some stellar games get continually announced and released over the next two years, then the best we can hope for is that it matches the NGC lifetime sales.

If it doesn't reach NGCs sales then many will see it as an utter failure, even if it is a commercial success, which would be a shame as the Wii U is a fantastic console.



CTs_Lieutenant commented on Developers Reflect on F-Zero As It Passes Ten ...:

I'm actually very hopeful of getting a F-Zero on the Wii U. The reason why...

So far from Nintendo established franchises we've had released or promised in 2015, Mario 2d & 3d, Pikmin, MK8, Smash, Zelda, Starfox, Yoshi, Kirby, Xenoblade, Mario Party, DK, and there's even talk of Metroid.

Titles we've had no information on are Paper Mario, Mario Golf & Tennis, Pilotwings and F Zero. I'm sure there are others. I doubt there would be Punch-out.

The Wii U is two years old, so discounting 2015 there are probably 2 years, maybe 2.5 left of the Wii U. Surely in that time we must get an F Zero or perhaps a Pilotwings.



CTs_Lieutenant commented on Poll: Should Nintendo Follow Microsoft's Lead ...:

" the system is tracking well below its rivals in most territories; the exception is Japan".

Not strictly true. Against the PS4 it is true that only in Japan does the Wii U have more favourable sales. But against the XBone the Wii U is leading in Japan, France and Germany. It's only in the US & UK where the XBone is leading. Numbers from vgchartz.

Regarding the price point, I think this deal on the Nintendo website is pretty good, considering that it includes the First Print Edition of B2, which will be a collectors item in the future.



CTs_Lieutenant commented on Talking Point: Nintendo's Ability to Charm You...:

Any business in any sector in any country in the world will tell you it's far easier and cheaper to keep customers than to attract new ones. Of course Nintendo, and it's competition, need to attract new customers as some will give up on gaming at certain points in their lives. This is an unfortunately side effect. Others won't and sometimes I feel Nintendo doesn't do enough to keep the ones they've got/had.

Variety is certainly one of the keys to success. A Nintendo system should have variety to suit gamers of all ages and tastes.



CTs_Lieutenant commented on Nintendo 64x64: The Legend of Zelda: Majora's ...:

OOT was such a massive game which consumed so much of my time to 100% complete it, that when MM was released I couldn't bare going through all that again. There were other games to play and I was just starting out in the work place and didn't have as much time for games as I used to, and so I skipped it. It wasn't until one year ago when I finally got around to playing it for the first time.

Majora's Mask is a superb game and I enjoyed playing it but not as much as OOT, WW or A Link To The Past or Between Worlds. Whether it was because of a fourteen year gap, or because I've got a massive backlog of games to play and I didn't take the time to appreciate MM I'm note sure. The 3 day cycle was an extremely clearer mechanic, although it's basically an extended version of OTTs night & day. But it was also frustrating as you had to try out doing the same thing in seven different time periods, and certain things you had to wait around for until a certain time of day/night. Zelda games need sub-missions, but the ones in MM were hidden too well. I've never had to resort to walkthrough as much as this game. There are other elements which are also clever and worked well but also became frustrating.

For me it's a solid 8 and a game every Zelda fan should play. It's just not the best.



CTs_Lieutenant commented on Poll: Nintendo Minute Debate - Is Super Mario ...:

Such a difficult question. Both are fantastic games, some of best ever made. I enjoyed SMW more and it was the better game. But which is more influential?

Can any game, movie or song for that matter, can be more influential that the game that proceeded it. Without the first game there wouldn't be a second. One could argue that SM64 has more influence on gaming as it is today. It took the 2D rule book, ripped it up and started fresh for the 3D world. Therefore is SMW more influential because it proceeded it?

For me this is more of a philosophical question and cannot be answered. I voted for option 3.



CTs_Lieutenant commented on Review: Bayonetta 2 (Wii U):

@Quorthon - A lot of your arguments are massively flawed.

ZombiU was released at the beginning, was quite rubbish and buggy with mediocre reviews. So what if it made good use of the gamepad, no one knew that at the time. Why should gamers buy a mediocre buggy game?

The sales of Rayman Legends were pitiful on all consoles, yet it had the best attach rate on the Wii U.

Saying that Nintendo fans only care about Nintendo games could also be said about PS and Xbox fans only buying the top franchises on their consoles, GTA, COD, FIFA etc.

An then there's the original Bayonetta. It didn't sell that well on either PS3 or Xbox. I guarantee that B2 gets a vastly superior attach rate on the Wii U.

...and finally. Using a dire series like COD, which reviewed badly with its last outing, really shows you haven't got a clue about gaming.

Now...would YOU like me to go on showing you up!!



CTs_Lieutenant commented on Review: Bayonetta 2 (Wii U):

@BensonUii - Yeah I've just seen Gamespot's 10. One of the most anti-Nintendo sites out there given a Nintendo game a 10 is truly amazing.

Currently on Metacritic it's got 91 out of 31 reviews. Can't wait for this one.



CTs_Lieutenant commented on Nintendo 64x64: Perfect Dark:

9/10???? Seriously!!! I can't see how PD could possible be improved upon, it pushed the N64 to its limits and improved on the Goldeneye gameplay in every aspect. It's a full 10 all day long.

If you compare PD to any modern day COD it will show you just how amazing this game is.



CTs_Lieutenant commented on Nintendo 64x64: Perfect Dark:

@VGScrapbook - most likely the developers. Most of the Rare team were jumping ship at the end of the Rare/Nintendo relationship. By the time they did the remake I doubt any of the original team were there. Also don't forget the Microsoft factor.



CTs_Lieutenant commented on Captain Toad's Joined by Toadette in Treasure ...:

This along with Bayonetta 2 are my most anticipated games of the year/Jan 2015. For me this is perfect antidote when a change of pace is needed after the chaos in MK8, Smash & B2.

Very pleased we have a release date but...9th Jan?? A week after everyone has gone back to school, college, uni & work??? Very strange.



CTs_Lieutenant commented on We'd Be Cheating Fans By Bringing Assassin's C...:

@SanderEvers - I couldn't have said that any better.

During the N64 era there was a little title which was ported to the system called Resident Evil 2. The developers did a magnificent job of squeezing a massive CD based game onto a tiny 64MB cartridge and even improved on many aspects on the PS game.

This is why when publishers/developers come out with BS like this I never ever believe them. They are just lazy profit driven good for nothing "bleep"...£$%£$^£$^£$s....."bleep"....................



CTs_Lieutenant commented on Nintendo 64x64: GoldenEye 007:

Goldeneye is simply...gaming perfection.

Not only was the multiplayer one of the funniest games you could play but the campaign mode was fantastic as well. It was tough as nails and you had to be inch perfect to complete the harder levels. Nothing they make today comes close to the brilliance of this game.

The funny thing is, Perfect Dark is better in every single way, minus the movie license. Yet I 100% agree with the 10/10!!! So what score should PD get????



CTs_Lieutenant commented on Want Bayonetta 2 On PS4 And Xbox One? You Migh...:

I'm amazed at the ignorance and arrogance of some people. So there's one game not coming to their systems but loads not coming to the Wii U. Do some people really want their cake and eat it??

Actually I'm glad there's this many people that are miffed. Perhaps if Nintendo could arrange some more third party exclusives then maybe more people would invest in the Wii U instead of the other two.

If Nintendo could make Platinum 2nd party and buy Capcom I think they would have a great future.



CTs_Lieutenant commented on Koei Tecmo Europe All But Confirms Fatal Frame...:

@millarrp - My thoughts as well. And considering the Wii U isn't blessed with the largest of libraries, especially with this type of game this title would've been a welcome addition.

Nintendo do make some baffling decisions sometimes. "A Great company that makes terrible decisions". At least they're consistent.



CTs_Lieutenant commented on Fantasy Life Makes Top 10 UK Chart Début as H...:

I'm afraid I can't add to HW sales total just yet as the B2 first edition copy and Smash 3DS have consumed my budget. Perhaps in Nov or Dec.

Though I am terrible grateful I'm not one of 80% that follow the Fifa "rinse the public" bandwagon. Bahhhhhhhhhhh



CTs_Lieutenant commented on Nintendo Region Locks Consoles To Get More Har...:

I very much doubt this. The percentage of gamers that would buy two or more 3DSs from different regions must be tiny. Nintendo would make more money leaving them region free and let gamers just import the games. Although I was one of those that did import a Super Famicom back in 1990/91, but those were different times when games and systems were launched light years between regions. Plus time moved more slowly when you were 14. Things are a lot different now.

Unless I'm mistaken, Nintendo do very much cater for the Japanese market much more than Sony and Microsoft. They have a very overprotective nature of gamers and they try very hard to not offend anyone, so they limit the possibilities of this by region locking.

It could also be a sales tracking issue. Having region locking gives a clearer indication what type of games gamers from different regions prefer.

Whatever the reason. It stinks.



CTs_Lieutenant commented on Nintendo Rolling Out New In-Store Digital Dist...:

"Do you plan to make use of this system in the future..."

Nope, and I never will. No matter what system is implemented I will always buy retail.

For those that do buy downloads, anything to make their experience as pleasurable as possible must surely be is a good thing.



CTs_Lieutenant commented on Watch Dogs Wii U Release Dates Confirmed:

@AdanVC - Quote "least we can do is support it and buy it for the honor. Yes, it's a pretty average/bad sandbox game. Yes, it has tons of flaws and bugs"

So let me get this straight. You believe we should spend £45 or $60, which may not be easy for some people, on a game that isn't very good and has tons of flaws and bugs?

That has got to be the worst message us gamers can give to the developers/publishers!! Games should be bought on quality and entertainment value. Not for hype, or nostalgia, or just because its mature, or just because it's the last we'll get.

If you believe this game is good and will give you enjoyment, buy it. But don't buy it for the wrong reasons.



CTs_Lieutenant commented on Activision Is Bringing The Dulcet Tones Of The...:

Oh wow, The Voice is coming to the Wii U!!!

I can't speak for anyone else but I'm seriously hyped up for this mega mega title. Surely everyone would love to play a game based upon a reality TV show, because that's what we all love, right...reality TV shows?

I know that's how I would want to spend my gaming time, instead of racing round the Mushroom kingdom, or battling evil enemies with my super hero's, or riding along with DK, or shooting foes as a sadistic witch, or solving the many puzzles in Hyrule, or exploring the vast landscape of Tallon IV, or...................



CTs_Lieutenant commented on Bayonetta 2 Casting Its Spell In Europe On Oct...:

Really didn't want to do a pre-order with GAME but the first edition version just looks too good, and will sell out, so I accepted defeat and handed them my credit card details. Will make this a one off though, after the MK8 bundle.

Slight nick pick, perhaps it's my mild OCD kicking in, but the only thing I don't like about these special editions is that because they are Europe wide you get the other ratings. The USK sign is so big and is completely pointless in countries that don't use it. My MK8 has three ratings on the front which completely distracts from the wonderful front cover with different languages which I have no interest in on the back...yuck. Sorry, I'll get my coat now.



CTs_Lieutenant commented on Nintendo Direct on 4th September to Reveal Mor...:

This and Captain Toad's TT are the games I'm most looking forward to this year, although we have to wait an extra month for CTTT. Smash is third.

I'll be surprised if there's anything in the direct that we don't already knows about, it already feels like it's been hyped to death already.



CTs_Lieutenant commented on Wii U Minecraft Looking Doubtful As Dev Says T...:

@kobashi100 - YOU making a statement on a website is not evidence. And you provide no evidence to your statement that VGChartz numbers are not credible either.

Ever heard of innocent until proven guilty? Well unless you can back your statements up then I think I, and most other people will continue with what VGC says.

And to answer your question...Germany is one such place.



CTs_Lieutenant commented on New Legend Of Zelda "Only Possible" Thanks To ...:

The hype for this Zelda game is building quite nicely.

It also links in with what Miyamoto-san said about Nintendo moving from casual to core. Clearly the Wii Zelda titles were aimed at the casual market whereas this new title seems to be aimed at the core crowd.

This I like.