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Husband and father; lover of good food, great games and bad jokes; political communications consultant; amateur writer and professional reviewer; Christian libertarian living the American Dream in "the Magic City," the heart of New South Dixieland.

Wed 26th August, 2009

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bro2dragons commented on Blast Ball is Actually the Tutorial in Metroid...:

This just keeps looking better and better. I really am stoked for this. My only wish is that they'd made this exact samw game for Wii U, so I could actually enjoy the co-op with other people. As it sounds, though, I'm sure the single player will be more than enough to keep me entertained for multiple playthroughs.



bro2dragons commented on First Impressions: Our Maiden Flight In Star F...:

This seems harsh.

Granted, I haven't played the game, so I'm sure that (like most of you) I can't actually offer a valid opinion. But I did watch all the Treehouse gameplay and saw them tackle the controls naturally. This isn't their first rodeo, I'm aware, but I'm inclined to believe the booth rep who said the controls take a few more minutes to get used to. Watching others play, once you've mastered the controls, the game looks epic and immersive and calls to mind as many Star Wars memories of Episode IV's Milleniun Falcon shootout scene, as it recalls fondness for the hundreds of hour spent in Star Fox 64.

I know I'm in the minority--in fact, I'm probably the only one--but this is still my most anticipated game of 2015 on any system.



bro2dragons commented on Good News, Zelda Fans, A Free Costume Awaits i...:

I want this game so much, but I don't want to miss Tetra and Daphnes Hyrule and I won't be buying the game twice. I want to take advantage of the sale, but if I can't buy those two characters, then I guess I'll end up getting the 3DS game with the undoubtedly diminished scale... :(



bro2dragons commented on Exciting Hints of amiibo Restocks Can Be Found...:

Some of these need to be common. I'd feel bad for everyone who spent $60 to get one, but come on. Rosalina is has exclusive content in Smash, Mario Party 10 AND Mario Kart 8. She should be as available as Peach.

Hopefully she soon will be.



bro2dragons commented on Mighty No. 9 Features on Wii U and 3DS Version...:

Surely there will be a Miiverse community. There are very few games without one and it takes virtually no work at all to enable. I'm sure it just means no unique Miiverse functions like in-game interactions or whatever. We won't be seeing Miiverse posts pop up on the walls with tips on how to beat bosses, but I have no doubt we'll be able to pause the game to upload a screenshot and lament our terrible skills.



bro2dragons commented on Here Are Your Eight Qualifying Nintendo World ...:

@Pahvi No, you are correct, I believe. Hyperbole and miswordings are in play, however. "Probability" is the wrong word because it implies the perfect precision of mathematics, something the real world has a nasty habit of ignoring. My point was that even all things equal (and they never are in life), it's not at all inconceivable to land a roulette wheel on red eight times in a row or that the most skilled Mario and Dr. Mario players who felt like competing in those eight specific cities on that particular day (look at how many qualifying statements have to be attached to something like this) would all just happen to be born one X chromosome too few. That's just how life works. I know I've hit the same side of a coin toss eight times in a row and there are incalculably fewer variables in that equation. Why are there no black winners? Why are there none with light hair? Why do none of them have a cleft chin? Because that's just the way it so happened to work out, not because of a flaw in society that places a glass ceiling over cleft-chinned Nintendo gamers.

And we know that there are no wild, sweeping societal conclusions we can draw from this because it's one event. Statistically AND scientifically, a single occurrence is meaningless until it is tested again and again and again ad nauseam. So my only point is that this is a poor platform for cries of gender inequality and should be taken as what it is: a literal game.



bro2dragons commented on Nintendo Download: 11th June (North America):

Curve really wants to get OlliOlli off the virtual shelves. First cross buy, then two copies in the Humble Bundle and now a sale immediately after. I guess they're really banking on the exposure bringing high sales for the sequel. I hope the company's doing all right.



bro2dragons commented on Here Are Your Eight Qualifying Nintendo World ...:

Also, these comments are ridiculous. Out of literally thousands of competitors, only eight were picked as winners. ONLY EIGHT. If the people involved had been exactly 50 percent men and 50 percent women, the probability that we end up with eight men is still pretty damn high. These were the ones who happened to play the best on that day at that time in those places and nothing about that fact implies in the slightest anything about gender roles or equality or the ideals of American society.

Bollocks and hogwash, people. Let it ride.



bro2dragons commented on Disney Infinity Producer Brands amiibo Stock S...:


There's nothing wrong with Nintendo assuming Ike, Villager, and Little Mac won't sell well and producing fewer figures. That's logical on several levels and just good business. What is rude to fans and plain senseless business is refusing to make more when EVERY SINGLE ONE sells out. There is very clear empirical data showing the demand for these amiibo that Nintendo could easily fill and not only keep their fans happy (winning repeat business), but make more money by selling more. Obviously. Nintendo has had a long standing habit of choosing safety over risk in their business decisions, but being too safe can cost you and I think it's doing so right now.



bro2dragons commented on Nintendo Announces a Special Video Presentatio...:

Just because the ballot will remain active through October, doesn't mean it hasn't already produced a character or two they could confirm. Having, say, three million votes for a single character at this stage would show clear interest that wouldn't be changed by having those votes sit around for another four months.



bro2dragons commented on Review: Art Academy: Atelier (Wii U):

How good are the lessons, really? I've always wanted to be able to at least draw things that look like, well, things and I envy all my many artistic friends.

So as someone with literally zero artistic ability, will this help me improve, or would it just be money wasted? I'm really close to buying it, but I already have Creative Suite, so if this won't let me do anything more, then there's no point.



bro2dragons commented on Talking Point: Prepare Yourselves - E3 Silly S...:

With so many big things on the horizon in my real life, any potential announcements of in-development game just aren't going to excite me this year like they did last.

Instead, I'm most looking forward to whatever shows up on the eShop DURING E3, and for that, I've got eight fingers tightly crossed for Smash Bros. DLC. Doesn't seem like much of a longshot, but it'd be a whole lotta fun.



bro2dragons commented on Fake amiibo Figures Spotted In The Wild:

I do use my amiibo, but I primarily purchase them for display on my and my kid's shelves. So if I were to find fake versions of Rosalina or Little Mac or Ike or Captain Falcon you bet I'd buy it, knowing full well it was illegitimate.



bro2dragons commented on Humble Nindie Bundle Adds Three New Games:

@DarthNocturnal You get one Wii U code and one 3DS code for OlliOlli. Using either code unlocks the other version as a free download if you have a Wii U and 3DS with the same NNID . So you get both games WITHOUT using only one code. You can then gift the other to a friend.

Steamworld Dig, however, does not already have a cross-buy promotion, so if you want the game on both your 3DS and Wii U, you have to use both codes.

Think of it like getting two copies of Steamworld Dig and four copies of OlliOlli.



bro2dragons commented on Humble Nindie Bundle Adds Three New Games:

There are only two games I don't have in this whole bundle, but considering it'd cost me $25 to get them separately, I can't pass this up, anyway. Some of these may end up as giveaways on WiiWareWave...



bro2dragons commented on Art Academy: Home Studio Listing Suggests amii...:

My thoughts were similar: primarily unlocking character images you could trace... but also maybe new background music based on the character's series?

Beyond that, I couldn't really think of anything, but I also haven't played any of these games (apps?) yet, so I don't have much frame of reference.