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Wed 26th Aug 2009

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bro2dragons commented on Shigesato Itoi Explains, Once Again, Why Mothe...:

Can someone explain to me why he's the only one who can make a Mother game? I've always seen this "Itoi doesn't want to do it" reasoning to explain why there won't be any continuation to the series, but it's not like Nintendo's going to stop making Mario games when Miyamoto retires. Heck, they passed Zelda from Miyamoto to Aonuma and nobody cared.

Not that I think it would happen, anyway, because a new game in that style wouldn't financially be worth the effort, but that's a much better excuse not to make it than the fact that this guy ran out of ideas.



bro2dragons commented on See The Super Smash Bros. Silver Lining With T...:

Wait, so is Cloud's stage just Battlefield, AGAIN? With all the disappointment over Omega stages, I figured Nintendo would have learned we want NEW stages, not more reskins of Final Destination and Battlefield. Where's a creativity they had in Melee, 64, or even Brawl?



bro2dragons commented on Some Nintendo Life Contributors Are Making A B...:

@Haiassai If successful, yes, the plan is to continue releasing more books by more authors on more works of art in "waves" comparable to the size of this one.

Thanks for your support! Yours truly is responsible for the Street Fighter II book listed as a stretch goal, so your encouragement means a lot. I hope we make it. My take on The World Warrior will forever change the way you shoryuken.



bro2dragons commented on Review: Slender: The Arrival (Wii U eShop):

@thesilverbrick You're not wrong, but you're also agreeing with me. I said that a few needed the analog shoulders. I also said most didn't. According the Wikipedia, 662 games were released on the Gamecube and by my count, there were 45 first-party titles. You listed three.

Yeah, the dumb exclusion of analog triggers on the Gamepad means they can't properly replicate every Gamecube game. I said that already. But it doesn't begin to mean that they can't put Gamecube games on the Virtual Console.



bro2dragons commented on Review: Slender: The Arrival (Wii U eShop):

@thesilverbrick Precious few Gamecube games actually used those analog shoulders. For most it was simply a button for more, the pressure sensitivity was used, but not needed and everything in the game could be done by just mashing them down all the way. It's dumb that with four buttons on top of the controller, none are analog, but that doesn't actually make a strong argument for not releasing Gamecube titles.



bro2dragons commented on Fresh Project H.A.M.M.E.R. Details Reveal Shig...:

I'm still a little bitter about all this. At the Wii's announcement, this was my most-hyped game. And then... nothing. I'm sure it actually would have turned out to be mediocre, but it was the first time I really experienced the feeling of an amticipated game cancelled since I began following gaming news.



bro2dragons commented on Review: Cutie Pets Pick Berries (Wii U eShop):

Nintendo really could have had something neat and special with Miiverse stamps if they'd only made them universal. It would take the place of achievements, but actually have some digital use. I'd love to be able to earn these mandeer stamps and post those chiseled abs all over the Smash community, but there's no interest in being able to post stamps in only one community, Let me fill out a virtual stamp collection, for mandeer's sake!



bro2dragons commented on Bonk's Adventure Has Been Rated By The ESRB Fo...:

We're doubtless getting the NES version. Nintendo isn't concerned with having a strong (or even interesting) Virtual Console on Wii U. Maybe we can get back to the golden days of the Wii (did we ever think that would be a clause we could say with a straight face?) when the NX comes to town.



bro2dragons commented on Sources Suggest Nintendo NX Is A Fusion Of Hom...:

For the first time, I'm starting to believe that Zelda might actually launch on NX, instead lf Wii U, which in turn makes me believe Twilight Princess HD is real. You know, as an "apology" to Wii U owners for not bringing a new Zelda.



bro2dragons commented on Yukio Sawada's Super Mario-Kun Is Coming To Su...:

@ottospooky That game plays SO differently, though, I'm not sure I'd like how out of place it is, even though it might be my favorite 2D Mario.

I'd rather see a Super Mario Land or Super Mario Land 2 theme, along with a few more stage features that bring the game up to pace with all past entries.



bro2dragons commented on Five Smash Bros. Fighter Ballot Favourites:

Banjo & Kazooie — "Words are cheap." Sure, but I doubt Microsoft would be demanding big licensing fees for the character. It's Smash, so Nintendo's not going to do Banjo an injustice AND most companies don't charge people to advertise for them. Of course he wants the duo in. That decision rides on Nintendo, though, not Microsoft.

Waluigi — He already has an assist trophy. Yes, he should have been a fighter with a moveset representing the spinoffs he occupies (sports, party and karting paraphernalia), but it would be too confusing to be mid fight with Waluigi, grab an assist trophy and suddenly there's another Waluigi running around.



bro2dragons commented on The Deer God Will Bring Gorgeous Pixel-Based N...:

@Sakura Levels are built as you play instead of painstakingly (or creatively) designed beforehand. It's not a shortcut, since it's very complicated to make a good system. When you hear the term "procedural design," think Minecraft. The world always has the same elements, but the landscape is different every time you restart it. That means a level designer hasn't created an area you can explore with truly unique elements and gimmicks, but it also tends to mean more replay value since you're not seeing the same things and facing the exact same challenges every time.



bro2dragons commented on FAST Racing NEO's F-Zero-Like Hero Mode is For...:

With the quality of this and Shin'en's past work, with the developer's Nintendo exclusivity, and with how much Nintendo is promoting this thing, I can't understand why Nintendo hasn't just given them the license to make this an F-Zero game. They wouldn't lose any money on it or have to waste time making an F-Zero "no one wants" because they can't think of anything "new for the series."

Everybody wins.



bro2dragons commented on Five Must-Play Wii U Games - Part Two:

The name's Yoshi, Alex. With a long O. He says it himself all the time in his games. It's like mispronouncing Pikachu as Pickachu, Bulbasaur as Boolbasaur, or Alex from NintendoLife as Awlex from NinteendoLife. Any of those pronunciations would be stupid because the names are clearly pronounced for us OVER AND OVER by the subject itself.



bro2dragons commented on Review: Star Sky (Wii U eShop):

When you saythe game is "perfect" for some people, I think you'll have a hard time justifying a below average score.

Still, thanks for this. The review convinced me to give this a solid go and I can't wait to see what it's all about.



bro2dragons commented on Video: Shigeru Miyamoto and Takashi Tezuka Tac...:

That's pretty cool and I look forward to playing it, myself. I just wish there was a way to force the player to collect a certain number of coins before the exit could be reached. You know, the kind of gimmick that level would have if it were included in a real Mario game, instead.



bro2dragons commented on Update on the Way to Make Wheels Round Again i...:

I noticed the wheels were square, but figured it was just a quirky design. I didn't remember it being so on 3DS, but figured I just didn't notice the detail on a small screen.

Nothing really lost, though, in my estimation. I almost find the square wheels more charming.



bro2dragons commented on Nintendo Is Planning Its Own Loot Crate-Style ...:

Nintendo UK consistently outclasses Nintendo of America now in every department. Club Nintendo, The Nintendo UK Store, special events, and now this. Nintendo actually believes in engaging and growing its British fanbase, which is something I envy greatly.