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United Kingdom

Tue 13th Oct 2009

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Builder9 commented on Shigeru Miyamoto is Certainly Not Short on Coins:

There are many talented game designers, programmers and artists that are not wealthy, just receiving bog standard pay packets and struggling to make ends meet. Shigeru is one of a small minority my friends. The wealthiest people in the games industry haven't even played a game, let alone contributed to one



Builder9 commented on F-Zero X:

The reason people are so quick to shun GX on Gamecube is because Sega developed it. Who cares though chaps! GX is an awesome upgrade to this awesome game!

I still have my F-Zero X in mint condition. I love it so damn much I just gotta look after it!



Builder9 commented on Double Dragon:

Heehee Adamant and Mirokunite!

Its that INCREDIBLE FILM ...The Wizard!

"You scored 50,000 points on Double Dragon!??!"