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Thu 28th Jul 2011

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C-Olimar commented on Review: AVOIDER (Wii U eShop):

So, it's 99seconds with awful graphics and fewer great tunes. Yawn.
If anyone is looking for a good multiplayer game, I'd definitely recommend 99seconds. It's dirt cheap, goes up to 5 players and is so simple anyone can play it. The single player mode is an addictive score chaser as well.



C-Olimar commented on ​Here are Nintendo's Nominees for the Game D...:

What the hell was "innovative" about Mario Maker? And how can there be no (ZERO) 3DS nominees for best handheld/phone game?
These video game awards are such populist trite.
(Having said that I still can't get my head round how Splatoon beat all this year's bland sequels in the shooter and multiplayer categories in The Video Game Awards.)



C-Olimar commented on Weirdness: North American Devil's Third Copies...:

If NoA really didn't want to publish the game, they just shouldn't have. It is a disservice to fans to produce so very few copies. Really poor behaviour from the company tbh. Another publisher could have stepped in and printed enough copies to satisfy demand.



C-Olimar commented on Nintendo Download: 10th December (Europe):

Big, big mistake to release Harvest December in one big, expensive chunk Circle. The main attraction of the series in Japan seemed to be its periodic cheap release of different parts.
I hope it still sells; we need more visual novels.



C-Olimar commented on Feature: A History of the Mario Tennis Franchise:

I love Mario Tennis on the gameboy, found it so addictive as a kid. The only other one I've played is Power Tennis on the Wii, which was OK.

Interesting to note that the two games with RPG elements have a tiny proportion of the vote between them, despite Mario Tennis fans constantly whinging about the removal of RPG elements in modern MT games.



C-Olimar commented on The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess Is Rece...:

That Zelda tech demo all those E3s ago showed us what a realistic Zelda can look like on Wii U. This looks so poor in contrast.
Having said that, I need a version of this with button controls, so I guess I'll just buy it. I hate you, Nintendo -_-



C-Olimar commented on Final Fantasy's Cloud Is Set To Cause Some Str...:

Another swordfighter... and it's not even a character remotely linked with Nintendo. We got him yet we're almost certainly not getting Isaac. Yay.

Nintendo are such mugs for giving free publicity to third parties disinterested in their consoles. No Street Fighter for Wii U, just one Metal Gear game on Nintendo since GameCube (a remake on 3DS to boot), no proper Final Fantasy since 6...