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Wed 3rd Jun 2009

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burning_love commented on New Grinder Details Claw Their Way Out:

Come on now people, were talking about the Wii, obviously we cant expect that much since it's not that powerful than the 360 and PS 3 but maybe this game will prove that the Wii is not weak....



burning_love commented on Sony Expects Wii Owners To Upgrade To PS3:

Sony can come and talk thrash but will never beat my nintendo!!!!

Nintendo was my first electronic entertainment!!!! and keep the trash talking to your self SONY because nintendo sold more games AND consoles.



burning_love commented on The Conduit:

This better be good, since people have waited for so long!!!!
but i heard its only 12 players online!!!! i thought it was 16!!!! but its still could be the best game for the wii!!!