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United Kingdom

Mon 14th Dec 2009

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CANCEROUS commented on Miis Race to the Finish in Sonic Racing:

Well i'll wait for the Reviews to come in 1st before i put my money down for this game. Id quite like to see them use a Nintendo Character in the game if the other systems have their own characters in their.

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CANCEROUS commented on Capcom Growing Less Keen on Wii?:

I really hope that they continue working on the wii and that Monster Hunter Tri and Tatsunoko do well over in Europe. But i agree also with Tony, they need to start listening to the Fans who want more from their games rather than on rail shooters and rehashed games. New and orignal IP's would help and also more support from the core gamers would help too.



CANCEROUS commented on Monster Hunter Tri Eats Your Spare Time in April:

@sean aaron, are you being serious Sean? Its a Game they aint real.. only messing. But this is the wii and i for one am tired of these family orinated games and i am pining for some serious hardcore stuff and this is just the ticket consider some new i read earlier today that capcom will no longer be bringing any of they Core games to Wii and will now be concentrating on PS3 and 360.