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Mon 22nd Nov 2010

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Broodstar commented on Review: Yoshi's Island DS (DS):

I was not fortune enough to play the older Yoshi Games, just got the DS version and i found it to be great: good graphics, catchy sounds, good lvl design.
Maybe comparing it to the original it looses some shine, but as a stand alone game (as it is) is at least good.



Broodstar commented on Review: Might and Magic: Clash of Heroes (DS):

I don't like match 3 games, as i didn't liked Puzzle Quest.

But this is different, this game makes sense, all the formations and combos have a sense: they really are offensive and defensive battle formations, not just some colored thingies that needs to be united...
While you puzzle your army on the battlefield you'll end up creating real strategies: protect where the enemy is going to attack and attack where the enemy is weak

I was skeptical when i bought this game, and I've ended playing only Might and Magic (i've put aside FF IV, GTA, etc.).
Great game, a must have on DS