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Mon 23rd Dec 2013

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Brittanykins24 commented on Grant Kirkhope Wishes He Could Make Banjo-Kazo...:


I've been a Banjo fan for many many years, not even a fan just plain OBSESSED. Now when I heard Banjo Kazooie Nut&Bolts was going to come out on the Xbox I was skeptical as probably most were. The fact that Microsoft was now in control of how my favorite game was going to be construed scared me a bit but I had faith in Rare to stand up for my beloved game. Well luckily my boyfriend owed an Xbox so when the game came out I could try it myself to see if it was at least a game I could kind of enjoy. Well I was wrong. Banjo Kazooie Nuts&Bolts was terrible, TERRIBLE. It didn't even feel as though I was playing a Banjo Kazooie game, I was heartbroken. I still have hopes that one day Nintendo will have ownership of Rare again and a REAL Banjo Kazooie game will come back to us.