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Thu 2nd Oct 2008

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BulaJacket commented on Review: Alien Crush Returns (WiiWare):

All DLC is free.

The space is already allocated for it in the original game download as well, so while it may actually download, they're moreso "unlockables."
(which is good IMHO)

So far, the DLC (IIRC):
Tractor Ball
Explode Ball
Paralyze Ball
Trap Ball
Bonus Story Stage
Insande Mode
No Tilt Mode



BulaJacket commented on Review: Alien Crush Returns (WiiWare):

I have had that hapen with other DLC. For instance, with the bonus stage, I didn't have time to go through story mode. So in a couple days after downloading, I went to play it, and it had me D/L it again. After I went through story mode and the stage, and then saved, there was nothing. Then, after the 4-7 days or whatever, the next DLC was available. So I try to unlock or use whatever DLC I get that day instead of waiting.



BulaJacket commented on WiiWare World - Best of 2008:

My WiiWare Top 5:

1) Bomberman Blast
2) Tetris Party
3) World of Goo
4) Dr Mario
5) MegaMan 9

Hon Mentions: My Aquarium , Toki Tori
Lost Winds is overrated.
Alien Crush Returns I enjoy, but probably not a Top 5 game.

Anticipated games (my instant buys):
Swords & Soldiers
Bubble Bobble Wii

Also agree there should be a reader top 5.
(Average the responses on here? 5pts for 1st; 1pt for 5th)



BulaJacket commented on Review: Alien Crush Returns (WiiWare):

BTW, thanks to those of you who have kept the information flowing on here. I bought it late, and regularly check this to get info on the game. So far it just let me unlock the extra stage. Next one (Insane mode I guess) for me will probably be around Thursday or so, and then Tilt mode shortly after.

Overall, it's a pretty good WiiWare title.



BulaJacket commented on Hands-on with Datel's Wireless Retro Controller:

Does this Datel Wii Wireless Retro Controller work for Gamecube games?

I'm getting that it does not, but I would like to make sure.

I'm looking at this, the Nyko Wing Wireless, and the Thrustmaster Wii 2.4Ghz T-Wireless NW Gamepad, but I believe it seems that only the Thrustmaster can play GC games.

Is that correct?

Are there any others that can navigate the Wii Menu, yet at the same time play Gamecube games?



BulaJacket commented on Top 20 WiiWare Games in USA (1st Oct):

Echoing the quality comments on My Aquarium.
-a gamer since the 2600 days

As for the charts, my WiiWare purchases so far consist of MegaMan 9, Bomberman Blast, My Aquarium, Dr Mario, & Wild West Guns, of which the first 4 I think stay on the charts for a LONG time.
I obviously also think we see Bomberman Blast raise in the charts quickly. Seems to be quite a large contingent that are just getting around to purchasing it, as the release wasn't publicized like MegaMan 9's was.....we just had to wait and see if it popped up on WiiWare. That game is a blast (hah, pun not intended) to play, and will have great staying/replay power.
And I anticipate Tetris Party & even Alien Crush Returns debuting relatively high when they come out soon as well.....both with multiplayer online.

Nice to see the list finally stabilizing with solid titles....just a few more to weed out (FTT, CFM, etc).....

@ lockelocke , re: seahorse
Yeah, I've got 49 far.... (don't know how many are possible - these extra past 40 were unknown to me before I started and discussed on the Gamestop forums (zenace33)).
All 40 initial unlocked, 8 normal secret/hidden fish, and 1 special secret/hidden fish (ie unable to be shared), as well as a special secret/hidden object.....

You need the seahorse? I could probably send it to you. Either PM me on GS, or post on here, and I'll try to remember to check this entry again.

(wish forums were up here already, or that we could post our friend codes in our profile )