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Fri 3rd Sep 2010

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Buttmurder commented on Review: Nintendo Land (Wii U):

To the people crashing in Nintendoland:

The issue is caused by miiverse. Basically it seems that if a miiverse message pops up with a foreign character that your console can't display, it crashes. The fix is simple: Simply set admission to "English only" in your Nintendoland settings. I have had zero crashes after doing this. Hope this works for everyone else!



Buttmurder commented on Features: We Want Your NES Stories!:

The year was 1988. My sister and I had pooled our allowances so we could spend the 50 or so dollars on the sequel to our favorite game. Yes, it was Super Mario Bros. 2 and words could not express our excitement as we tore off the shrinkwrap and inserted the cartridge. Wow, everything looked so much better than SMB1... even though it was also completely different. We started on some kind of hill and after falling a few screens down we found ourselves at a dead end with a door. "I don't remember doors from SMB1... try hitting A on it". Multiple attempts (and possibly hours?) later, we were in tears. We were convinced that our game was broken. Why couldn't we go in??? That's when my mom picks up the manual and reads that you have to press "Up" on the d-pad to enter doors. It sounds so simple now (and in fact that's now my first reaction when I get to a door in a 2d platformer), but at the time that was revolutionary man! That may have been when my habit of reading manuals before playing the game started... true story.